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Published on March 9, 2014

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Contents Executive Summary: .................................................................................................................. 2 Task 1 ......................................................................................................................................... 3 1.1 EXPLAIN THE ROLE OF STRATEGY, MISSION, VISIONS, OBJECTIVE, GOALS AND CORE COMPETENCIES OF AUTOGLASS ................................................................. 3 1.2 REVIEW THE VITAL ISSUES INVOLVED IN STRATEGIC PLANNING IN AUTOGLASS ............................................................................................................................ 4 1.3 EXPLAIN MINIMUM THREE PLANNING TECHNIQUE FOR AUTOGLASS............ 7 Task 2 ......................................................................................................................................... 8 2.1 PRODUCE AN ORGANIZATIONAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS ................................ 9 2.2 CARRY OUT AN ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS USING AT LEAST TWO APPROACHES ................................................................................................ 10 2.3 EXPLAIN THE SIGNIFICANCE OF STAKEHOLDERS’ ANALYSIS IN RELATION TO AUTOGLASS ................................................................................................................... 11 Task 3 ....................................................................................................................................... 13 3.1 ANALYZE POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES STRATEGIES RELATING TO SUBSTANTIVE GROWTH, LIMITED GROWTH AND RETRENCHMENT.................... 13 3.2 SELECT AN APPROPRIATE FUTURE STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS .................. 16 4.1 COMPARE THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION OF AUTOGLASS ............................................................................... 18 4.2 EVALUATE RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS TO IMPLEMENT A NEW STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS ................................................................................................................. 19 4.3 DISCUSS TARGETS AND TIMESCALES FOR ACHIEVEMENT FOR AUTOGLASS TO MONITOR A GIVEN STRATEGY ................................................................................. 19 Conclusion: .............................................................................................................................. 20 Reference ................................................................................................................................. 21 1

Executive Summary: From the onset of the journey, Autoglass sincerely focuses on the needs and demands of the customers and emphasizes on the mode of providing services in an efficient and effective way. Autoglass is renowned as one of the best in providing service in their field of operation. They are way ahead of other companies in the service industry comparing to the banks and other service providers. In the windshield servicing industry Autoglass has become a brand name not only for satisfying the customers but also for providing the best windshield replacement or repairing service. During a survey it was estimated that nearly 92% of the Autoglass customers were satisfied at their service. Autoglass maintains a harmonious, yet professional relationship between the customers and employees because they believe that if employees are satisfied working with Autoglass then they will serve the customers more efficiently and with more care. Autoglass is currently the market leader in their sphere of the industry and they are growing in a steady pace. They are now operating with almost 500 branches serving in the Europe. Based on the given scenario we can imagine that Autoglass is in a strong position in the windscreen replacement industry and expected to be able to face future challenges in an efficient and effective manner. This will no doubt turn in the revenue. 2

Task 1 1.1 EXPLAIN THE ROLE OF STRATEGY, MISSION, VISIONS, OBJECTIVE, GOALS AND CORE COMPETENCIES OF AUTOGLASS Autoglass Company Mission: Autoglass recognizes customer’s demand and work the way it should be. Autoglass habitually focuses on what customer’s desire and how they want it. Clientele acceptance is the foremost aim of the Autoglass business. It tends to provide the best windscreen services in the locality where it functions. And that is why it is the foremost enterprise in this specific industry. Autoglass Company Core Competency: Core competency defines the core operations of an organization. A core competency is a concept of theory that specifies the factors that a business sees as central to the way the company or its employees work (Grant M. R., 2010). It shapes the business missions and visions of that particular organization (Kotler, P., 2000). In case of Autoglass the core competency is that they can replace or repair any kind of broken or damaged windshield of any model, no matter what (Autoglass Company). Autoglass Company Vision: Vision of an organization is the future intentions and target that an organizations try to achieve by defining the missions and setting goals and objectives to accomplish (Kotler, P., 2000). It’s like foreseeing the future. The vision of The Autoglass Company is to serve the customers efficiently and provide their customers with the highest level of satisfaction (Autoglass Company). The vision of serving their customers with integrity and loyalty is expected to lead them to grow and set the boundaries higher in the industry. Strategic Intent: The concept of strategic intent proposes that there's a general outlook on while the enterprise should to be going instead of a unquestionable affirmation of aide in Nursing foreseen conclusion and this proposes that there should to be galore of flexibility inside the affirmation to permit for employees start, cluster help and adaptation in light-weight of changed attenuating components (Hoffman, K. Douglas, Scott W. Kelley, and Holly M. 3

