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Published on March 9, 2014

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SUMMARY In the windshield manufacturing industry Autoglass has exposed incredible work in satisfying the clients and providing the prime productive windscreen replacement or fixing service. In the case Autoglass has earn over 92% of the consumers. Autoglass has become the most operative windscreen fixing and replacing service providing group as associated to the banks and other service suppliers. After formation to this day Autoglass concentrate on the wants and entitlements of the clients and also in the approach of providing facilities in a remarkably reduced price. Autoglass upholds a pleasing attachment between the customers and workers as an outcome of they are certain of that if workers are delighted in Autoglass then they will surely support the customers with effectively and it will spawn financial gain. Autoglass at this time is the market spearhead within the business and they are rising in a steady manner. They currently have 500 branches assisting at the Europe. It may be preeminent inferred that Autoglass is in a remarkably compared to supplementary organizations in the windscreen replacement industry and are well equipped to face forthcoming problem in a remarkably resourceful manner. 2

Table of Contents Summary ......................................................................................................................... 2 Task 1 ............................................................................................................................. 4 1.1 EXPLAIN THE ROLE OF STRATEGY, MISSION, VISIONS, OBJECTIVE, GOALS AND CORE COMPETENCIES OF AUTOGLASS .......................................... 4 1.2 REVIEW THE VITAL ISSUES INVOLVED IN STRATEGIC PLANNING IN AUTOGLASS ............................................................................................................... 5 1.3 EXPLAIN MINIMUM THREE PLANNING TECHNIQUE FOR AUTOGLASS ......... 9 Task 2 ........................................................................................................................... 12 2.1 PRODUCE AN ORGANIZATIONAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS ......................... 12 2.2 CARRY OUT AN ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS USING AT LEAST TWO APPROACHES .................................................................................... 13 2.3 EXPLAIN THE SIGNIFICANCE OF STAKEHOLDERS’ ANALYSIS IN RELATION TO AUTOGLASS ....................................................................................................... 15 Task 3 ........................................................................................................................... 16 3.1 ANALYZE POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES STRATEGIES RELATING TO SUBSTANTIVE GROWTH, LIMITED GROWTH AND RETRENCHMENT ................ 16 3.2 SELECT AN APPROPRIATE FUTURE STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS ........... 20 Task 4 ........................................................................................................................... 21 4.1 COMPARE THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION OF AUTOGLASS ...................................................................... 21 4.2 EVALUATE RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS TO IMPLEMENT A NEW STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS ................................................................................ 22 4.3 DISCUSS TARGETS AND TIMESCALES FOR ACHIEVEMENT FOR AUTOGLASS TO MONITOR A GIVEN STRATEGY ................................................. 22 Conclusion .................................................................................................................... 23 References .................................................................................................................... 24 3

TASK 1 1.1 EXPLAIN THE ROLE OF STRATEGY, MISSION, VISIONS, OBJECTIVE, GOALS AND CORE COMPETENCIES OF AUTOGLASS Autoglass Company Mission: A mission testimonial is a declaration of the perseverance of a company (Grant M. R., 2010). The target of Autoglass Company is to please their customers. The Autoglass Company provides the best windscreen services. This aim of nourishing the consumers of Autoglass Company suggests them to design the prophecies of their organization (Autoglass Company). Autoglass Company Vision: Vision of acompany is the bigger amount of targetsinterrelated to nurturing the aim that assist the company to attempt to win by operations and setting goals and objectives (Wheelen& Hunger, T. L. & J. D., 2013). The prophecy of The Autoglass is to support the consumers expeditiously and hand over absolutely the best grade of satisfaction to the clients (Autoglass Company). The vision of serving the customers with responsibility can lead Autoglass to grow into a hulk in the business. Autoglass Company Core Competency: Core competency is an outset of philosophy that lay aside the subjects that a business sees as prime to the process the business or its personnel’s work (Grant M. R., 2010). The core competency of the Autoglass is that they can fix or switch every single kind of cracked or damaged glass of every model. Autoglass is giving fleet services to the consumers to repair or swap any type of cracked or damaged glass (Autoglass Company). 4

Strategic Intent: The concept of strategic intent implies the conceptual view of future condition of a company. It doesn’t show the objective or the goal of the company, rather the actual fate in the near future. Through this concept management has a huge flexibility in terms of staff initiative, team contribution and adaptation in light of changed circumstances. The strategic intent of Autoglass shows that they are the leader of the market and are performing their duties well enough to keep on the leading position in the near future. Role of Strategy of Autoglass: The administration of a company holds the compilation and dissemination of vision as well as the operational decisions as the primary task of the organization. This outlines, in essence, the raison d'etre of an organization (Ivanauskiene, N, & Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). Autoglass has established their compilation of strategy making in such a way so that they could maintain a specific time period in the execution of their decided strategies. Objective and goals of Autoglass: By replacing and repairing the broken windows of any vehicle Autoglass has gathered satisfaction of customers all over the Europe and this is the primary objective of Autoglass Company. Their goal is to serve all over the world and expand their business globally and to win the hearts of customers. Strategic Architecture of Autoglass: The strategic architecture of an organization could be performed by answering five different questions. The questions are compilation of “What”, “What Else”, “What More”, “What Now”, “How” (Grant M. R., 2010). These are the fundamental questionnaires for making of new strategy. Autoglass has shaped their strategies by answering those structured questions. 5

