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Published on June 18, 2007

Author: Peppar


WINNING AND LOSING IN THE MULTI-PLAY MARKET:  WINNING AND LOSING IN THE MULTI-PLAY MARKET Sponsored by BT Wholesale Directed by Gareth Deere of Ipsos MORI November 2006 Key Questions We Aim To Answer:  Key Questions We Aim To Answer Which multi-play services deliver the highest value to customers? Which elements are most appealing to potential switchers? How do I defend my customer base and acquire new customers? Will my brand stretch across platforms? Methodology:  Methodology Our Sample 635 online consumer interviews with current end-users of multi-play services . Quotas were set to provide a national sample for our target audience Multi-play services are defined as broadband internet, a mobile phone subscription, Digital TV in the household and a landline telephone subscription Broadband Speed 16 Mbps (£20) 8 Mbps (£10) 2 Mbps (£5) Not part of bundle Television Package All digital channels including sports and movies (£40) All digital channels not including sports and movies (£20) Free channels only, not part of bundle Landline Telephone Free calls anytime plus 25% off calls to mobiles (£20) Free calls evenings and weekends (£10) Not part of bundle Mobile Telephone 500 anytime any network minutes plus 250 texts (£40) 100 anytime any network minutes plus 50 texts (£20) Not part of bundle Provider Cable: NTL/Telewest Landline/ISP: BT Mobile/ISP: Orange/Wanadoo Satellite TV: Sky Retailer: Tesco Mobile operator: Vodafone Bundle Discounts 10% 20% 30% Package Components Tested: Current Spend On Multi-play Services:  Current Spend On Multi-play Services Base: all (635) Package Analysis: Base vs Full:  Package Analysis: Base vs Full A. Base Package at £13.50 per month 2 Mbps of broadband Free digital channels only Free evening and weekend calls No mobile phone No discount B. Full Package at £84 per month 16 Mbps for broadband All digital channels including sports, movies Free anytime calls to landline and 25% off mobile calls, Mobile phone 500 anytime minutes with 250 texts 30% discount VERSUS Upgraded Services Drive Value:  Upgraded Services Drive Value Base: all (635) Taking Out Broadband Significantly Reduces Attractiveness Of Proposition :  Taking Out Broadband Significantly Reduces Attractiveness Of Proposition Base: all (635) Slide8:  WHICH MULTI-PLAY SERVICES DELIVER THE HIGHEST VALUE TO CUSTOMERS? Relative Importance Of Key Elements:  Relative Importance Of Key Elements No brand seems to own multi-play Low 100 anytime minutes, 50 texts 500 anytime minutes, 250 texts None Free evening and weekend calls Free anytime and 25% off mobile calls None Free digital channels only All digital channels but no sports or movies All digital channels, sports and movies None 2Mbps 8Mbps 16Mbps None Vodafone Tesco Sky Orange BT NTL High Price 48% Broadband 22% more preferable less preferable more important less important TV 12% Landline 10% Provider 6% Mobile 2% Base: all (635) Slide10:  WHICH ELEMENTS ARE MOST APPEALING TO POTENTIAL SWITCHERS? The Tipping Point: Consumer Switching Insights:  Base: all (635) The Tipping Point: Consumer Switching Insights Slide12:  HOW CAN BUSINESSES DEFEND THEIR CUSTOMER BASES AND ACQUIRE NEW CUSTOMERS? Loyalty Diagnostics: The Key Dimensions :  Loyalty Diagnostics: The Key Dimensions RELATIONSHIP Best Interests The brand acts like a partner and is regarded as having the customers best interests in mind (the way a friend would) Treats Fairly Confident that the brand will interact with the customer in a just and consistent manner. EXPERIENCE Quality Associated with a degree of excellence that can be counted on consistently. Satisfaction The brand provides a gratifying experience, fulfilling a need or meeting an expectation. OFFER Relevance The brand is pertinent to the situation and needs of the consumer. Differentiation The brand offers distinct advantages and/or has a unique image. BRAND PROMINENCE Familiar A brand that is easily recognized and I know what it stands for and does. Popular / Highly thought of by Many The brand is perceived as the prevalent choice among others. PRICE Willing to pay The price you pay is in accordance with the perceived value. Comparison to Competitors’ Prices Relative to the competition, the value of the brand and the price commanded is comparative. Slide14:  Loyalty: Drivers And Barriers Slide15:  Loyalty: Drivers And Barriers Loyalty: Drivers And Barriers:  Loyalty: Drivers And Barriers Slide17:  CAN EXISTING BRANDS BE EXTENDED ACROSS NEW PLATFORMS? Loyalty: The Impact Of Brands:  Loyalty: The Impact Of Brands Slide19:  CONCLUSIONS Multi-play: Capturing Market Share:  Multi-play: Capturing Market Share Accentuate a value based proposition: price is a key driver for a bundled offering Ensure broadband is included in the service: this was the most valued service Consider options for premium TV services: these can add value to the package Build a brand: no brand seems to own multi-play Multi-play: Inspiring Customer Loyalty :  Multi-play: Inspiring Customer Loyalty Build and engender trust and a feeling of closeness with customers. Make them feel fairly treated and their needs are recognised Focus on reliability of service provision, especially for broadband Keep customers informed of your competitively priced bundles Maintain a differentiated brand to shore up existing customers Slide22:  THANK YOU For further information contact 020 7347 3000 07850 760106

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