Rotalsky.2009). The strategic intent of Autoglass is to ascertain itself because the market foremost wholeheartedly. They are doing all the undertakings to stay foremost. Role of Strategy of Autoglass: The foremost task in strategic management is often the compilation and dissemination of the illusion and thus the procedure affirmation. This summarizes, in essence, the comprehending of a business (Hoffman, K. Douglas, Scott W. Kelley, and Holly M. Rotalsky.2009). Autoglass has assembled their functions in topic conceiving in an exceedingly approach that the notions sustain an unquestionable time span centered the execution (Autoglass Company). Objective and goals of Autoglass: The foremost goal of Autoglass is to persuade their customer by repairing or restoring broken windscreen of any vehicle. The aim of Autoglass is to make their enterprise grow and aid the international clientele (Autoglass Company). They are expanding their enterprise by victorious the hearts of the customers. 1.2 REVIEW THE VITAL ISSUES INVOLVED IN STRATEGIC PLANNING IN AUTOGLASS Autoglass Company can likewise assist their customer’s with two types. So, we can investigate strategies and apply procedures which are required to be considered. This marketing device comprises of four distinct trading schemes based on new product introduction and living goods (Gómez, L, & Ballard, D., 2013). Autoglass’s Competitive Benefits: Autoglass is the market foremost contemplating windscreen services and repairmen. And being the reputed company, it can introduce distinct pieces of merchandise affiliated to the windscreen service and the clientele would love to try them, as Autoglass is dependable and well admired. So, for investigating the comparable advantage of the Autoglasscompany, we can have a gaze on the Ansoff’s Growth Matrix. 4

Autoglass is providing services to more than one million customers who are having problems with their windshields every year. Ansoff’s model of Growth suggests four different sets of alternatives (Armstrong, G., &Kotler, P., 2006). Based on the scenario and research, we learned that Autoglass is expanding its market gradually and has the capability to serve more than they are doing now. So based on the present scenario, Autoglass can serve customers with their existing products and can also introduce them with new means of services (Automotive Industry, 2013). These four alternative strategies face different types of risks. The strategies are: Market penetration:Market penetration means to go in the affray with products. By following this scheme Autoglass can surplus its current market segment by trading more of their goods and appealing more new customers. If it is done extensively, Autoglass might misplace focus on their major objective. Product development:By merchandise development we signify either creating new merchandise or advancing vintage products with new characteristics. Autoglass can introduce new merchandise to the market that would complement the living goods. But this strategy has a severe drawback. If the customers failed to understand the new merchandise features, then it would outcome in mislaying revenue. Market development:Market development means to advance and keep market place for the goods of a business. Autoglass is the present market foremost in this windshield fixing industry. So they can brand Autoglass more extensively and try to catch new customers to increase its market share. 5

Diversification: Autoglass can create a portfolio of products that will divide up the risks and reduce the chance of revenue loss. Autoglass also should focus on the geographic position where they should operate and identify the smallest requirements of the suppliers to get the quality goods and the amount required. Autoglass Company is in peak of its operating commerce. So they have the options to boost the development rate in a stable manner by persuading both living as well as potential customers and boost its market share. Autoglass can set a five years development scheme design founded on the Ansoff’s Growth form to achieve their target Definition of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Informal Planning:Certain as blowing up instant things managers use this approach while it's conditionally significant to conceive any prescribed structure of close to up with or the timeline for conceiving isn't ample. Informal planning is that the methods while the supervisor or foremost of an assembly evolves an inspiration with no one accepted structure and rigid associations (Grant M.R. 2010). It’s important to alignment short allowance objectives of the association. Top Down:A top-down approach is vitally the shattering down of a system to gain insight into its compositional sub-systems (Grant M. R., 2010). Autoglass is thriving in utilising the approach in their merchandise development. Bottom-Up:Autoglass is successful in utilizing this approach to provide the services to the customers. A bottom-up approach is the piecing simultaneously of designs to give boost to more convoluted systems, thus making the original designs sub-designs of the emergent scheme (Grant M. R., 2010). Behavioral Approach for Autoglass:Autoglass is a growing business in the service commerce and the service they are providing will not be sufficient for them to hold on to the location in the market. Autoglass should approach in the Top-Down method in alignment to capitalize their assets and to handle the affray in the future. They need to reach up with some expansion for their merchandise and market so that they might a diversified market for the customers. 6

