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Table of Contents Executive Summary .................................................................................................................. 3 Task 1 .......................................................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. 1.1 Explain the role of strategy, mission, visions, objective, goals and core competencies of Autoglass............................................................................................................................... 5 1.2 Review the vital issues involved in Strategic planning in Autoglass ............................. 8 1.3 Explain minimum three planning technique for Autoglass ............................................ 8 Task 2 ........................................................................................................................................ 9 2.1 Produce an organisational Audit for Autoglass .............................................................. 9 2.2 Carry out an environmental audit for Autoglass using at least two approaches ........... 11 2.3 Explain the significance of stakeholders’ analysis in relation to Autoglass ................. 13 Task 3 ...................................................................................................................................... 14 3.1 Analyse possible alternatives strategies relating to substantive growth, limited growth and retrenchment ..................................................................................................................... 14 3.2 Select an appropriate future strategy for Autoglass ...................................................... 17 Task 4 ...................................................................................................................................... 19 4.1 Compare the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation of Autoglass ...... 19 4.2 Evaluate resource requirements to implement a new strategy for Autoglass ............... 20 4.3 Discuss targets and timescales for achievement for Autoglass to monitor a given strategy ............................................................................................................................................. 20 Conclusion .............................................................................................................................. 22 Page 2 References ............................................................................................................................... 23

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Autoglass Company has been serving the people of the United Kingdom and all over the Europe for a long time. It is a windshield repair and replacement company which has been established long ago. Because of its being trustworthy and flexible to its customers, it basically acquired its place in the hearts of many people; specially its customers. Autoglass has first started as a family business on a little sector and till now, it has been one of the prime services providing company in the windscreen industry. It has been seen that Autoglass Company has been able to satisfy more than 92% of its customers or whoever decides to take the service from it. At present, Autoglass has five hundred branches in UK and the Europe region. Its main secret of being a successful business operator is that it focuses on customer demands and what they actually want from a service providing company. Autoglass has analyzed it well and now Page 3 it is enjoying the benefits of it.

Task 1 1.1 Explain the role of strategy, mission, visions, objective, goals and core competencies of Autoglass Mission of the Autoglass Company Autoglass habitually focuses on what customer’s desire and how they desire it. Clientele approval is the major aim of the Autoglass Company. It tends to supply the best windscreen services in the district where it operates. It realizes their demand and work the way it should be. And that is why it is the foremost business in this particular industry. Vision of the Autoglass Company It likes all of its customers to be persuaded; which is almost 92% at the instant. Dream of it is rather clear; which is to consign the service at its grade best. To entire this aim, it has actually initiated to set up a very wide variety of mesh. So Autoglass is dispersing its enterprise day by day and interior no time it will be proficient to impel its mesh to an whole new level. Core Competency Any kind of broken glass or windscreen can be repaired or replaced in the Autoglass Company and no other company can offer so many varieties as it can offer to the customers. And it has always been the core competency of the Autoglass Company. Strategic Intent The strategic intent of Autoglass is to glimpse itself as the market foremost habitually. The notion of strategic intent implies that there is a general outlook on where the company should be going rather than a definite declaration of an expected conclusion and this means that there should be plenty of flexibility within the statement to permit for employees initiative, team assistance and adaptation in lightweight of altered attenuating factors (Ivanauskiene, N, & Page 4 Auruskeviciene, V., 2009).They are doing all the activities to remain leader.

Role of Strategy of Autoglass Autoglass has compiled their roles in strategy making in a way that the strategies maintain a specific time period in the execution (Autoglass Company). The first thing to do is compilation and dissemination of the vision and the operation declaration. Objective and goals of Autoglass The main objective of Autoglass is to satisfy their customer by repairing or replacing broken windscreen of any vehicle. The goal of Autoglass is to make their business grow and serve the global customer (Autoglass Company). They are expanding their business by winning the hearts of the customers. Strategic Architecture of Autoglass The strategic architecture of any organization is the method of responding the five basic inquiries of making the scheme. The questions are compilation of “What”, “What Else”, “What More”, “What Now”, “How” (Grant M. R., 2010). By responding these questions Autoglass shapes their strategic organizations of the company. 1.2 Review the vital issues involved in Strategic planning in Autoglass While performing effective strategic planning, some important factors cannot be overlooked.And for that; we can evaluate competitive advantage of Autoglass. Autoglass has fixed their focus on customer satisfactions by proper customer services. Already they have earned the highest level of customer satisfaction and improved their customer service in a milestone level only by replacing the broken windows with a limited cost. Autoglass is very much customer oriented and they always try to enhance their level of services to avail in the Page Competitive Advantage of Autoglass 5 competition. We can analysis the competitive advantages of Autoglass.

