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Information about Bsa aml protection

Published on June 2, 2016

Author: ZachRomans


1. YOU’RE NOT PROTECTED © American Casino Technology 2016  PDF Fill-A-FORM  Excel Spread Sheet  Emailed Acceptance  False Assurance  AutoCTR  Real-Time MTL  InstaDoc Submit and POF  Tech Assured tm IF YOU’RE NOT AUTOMATED

2. Reporting KYC Audit © American Casino Technology 2016  Individual and Batch OFAC  Verify Identification cards  Addresses Verification  Master Death List  And Much more  Real-time Multiple transaction log Slot transactions Table Games Promotional Give Aways Other Transactions  TITO audit TITO/ Customer Pairing Uncashed TITO monitoring  Negotiable instrument logs Check cashing Credit card advance Bill breaking  Direct secure VPN connection with FinCEN for instant submission and response  Automated form filled reporting docu- ments  Minimizes time spent on redundant typing  Eliminates mistakes  Ensures document acceptance  Transaction aggregation  Removes criminal responsibility from the staff for gross negligence  Ensures that all transactions are reported  Creates an easy audit trail  Stores receipt and acceptance of all documents submitted to the government. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO SCHEDULE A DEMO CALL (844) AML-SAFE (265-7233)

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