1.3 EXPLAIN MINIMUM THREE PLANNING TECHNIQUE FOR AUTOGLASS In order to grow in the industry, Autoglass can use three techniques, and they are: 1. BCG Growth Share Matrix a. High Growth and High Market Share (STARS) This strategy deals with high amount of cash and the management determine the overall cash flow in business. The star businesses are prior to become cash cows in the future and management can harvest from the business venture. b. Low Growth but High Market Share (CASH COWS) From the matrix, we can see the product which has low growth but high market share is the steady business and generates steady revenue. c. Low Growth and Low Market Share (DOGS) When the products starts to lose its market share and growth rates decline then the product falls into dogs category. The organizations should divest from the business at this moment. Management should watch over any unnecessary expenses. d. High Growth but Low Market Share (QUESTION MARKS) The newly introducedproducts are the member of this category and have the potential of growth maximization. The product has also the risk of being a trouble product if any revenue is not received from it. 7

Figure: BCG Matrix 2. Strategic Position & Action Evaluation Matrix (SPACE) Autoglass can use the SPACE matrix to work out the demand and obligations of the customers to function and make strategies to elaborate the market for their merchandise (Armstrong, G., &Kotler, P., 2006). SPACE matrix has four different segments. Each quadrant interprets the associations position and the course of actions required (Kotler, P., 2000). As Autoglass is retaining a powerful position in the market, they can use the hardhitting schemes to arrest and disperse their market. It will furthermore help them in determining the SWOT of the organizations. 3. Profit Impact of Market Strategy (PIMS) PIMS is a kind of database that presents solid information and clues to support the principles that are undertaken to gain comparable benefits. The stakeholders are kept in four classifications so that each stakeholder has their exact privileges and obligations in address of the making the concepts for the association which will be applied for the betterment of the association. Autoglass has mapped the stakeholders in the association so that the stakeholders can present their obligation in consider of the organization’s benefit. 8

Task 2 2.1 PRODUCE AN ORGANIZATIONAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS SWOT Analysis •Visual Clarity •Low cost •Safety •New Product •Emerging economy Strengths Opportunities Weaknesses Threats •Promotion •Advertisement •Geographic Location •Government Policy Strengths Unlike others, Autoglass provides high quality products at low cost. The safety features in the product are high. They produce windshields with highest possible visual clarity. Weaknesses Autoglass has very poor promotion system. They hardly advertise their product. Opportunities Windshield replacing or repairing is present in emerging economy. Development of new products creates new opportunities. 9

Threats Operation in unnecessary locations is loss of capital. Government policies shape the business environment. 2.2 CARRY OUT AN ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS USING AT LEAST TWO APPROACHES PESTLE analysis is undertaken to work out the operational scheme of an association. It furthermore assists to discover the attractiveness of procedure of that company (Armstrong, G., &Kotler, P., 2006). In alignment to operate in an industry, an association needs to be accounted for some components (Automotive commerce, 2013). Organizations can maximize possibilities and minimize risks by carrying out PESTLE analysis. What is PESTLE analysis? • Political climate in any country determines the attractiveness of the business. • Government stability is important because it may affect the future decisions. • Organizations need to pay taxes and taxation policies affect the industry. Political • Technology relating the designs. • Technology of windshield manufacture. Technologic al • Purchasing capacity of the people determines cost and level of service in the industry. • The need for replacing windshield is represented by the level of economical activity Economical •Law regarding safety measures is important. •Employment and consumer law is highly emphasized. • Lifestyle and preferences shapes an industry. • The decision to own an automobile and need to replace windshield depends on the social norm. Sociocultural •Some things are beyond control of the organizations such as weather, climate and climate change. Environment Legal al Porter’s five forces 10

Porter’s five forces analysis helps the management to determine and understand the overall context of the industry (Kotler, P., 2000). 1. The threat of new entrants 2. The bargaining power of customers • Economies of Scale: This is generally a low threat and it measures the scale of economy in the production. • Government Policy: Government policy can limit the entry and exit barrier in an industry. • Threat of Backward Integration: Organizations face the risk of backward integration with the suppliers. 3. The threat of substitute products • Prices: Prices play an important role in any industry. Buyers may shift from one product to another just because of price sensitivity. • Access: Buyers access in the industry is now a day’s much easier than before. 4. The amount of bargaining power suppliers have • Threat of forward Integration: Organizations face the risk of forward integration with the suppliers. With the help suppliers, buyers can make the same products that are offered by another company. 5. The intensity of the competitive rivalry • Number of Competitors: Competitor’s number plays an important role in pricing strategy. • Diversity of Rivals: The rivals challenge and cross each other’s path in making and implementing strategies. 2.3 EXPLAIN THE SIGNIFICANCE OF STAKEHOLDERS’ ANALYSIS IN RELATION TO AUTOGLASS The stakeholders’ grid: 11