1.2 REVIEW THE VITAL ISSUES INVOLVED IN STRATEGIC PLANNING IN AUTOGLASS In association to line up classes and request styles there are certain critical substances that have to be measured (Kotler, P., 2000). Reinforced by the case, Ansoff’s model normally helps to create the similar advantages. Autoglass’s Competitive Advantage Autoglass distribute the prime service of swapping or repairing windscreens. They are delivering diverse facilities to consumers related to windscreens and apprehending a vast portion of the market. As use of automobiles are increasing day by day, Ansoff’s model can assist Autoglass in finding out their comparable advantages (Ivanauskiene, N, & Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). Existing Product Existing Market New Market Market Penetration Market Development New Product Product Development Diversification Figure: Ansoff’s Model Autoglass has pointed their focus on customer’s satisfaction as well as the customer service. At present they have reached to the highest level of satisfaction according to customer’s opinion taken most recently. They have earned this much satisfaction by providing quality services in a cost effective way. Autoglass have to be more customers 6

oriented and be more serious about the service portfolio to remain in the leading position in the market in future. Under the above situation we can analysis the competitive advantage of Autoglass.Therefore based on the state of affairs, Autoglasscan serve consumers through their current products and likewise can announce a new mean of amenities (Automotive Industry, 2013). These four alternate strategies face different types of possibilities. The strategies are: 7

1. Market penetration: Market strategy of an organization tends to make that organization one of the dominant companies in the market. They try to spread their dominancy and hold the power for a long time. This strategy focuses on captivating larger share of the market and Autoglass would be able to do so by selling more new products along with customer satisfaction. 2. Product development: New product will change Autoglass which will supplement this product. Though this theme contains a vital problem. If the consumers do not execute as premeditated, Autoglass would most probable end up losing financial gain. 3. Diversification: Autoglass has the potentiality to hypothesis a portfolio that may describe the hazards and lessen the decay of economic gain. 4. Market development: Autoglass has become the market frontrunner in the windscreen fitting industry. So, they are going to liftAutoglassbroadly and assurance to capture new clients to boost their market share. Autoglass is in peak point in the industry. In alignment that they will increase the market share with a very steady kind by convincing each existing and promising new customers (Kotler, P., 2000). Autoglass need to set a 4 years development theme according the Ansoff’s development model to satisfy the target. Definition of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Top-Down: A top-down method is mainly the breaking down of a structure to realize perception in the sub-systems (Grant M. R., 2010). Autoglass is consuming this approach in their growth and that they are performing pretty well in following this approach. 8

Bottom-Up: A bottom-up methodology is the piecing of structures to produce intensification to auxiliary clear systems, so apprehending the major systems, sub-systems of the offering system (Grant M. R., 2010). Autoglass is linking this approach in their facility development to influence the customers and they are successful in manipulation of this approach. Behavioral Approach for Autoglass: Autoglass need to go through the top down method to get the best use of the resources in order to keep them on track of leading position in the market. Autoglass is a growing company in the service providing industry. They need to get more developments along with new strategies to grab the diversified market segment. Informal Planning: Informal planning is the process where the leader or the manager of the organization in response of an urgent situation takes an extempore decision without going through any structured way or consulting with the subordinates. This is helpful to decide on the short term objectives of the organization. 1.3 EXPLAIN MINIMUM THREE PLANNING TECHNIQUE FOR AUTOGLASS In order to nurture the industry Autoglass can use three techniques, and they are: 1. BCG Growth Share Matrix Autoglass might point their product in such way wherever they will differentiate their services and maintain synchronization amidst the service portfolio (Wheelen& Hunger, T.L. &J.D., 2013). It will together facilitate Autoglass to range out just once and whereas they could invest throughout a new brand development and to extract all the earnings from the service. 9