Autoglass is the market foremost considering windscreen services and repairmen. So it has currently got a contain of a huge piece of the total market. And being the reputed company, it can introduce distinct pieces of merchandise associated to the windscreen service and the clientele would love to try them, as Autoglass is dependable and well liked. So, for investigating the competitive benefit of the Autoglass Company, we can have a look on the Ansoff’s Growth Matrix. Figure: Ansoff’s Model This model refers to four particular alternatives. We have learnt that Autoglass has already increased its market share and tends to serve more than one million people who are facing problem with windscreen. This model indicates four strategies which reduce several risks. Those Page 6 strategies are:

1) Market Penetration: By masses this strategy Autoglass can overmuch its actual marketplace separate by selling and attracting solon of their products. If it is through extensively Autoglass power regress centering on their primary oblique. 2) Product Development: Being a well-known and popular windscreen service company, Autoglass can introduce different kind of product in same genre like side view mirror and target a new market segment through it. 3) Market Development: This way Autoglass can promote further its product and service and through it; attract more customers. 4) Diversification: it means that you can bring up a new product so that the risk related to the previous product can be reduced via the new one. Autoglass is thinking for the long run in the market. After being the leader for a certain portion of the region, it is now thinking of going far. It is looking for the potential geographic location where it can operate and wants to strike with its strongest point. While expanding the business, a factor is also being looked that it may deal with the best supplier available. If supplier is honest, punctual and trustworthy, hten there is no reason Autoglass cannot think of ruling the whole world regarding this industry. Definition of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Informal Planning: Informal planning is important to ensure short term objectives of the organization. It is the process where the manager or leader of a team develops a plan without any conventional structure and rigid frameworks (Grant M.R. 2010). For certain instant situations managers use this approach where it is not essential to form any formal structure of planning or the timeline for planning is not enough. Top-Down: A top-down approach is essentially the shattering down of a system to gain insight into its compositional sub-systems (Grant M. R., 2010). Autoglass is thriving in utilising the approach in their merchandise development. Bottom-Up: Autoglass is successful in utilizing this approach to supply the services to the scheme (Grant M. R., 2010). Page more convoluted systems, therefore making the original schemes sub-schemes of the emergent 7 customers. A bottom-up approach is the piecing simultaneously of schemes to give increase to

Behavioral Approach for Autoglass: Autoglass is a growing enterprise in the service enterprise and the service they are supplying will not be adequate for them to contain on to the position in the market. Autoglass should approach in the Top-Down procedure in alignment to capitalize their assets and to handle the affray in the future. They need to come to up with some expansion for their merchandise and market so that they might a diversified market for the customers. 1.3 Explain minimum three planning technique for Autoglass A. BCG Growth Share Matrix: Autoglass can organize all of its merchandise in such a way that it can take all of it into a product portfolio. This portfolio assists the business to make decision about when to make investment into the new merchandise or when to fall out the preceding version or when to choose up all the cash from the present market (Auruskeviciene 2009). It also assists to let understand about what is basically the perfect time to inaugurate a new enterprise operation. B. SPACE: Autoglass can also use the Strategic Position & Action Evaluation Matrix approach to realize the market demands and operate the business in that way. It also shows the exact way to react to a new circumstance of an old market. SPACE also evaluates the SWOT analysis of a particular company. C. Profit Impact of Market Strategy: PIMS is a particular type of exclusive database where perfect evidence are shown to support certain policies and regulations and thus a Page 8 company can achieve competitive advantage.

Task 2 2.1 Produce an Organizational Audit for Autoglass SWOT Analysis Figure: SWOT Analysis Strengths  Autoglass provides services at a lower cost comparing to other competitors existing in the market.  Replaced or repaired products appear to be just like the new ones. Page  Last longer. 9  Safety along with all other features is high in the products.

Weakness  Ignorant about promoting its brand.  Lack of communication in terms of media. Opportunities  Has the opportunity to increase its growth rate.  Very Few competitors.  Product Diversification. Threats  Competition intensity is high among the suppliers.  Geographic potentiality.  Govt. rules & regulations. Autoglass business has been serving the persons of the United Kingdom and all over the Europe for a long time. It is a windshield repair and replacement business which has been established long before. Because of its being trustworthy and flexible to its customers, it fundamentally came by its location in the hearts of numerous persons; particularly its customers. Autoglass has first begun as a family business on a little sector and till now, it has been one of the prime services supplying business in the windscreen commerce. It has been glimpsed that Autoglass Company has been adept to persuade more than 92% of its customers or whoever concludes to take the service from it. At present, Autoglass has five hundred parts in UK and the Europe region. Its major secret of being a thriving business operator is that it focuses on customer claims and what they really desire from a service supplying business. Autoglass has analyzed it well and now it is Page 2.2 Carry out an environmental audit for Autoglass using at least two approaches 10 enjoying the benefits of it.