1. Promoters: It refers to the stakeholders who influence the strategies and also has high interest. 2. Latent’s: It refers to the stakeholders who influence strategies but has low interest. 3. Apathetic: It refers to the Stakeholders who has low interest and seldom influences the strategies. 4. Defenders: It refers to the stakeholders who have low influence in the strategy making but high interest. High Influence Low Interest (Latent’s) High Influence High Interest (Promoters) The stakeholders’ grid Low Influence Low Interest (Apathetic) Low Influence High Interest (Defenders) The stakeholders are kept in four classifications so that each stakeholder has their accurate privileges and obligations in address of the making the notions for the association which will be directed for the betterment of the association. Autoglass has mapped the stakeholders central the association in alignment that the stakeholders will gift their obligation in contemplate of the organization’s profit. 12

Task 3 3.1 ANALYZE POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES STRATEGIES RELATING TO SUBSTANTIVE GROWTH, LIMITED GROWTH AND RETRENCHMENT Entry Strategy Organic Growth:When an enterprise association accomplishes development over its own enterprise that is as identical because the beginning of the organization, it's renowned as organic development. Merger:Merger is that the procedure by two enterprises gets united and turns into one entity through lawful consolidation. The start of Autoglass was through such amalgamation Acquisition:This is the method where one specific company buys another entire company and sets up itself as the owner. In this process 100% or beside 100% ownership has to be bought. Strategic Alliance:This approach is actually a concept that resides between the notion of organic development and amalgamation or acquisition. This is the method where two or more companies acquiesce upon a number of widespread objectives and share each other’s assets to rendezvous those objectives. Licensing: It is the design through that a mother enterprise (licensor) permits another enterprise (licensee) to use its trademark and deal the merchandise or services on the groundwork of affirmations on many time spans. The time span adopts the authorizing charge that desires to be paid to the licensor. Franchising:For obtaining market share abroad, Autoglass might use this approach by assigning franchises in distinct positions. It is the method, through which a business profits from the right to use another company’s trademark, enterprise form, methods where the franchisor pledges the right to the franchisee. Substantive Growth Horizontal Integration:In degree integration an enterprise diversity or comes by yield facility of affiliated or complementary merchandise (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). seldom it's going to additionally happen that a business buys one amidst its competitors and pattern 13

integration. Autoglass would expected pattern such integration by connecting with alternate output that's affiliated with its house merchandise. Vertical Integration:In integration a business attachments with the enterprises or partners of the offer string of connections and in some positions all the partners of the string of additions comprise underneath one proprietor (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). Autoglass would possibly provide work into integration by connecting with the suppliers and vendors. Related Diversification: When an enterprise elaborates its enterprise with some diversification interior the house line of merchandise (Isen, Alice M., 2012). The new productions rectangle consider alike to the current merchandise. Unrelated Diversification:It can be unrelated diversification if Autoglass begins selling home window crystal or attractiveness reflectors. It is the method when a business recruits into diversification by inserting new goods and services that doesn’t agree with the dwelling merchandise line (Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012). Limited Growth Market Penetration: It means that penetrating the comparable market by giving comparable worth against the worth of the competitors. This approach is committed to instantly hit the competitors by benefiting their customers. It’s typically utilized to accomplish sales development. Market Development:It is likely for Autoglass to evolve the market by geographically expanding the enterprise and coming to the customers. It means aspiring at new customer segments and appealing the non-buying customers of that segment. It assists to boost the market share by supplementing new portion of customers. Product Development: It means that evolving new merchandise that do not exist presently and so attracting customers to get an allotment of diversity of merchandise or services. Innovation: It suggests that searching out a solely new would like of the shoppers inside the market and innovating replacement merchandise or service to rendezvous that require. 14

