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Published on July 15, 2020

Author: Cantwell80


Slide1: BSA 510 Fantastic Education/ Slide2: BSA 510 Week 1 IT Plan Checklist For more classes visit   Imagine you are preparing for an interview with a company as an IT manager. Part of the interview process is a work sample. You must demonstrate your understanding of IT governance and IT strategic vision by analyzing Amazon’s business strategy in relation to IT governance. BSA 510 Fantastic Education/ Slide3: BSA 510 Week 2 IT Management Executive Brief For more classes visit   Imagine you are an IT manager at small retail organization that has a new owner. The new owner is from another industry and has expressed a lack of understanding of some of the controls and processes important to IT management and governance. You must help the new owner with understanding these important concepts.   BSA 510 Fantastic Education/ Slide4: BSA 510 Week 3 Key Performance Indicators For more classes visit   Assignment Content Consider the importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as an IT manager. The previous measurement period has concluded, and you must prepare an update to the CIO on your IT team. Some KPIs are pre-determined. You must also recommend other KPIs for your team.   BSA 510 Fantastic Education/ Slide5: BSA 510 Week 4 Change Management Methodology Proposal For more classes visit   Imagine a gaming company has many computer systems but no formal methodology to make changes to these systems. As the IT Manager, the CIO has asked you to draft a change management methodology proposal. BSA 510 Fantastic Education/ Slide6: BSA 510 Week 5 Risk Management And Mitigation Plan For more classes visit   The CIO of your organization has asked you to create a 4- to 6-page risk management and mitigation plan for security vulnerabilities. BSA 510 Fantastic Education/ Slide7: BSA 510 Week 6 BC, DR, And BCP For more classes visit   Part 1: Prepare a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for an information system, such as a payroll system.    Download the template “Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Template” from the ComputerSecurity Resource Center website. BSA 510 Fantastic Education/ Slide8: BSA 510 Fantastic Education/

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