Though PESTLE investigation assists one enterprise operator to understand its market place and promise, it is quite unrealistic for a single organization to affect the general factors. Rather it affects all the strategic designing and conclusion that a business usually takes before operating into a certain locality or district. But PESTLE displays an association the way of maximizing the opportunities and minimizing risks. Here is the PESTLE analysis: Political  Political differentiation in different countries insists a company to initiate with different perspectives.  Stability of the Govt. suggests how to operate the business with certain preferences.  A company has to make up with the taxation policies of a particular state or region (Henry 2006). Economical  Level of the buying capacity of the people affects business operation.  Economic activity leads the way to a certain business operation. Socio Cultural  Various customs and norms play a pivotal part for a company to operate its business.  Preferences and peoples’ life style affects the whole business industry. Technological  Technology influences all the companies to make changes to their manufacturing process.  Technological development helps Autoglass to expand its operation comparing to the older days. Page  Laws play a crucial part about how to operate within the current rules and regulations. 11 Legal

Environmental  Business or manufacturing or servicing process has to be adapted in such a way that nothing can hamper the climate or environment or the eco system of a region. In order to make a successful business operation, Porter’s 5 factors are a must to know and also to analyze: Threats of New Entrats Economies of Scale Access to Distribution Channel Govt. Policy Bargaining Power of Customers Number of Supplier Companies Threats of Backward Integration Threats of Substitue Products Prices Access Bargaining Power of the Suppliers Number of Buyer ompanies Threat of Forward Integration The stakeholders’ grid: Page 2.3 Explain the significance of stakeholders’ analysis in relation to Autoglass 12 Intensity of Compatitive Rivalry Number of Competitors Rate of Industry Growth Diversity of Rivals

1. The top right part refers to the stake holders who influences the strategies and promote the products. 2. The top left part refers to the stakeholder who influences strategies but they posses’ low interest in the organization. 3. The bottom right part refers to the stakeholders who have high interest but low influence in the organization. 4. The bottom left part refers to the stakeholders who have low influence and low interest in the organization. which will be used for the betterment of the company. Autoglass has also arranged their Page be able to identify their specific rights and duties in order to determine the company strategy 13 The stakeholders are arranged in four classifications so that each one of the stakeholders could

stakeholder in order to help the stakeholders to perform accordingly and take part in company’s benefit. Task 3 3.1 Analyze possible alternatives strategies relating to substantive growth, limited growth and retrenchment Market Entry Strategy The first portion of the Autoglass Company started in 1969 as a family business. But it began its journey as a real business company in 1984 when its other merging group dropped itself off from the business. Since then, there is no looking back. Autoglass has been steadily expanding its business volume through its massive dedicated man power and it has now 180 branches along with 900 mobile fitting units all over the United Kingdom. Organic Growth: When an enterprise association achieves development over its own enterprise which is as identical as the beginning of the organization, it is called organic development. It excludes any development that is profited by getting into any other enterprise or merger or acquisition. Merger: Merger is the process by which two companies gets united and turns into one entity through legal consolidation. The beginning of Autoglass was through such merger. Acquisition: This is the process where one particular company purchases another entire company and establishes itself as the owner. In this process 100% or near 100% ownership has to be bought. Strategic Alliance: This approach is really an idea that resides between the notion of organic growth and amalgamation or acquisition. This is the method where two or more companies agree Page objectives. 14 upon a number of widespread objectives and share each other’s assets to rendezvous those