Disinvestment: Retrenchment:This design is generally utilized so as to slash prices with the aim of altering into an supplemented financial steady enterprise.A theme utilized by businesses to scale back the variety or the last dimensions of the procedures of the business. Turn around:Turnaround may be a method dedicated to enterprise renewal. It utilizes investigation and progressing to save initiated anguish businesses and comes back them to economic status. So as to pattern a comeback inside the enterprise associations got to verify the groundwork of the adversities and supported those adversities they have to pattern up new methods and measures to trounce those issues.Turnaround management recruits management rethink, undertaking founded mostly cost accounting, source malfunction determinants investigation, and SWOT enquiry to work out why the enterprise is lowering short. Liquidation: When a firm is terminated or bankrupted, its assets rectangle measure noted and furthermore the improvement buys creditors. Any leftovers are circulated to shareholders. Liquidating a firm is that the last stage of the firm’s survival. If no alternate concepts befit the organizations then it should deal its assets then ante up the shareholders and stakeholders. Divestment: The method of withdrawal of buying into. Furthermore mentioned to as divestiture, it's created for either economic or communal goals. Divestment is that the converse of buying into. It the tactic of dragging out the assets operational and agreements those to rendezvous the gap within the monetary affairs and so as to liquidate the association divestment is important for any association. Porter’s Generic Strategy Michael Porter explained the general strategies for an organization to operate in the industry. Companies usethese strategies to gain competitive advantages (Kotler, P., 2000). The strategies are:  Overall Cost Leadership  Differentiation  Focal Point 15

SELECT AN •Cost leadership alone cannot help an organization to enjoy profit from the market. Differentiation is necessary to bring in more profits and grabbing more customers (Armstrong, G., &Kotl er, P. 2006). The Autoglass is offering 24/7 customer services to differentiate them from the others. APPROPRIATE FUTURE Focal Point Differentiation Overall Cost Leadership 3.2 •Based on the case it can be inferred that Autoglass is following the cost leadership in the industry and they are offering their services in the lowest cost possible (Armstrong, G., &Ko tler, P. 2006). It is helpful to attract more customers and enter in the new market. •To improve business in the industry organizations needs to focus on a specific objective (Armstrong, G., &Kotl er, P., 2006). Autoglass is focusing on serving the customers and satisfy them for their money worth. Autoglass has become the best windshield repairing or replacing service providers. STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS In alignment to perplex the market segment Autoglass enterprise needs new notions and new components which can be cooperative for them to flourish the market. So considering future conceives they can investigate their market need and reach to up with some development of the new merchandise to diversify their services and arrest a new market segment. Autoglass is in a mighty place and they might be adept to accelerate with the coalition with new associations.Autoglass should be following the upright integration conceive to augment their enterprise. They can accelerate with coalition with automakers to apprehend the new market segment. Coalition with affiliated associations will endow Autoglass to put more aim on the customer’s fondness and can evolve new merchandise class to fulfill the cravings of the customers. Autoglass should wholeheartedly reassess the response of the customers so that they might realize what the customers are looking for and to what degree of acceptance customer’s crave.Only starting new merchandise line and expanding the market will not solely help the Autoglass enterprise to perplex in the market The Autoglass is at present have a 92% acceptance rate amidst the customers. Autoglass can benchmark next 5 quarters to comply with notions they have taken and fulfill the firm 16

promise to the customers but with expansion of the enterprise the acceptance rate might fluctuate and Autoglass need to assemble a timescale for the new goals and elongation of the new services. Contemplating the place in the enterprise, Autoglass can supply a 5 quarters conceive that will be ample for Autoglass to contend up with the affray and maintain coalition with the automakers to perplex the enterprise. 17

Task 4 4.1 COMPARE THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION OF AUTOGLASS It is unbelievably necessary to execute the principles inside the association and it will outcome a decisive significance for the organization’s concerns (Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012). The implementation of the principles shows to the principles about chosen locality unit and earnings earning for the association. Contemplating the tactics policies are began correctly and experienced to work out if those policies are unit apt or not (Purchase Behavior, 2013). If those principles are failed in recognizing centered gain then it is turned down and announced as unproductive one. Autoglass need to use in deepness filtering methods of the principles to grab and retain market share. Utilizing economical and productive principles all the groups within the association are joined in the smallest phases of the philosophy and design of activity call which finishes up in a very well ordered set up and furthermore the diversification or change of the procedures are feasible (Schultz, H.2006). Autoglass administration should compute the swapping and sales ways to double-check the best market share and sales. The sales cluster should to be developed all through a means which will extend with the affray central the market. Creative advertisements in relevant localities would likely facilitate an allotment throughout this address. The centre competencies should to be apparently intensified to attractiveness the shoppers. In order to attain the targeted market share clear and dependable statements are essential. Communal visualizations are well required in identifying and inspecting the hypotheses, bases of the principles and suggest actions (Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). Managers have to inspire and manipulate the human resources to convey out the schemes that are undertaken promptly and competently. Coming to the target, accomplishment can end in employee satisfaction and coherence in enterprise field. 18