Licensing: It is the procedure through which a mother enterprise (licensor) permits another business (licensee) to use its trademark and sell the items or services on the basis of affirmations on some time span. The time span encompasses the authorizing charge that has to be paid to the licensor. Franchising: For acquiring market share abroad, Autoglass might use this approach by assigning franchises in distinct locations. It is the method, through which a business earns the right to use another company’s trademark, enterprise model, procedures where the franchisor donates the right to the franchisee. Substantial Growth Autoglass enjoys a steady growth as it is the company policy not to take any fast decision. Its goal is always be cautious to take prompt decision as it is not looking to over do anything. And for its being so careful and dedicated, Autoglass still stands as the best company to provide windscreen service in the windshield industry. Horizontal Integration: In horizontal integration a company forms or acquires production facility of related or complementary products (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). Sometimes it may also happen that a company purchases one of its competitors and form integration. Autoglass might form such integration by linking with other production that are related to its existing products. Vertical Integration: In vertical integration a business connections with the businesses or partners of the provide chain and in numerous cases all the partners of the string of links stay under a lone owner (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). Autoglass might engage into vertical integration by linking with the suppliers and distributors. Related Diversification: When a company expands its business with some diversification in the existing product line (Arazy, O, & Gellatly, I., 2012). The new productions are similar to the introducing new products and services that doesn’t match with the existing product line (Arazy, Page Unrelated Diversification: It is the process when a company engages into diversification by 15 existing products.

O, & Gellatly, I., 2012). It can be unrelated diversification if Autoglass starts selling home window glasses or beauty mirrors. Limited Growth Autoglass decides to make limited growth rather than having huge profit margin by taking certain risks. It has both advantages and disadvantages. But its decision has been fruitful so far as it is still considered as the number one windscreen service provider in the United Kingdom and Europe. Market Penetration: It means penetrating the comparable market by proposing comparable price against the cost of the competitors. This approach is used to instantly strike the competitors by gaining their customers. It is often utilized to gain sales growth. Market Development: It means targeting new customer segments and attracting the non-buying customers of that segment. It helps to increase the market share by adding new portion of customers. It is possible for Autoglass to develop the market by geographically expanding the business and reaching the customers. Product Development: It means developing new products that do not exist currently and thus attracting customers to buy more varieties of products or services. Innovation: It means searching out an entirely new need of the customers in the market and innovating a new product or service to meet that need. Autoglass might try to sort out such need in the market and introduce an innovated product or service. Disinvestment: Retrenchment A theme utilized by businesses to scale back the variety or the last dimensions of the procedures Page an supplemented financial steady enterprise. 16 of the business. This design is generally utilized so as to slash prices with the aim of altering into

Turn around This process is used for the corporate renewal. Turnaround management performs management review, activity costing, root failure analysis, and SWOT analysis. Mainly it deals with the causes of failing in any region. It helps the company to come back from any failing situation. Company finds out the root problems and fixes them to come back. Liquidation Liquidating a firm is the last stage of the firm’s survival. If no alternate designs obey with the associations then it yearns to sell its assets and then pay up the shareholders and stakeholders. When an enterprise or firm is terminated or bankrupt, its assets are traded and the advances pay creditors. Any leftovers are distributed to shareholders. Divestment This is also a process of selling the assets of the company. Divestment is the opposite of investment. It means to pull out the assets of the organization to meets up the financial problems. Porter’s Generic Strategy Michael Porter’s Generic Strategy is consisted of three overall strategies that have been used by many companies whether it is a manufacturing company or a service providing one. The strategies are: 1. Overall Cost Leadership: Autoglass uses the cost leadership approach for getting frequent access into the market without taking immense risks. It helps the company to evaluate the customer demand and work with it. 2. Differentiation: Besides cost leadership, Autoglass puts differentiation in its business operation. 3. Focal Point: its focal point has always been on the customer satisfaction and widens the Page 17 service through having a steady profit margin.

3.2 Select an appropriate future strategy for Autoglass Only beginning new product line and increasing the market will not solely help the Autoglass business to expand in the market. Autoglass should constantly reconsider the response of the customers so that they might understand what the customers are looking for and to what grade of satisfaction customer’s desire. Autoglass administration desires to define the roles and responsibilities to the workers so that they can provide the largest level of approval to the customers. Customer demand is altering with the change of expertise and market differentiation. So to be a vibrant competitor and also to be a premier one, Autoglass needs to chase some methods and planning for the time to come. Without initiating it, it has likelihood to fall apart, as other competitors will take the possibilities and convey revolutionary change into their total manufacturing and service method. Considering future scheme Autoglass can investigate their market need and arrive up with some development of the new product to diversify their services and capture a new market segment. In alignment to elaborate the market segment they need new schemes and new goods which can be helpful for them to flourish the market. So Autoglass should be following the upright augments scheme to augment their business. They can proceed with alliance with automakers to arrest the new market segment. Autoglass is in a powerful place and they might be adept to proceed with the alliance with new associations. Alliance with associated associations will endow Autoglass to put more aim on the customer’s preference and can develop new merchandise class to fulfill the needs of the customers. Because this strategy is befitting for the associations development and their core capabilities match with the strategy. Considering the place in the commerce, Autoglass can provide a 5 quarters design that will be adequate for Autoglass to cope up with the competition and sustain coalition with the automakers to elaborate the business. Autoglass can standard next 5 quarters to obey with schemes they have taken and fulfill the firm pledge to the customers. The Autoglass is at present have a 92% the new services. Autoglass will be facing four different consequences in the market place according to the BCG Growth Share Matrix. They are as followed: Page might fluctuate and Autoglass need to construct a timescale for the new goals and extension of 18 approval rate among the customers. But with expansion of the enterprise the satisfaction rate

Task 4 4.1 Compare the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation of Autoglass In alignment to get anticipated earnings in the enterprise, Autoglass should apply all the schemes that it has established, because without executing those, Autoglass will be failing to lead the market with gigantic market share. But it furthermore desires to revise its general schemes periodically (Purchase demeanour 2013). While reviewing, if any design appears not to be employed, then that should be eliminating from the scheme and restore it with another one. CEO of an association is mostly to blame for executing all the designs into reality (Kotler 2006). He fundamentally collects concepts, synchronizes those, and then selects what would be the best for the company. 4.2 Evaluate resource requirements to implement a new strategy for Autoglass An association desires to select the accurate components and place them in the right agencies to evaluate the assets. As it is a service provider of windscreens and requires a gigantic man power to rendezvous the demand of the customers, Autoglass has prioritized its human resources. Autoglass already has 159 clientele advisors employed 24/7 to rendezvous the clienteles demand. Autoglass furthermore has fleet overhauling which requires man power furthermore and they are cautious about their work force. So, huge amount in teaching and evolving the skills of the employees are needed to supply the best service in the industry. Highest standard of NVQ is sustained by Autoglass Company. Autoglass is the leading business in the commerce because they are utilizing the best materials to double-check the durability and safety of the customers and furthermore sustaining time in delivering the service. have to compromise with its customers’ approval. And so, in this comparable world, still 92% of the customers are more than content with its performance. Page to supply the best service. It takes components from its dependable suppliers so that it doesn’t 19 The Autoglass Company is efficient in their asset planning and assessing the assets methodically

4.3 Discuss targets and timescales for achievement for Autoglass to monitor a given strategy: Evaluation of the benchmark outcomes: Quarter The business should be bring up with the schemes and find out the feasibility of 1 the schemes if the schemes would contemplate in the anticipated conclusion. They can take the repsonse of the customers and find out what else they are looking for in the windscreen fixing service. There should be every week and monthly supervising by the line managers of the divisions. Quarter The line managers should be to accuse for collecting the feedbacks and acting in 2 the direction of it.All through the time span Autoglass should reconsider the customer’s answer and request the craved conceive to elaborate the enterprise. Quarter This is the quarter of gathering data and takes research note on the implemented 3 schemes. The administration should find out the gap between the anticipated conclusion and genuine conclusion. The GAP might happen because of lack of coordination or inefficiency of the workers and line managers. Quarter Management should organize a training program to fill in the gap. So that the 4 employees can achieve the organization goal in desired manner. In this quarter the association might accomplish the craved results founded on the design making and the implementation procedure. If the management advances incorrect to complete the objectives through the schemes, then they have to start undertakings founded on data like educating the workers or supplying support to them. Table: Evaluation of the outcomes 20 5 Page Quarter

Summary & Findings Through numerous researches and reviews, it has been verified that customers of the Autoglass company are way contented than any other that of its competitors. Autoglass gives priority to its customers first than anything else (Gellatly 2012). And this is how it has won numerous hearts of the people who are in need of replacing or fixing windscreen. It has been apprehending the premier position for a very long time and clientele approval and holds stride with the change help it be the pioneer in the windscreen enterprise. Autoglass has the ultimate chance to leap up to a entire new level inside nearly no time, but it is gradually expanding its investigation so that Page 21 Autoglass has to take no certain risk in doing so.

References Gellatly, I., 2012, 'Corporate Wikis: The Impact of Autoglasss in the Windscreen industry, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 87-116. Kotler, P., (2006). Marketing:An introduction (8thed.). New York: Prentice Hall. Auruskeviciene, V., 2009, Change Management and Its preparation', Economics & Management, pp. 407-412. Purchase Behavior- Business Customers. 2013. Purchase Behavior- Business Customers. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 29 October, 2013]. Henry, H., (2006). Discover the Traits of Top Management [online]. S.N.[Accessed 30 Page 22 November, 2013].

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