4.2 EVALUATE RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS TO IMPLEMENT A NEW STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS Autoglass has selected its human resources as a foremost main concern and for this cause it became the best service provider of windscreens.To consider the assets of Autoglass, the organization desires to select appropriate components and put them in the correct branches to make accessible their services. Autoglass additionally has fleet pairing which desires man power additionally and that they square measure careful in relation to their hands (Dessler, G., 2000). In considered of materials and time share Autoglass is that the pioneer in the business as a outcome of their treatment the most productive materials to approve the sturdiness and safety of the customers and conjointly sustaining time in consigning the service (Autoglass Company). According to the given situation the Autoglass Company is advised as economical in case of their assets and effective in term of assessing the assets in order to produce the most effective and persuading service.Therefore Autoglass spends a lot in advising and evolving the abilities of the employees (Dessler, G., 2000). 4.3 DISCUSS TARGETS AND TIMESCALES FOR ACHIEVEMENT FOR AUTOGLASS TO MONITOR A GIVEN STRATEGY Evaluation of the benchmark outcomes: Quarter 1 The enterprise should be convey up with the schemes and find out the feasibility of the designs if the designs would contemplate in the foreseen conclusion. They can take the response of the customers and find out what else they are looking for in the windscreen repairing service. There should be every week and monthly overseeing by the line managers of the divisions. Quarter 2 During the period Autoglass should review the customer’s feedback and implement the desired plan to expand the business. The line managers should be responsible for collecting the feedbacks and acting towards it. Quarter 3 This is the quarter of accumulating facts and figures and takes research note on the applied designs. The management should find out the gap between the anticipated deduction and authentic deduction. The GAP might happen because of lack of coordination or inefficiency of the employees and line managers 19

Quarter 4 Management should organize a training program to fill in the gap. So that the employees can achieve the organization goal in desired manner. Quarter 5 In this quarter the organization might accomplish the yearned results founded on the scheme making and the implementation method. If the management proceeds incorrect to accomplish the objectives through the strategies, then they have to start undertakings founded on data like teaching the employees or providing support to them. Table: Evaluation of the outcomes Conclusion: The merged business of Autoglass is now a trusted name for replacement to those who have got their windshields broken. For years the company has acquired the satisfaction as well as believes of the customers because they were able to recognize the need of a clientele they habitually act according to it. Supplying the best crystal along with the best service has been the center of their competence in the market which have all the other competitors far behind. The AutoglassCompany could start needed and productive schemes to keep ahead in the rush. All these combined efforts have acquired many earnings along with substantial growth for them. As they are still not persuaded to persuade their customers in better ways, certainly they are going far ahead in enterprise in the approaching days. 20

Reference Autoglass Company. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 15 December, 2013]. Automotive Industry: Market Research Reports, Statistics and Analysis. 2013. Automotive Industry: Market Research Reports, Statistics and Analysis. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 6 January, 2013]. Bies, Robert J. and Joseph S. Moag, D., 2013, 'Communication for the Long Term: Information Allocation and Collective Reflexivity as Dynamic Capabilities', Journal Of Business Communication, vol. 50, no. 2, pp. 208-220 Dessler, G., 2000. Human Resource Management. 5th ed. Delhi: Pearson. Grant M. R., (2010) – Contemporary Strategy Analysis,, Wiley Higher Ed; 7th edition. Gundala, R, Jack, A, & Gomes, R., 2012, Communication Management and Its Implication', International Journal Of Business, Marketing, & Decision Science, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 35-50. Hoffman, K. Douglas, Scott W. Kelley, and Holly M. Rotalsky., 2009, Change Management and Its preparation', Economics & Management, pp. 407-412. Isen, Alice M., 2012, 'Corporate Wikis: The Impact of Autoglasss in the Windscreen industry, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 87-116. Kotler, P., 2000. Marketing Management. 5th ed. New Delhi: Prentice hall of India. Schultz, H. (2006). Discover the Traits of Top Management [online]. s.n. Available from: [accessed November 26, 2013]. Wheelen& Hunger, T.L. &J.D., 2013.Strategic Management and Business Policy. 5th ed. Delhi: Pearson. 21

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