Placing goods in the BCG growth share matrix Autoglass will face 4 types of consequences in the market. And they are: I. STARS  The star products are to become cash cows within the longer amount and management can accumulate earnings from the project. This strategy needs high allowance of cash and moreover the governing body wishes to work out the flow of cash among the industry.  This tactic yearns high allowance of cash and what is more the management wishes to selection out the flow of money amidst the industry. II. CASH COWS  From the matrix, we are able to perceive that the products that has stopped growing however still retains a huge amount market share will provide a steady earning. III. DOGS  Management ought to minimize any pointless spending.  Once the products begin to misplace its market share then development rates decline and therefore the products falls into decline stage. The organization has to be compelled to dissociate from the business promptly. IV. QUESTION MARKS  The products that has place along the hazard of being a dog products if it does not flip in any financial gain. 2. Profit Impact of Market Strategy (PIMS) PIMS may possibly be a rather cooperative method to extract information from the information database and support the principles that might be undertaken to grasp comparable advantages. Autoglass would anticipated sustain individuals service minutia and figures in alignment to study their assesses and conceiving procedure in alignment that they will comprise pathway of their accomplishment and implementation of the procedures. 3. Strategic place & activity evaluation Matrix (SPACE) 10

Autoglass could use the SPACE matrix to conduct research on the market demand, company location and yearns to range and find ways in which to serve the market. SPACE matrix has four distinct quadrants which construct academic degree that states the association’s location and jointly the course of undertakings (Wheelen& Hunger, T.L. &J.D., 2013). Autoglass is in a very powerful position among the market. So, they ought to use the aggressive ways to acquire over the market and it will collectively facilitate in determinative the SWOT of the corporation (Kotler, P., 2000). 11

TASK 2 2.1 PRODUCE AN ORGANIZATIONAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS SWOT Analysis Strengths Figure: SWOT Analysis  The safety features in the product are high  Windshields provide visual clarity.  Autoglass provides high quality products at low cost. Weaknesses  Lack of advertisement is present.  Autoglass promotes less of their brand. Opportunities  Autoglass has potentiality to increase the growth rate in a limited time period.  Development of new products creates new opportunities. 12

Threats  Government policies shape the business environment.  Operation in excessive locations is loss of capital. 2.2 CARRY OUT AN ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS USING AT LEAST TWO APPROACHES PESTLE analysis is undertaken to figure out the tactics and theme of the organization and the business to address the appeal of the industry (Kotler, P., 2000). Thus to work in associated business there are variable conditions that ought to be thought of. Corporations can maximize prospects and minimize threats by finishing up PESTLE analysis (Automotive Industry, 2013). PESTLE analysis: Political  Taxation policies affect the business.  Political climate helps to determine the attractiveness of the business.  Government stability is looked for to make the future strategies. Economical  Purchasing capacity of buyers in the industry.  The want for replacing windshield. Socio-cultural  The decision to own an automobile.  Buyer’s lifestyle and preferences are important to make the portfolio. Technological  Technology relating the designs.  Technology of windshield manufacture. 13

Legal  Employment and consumer law is enormously emphasized.  Law concerning safety measures. Environmental  Some things are beyond control of the organizations such as weather, climate and climate change. Porter’s five forces investigation assists the management to work out and realize the general context of the industry (Automotive Industry, 2013). Porter’s five forces are: 1. The threat of new entrants  Product Differentiation: Big corporations creates high entry barrier through their higher level of advertising and promotion.  Access to Distribution Channel: It is the ability to distribute the product in the market and create demand.  Government Policy: Governments can limit entry to an industry through licensing requirements by restricting access to raw materials. 2. The bargaining power of customers  Uniqueness of Supplied Product: In UK industry every manufacturer is bringing some uniqueness in their product.  Purchasing Industries Purchase Behavior: The buyers purchasing behavior is expressed at the time of purchase. The threat of substitute products 3. The threat of substitute  Prices: Prices matter in the industry because buyers shift to the product which is offering high quality yet having low price. 4. The amount of bargaining power suppliers  Purchasing Industries Purchase Behavior: In this industry the companies gives order on large amount of products and purchases huge quantity. 5. The intensity of the competitive rivalry 14

 Capacity: In order to increase capacity the organization has to build large manufacturing plant that will run at full capacity to minimize cost. 2.3 EXPLAIN THE SIGNIFICANCE OF STAKEHOLDERS’ ANALYSIS IN RELATION TO AUTOGLASS The stakeholders’ grid: A. Promoters: It defines the stakeholders who leverage the ways and what is more has high interest. B. Latents: It defines the stakeholders who leverage schemes however has less interest. C. Apathetic: It defines to the Stakeholders who has less interest and rarely leverages the ways. D. Defenders: It defines the stakeholders who have less influence within the strategy creating but has high interest. The stakeholders are arranged in four classifications according to the duties and rights. This classification is formed so that the stakeholders could have a clear idea about their performance for the betterment of the organization. Autoglass has mapped the stakeholders in the organization so that the stakeholders can perform their duty in regard of the organization’s benefit. Figure: Stakeholders’ Grid 15

TASK 3 3.1 ANALYZE POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES STRATEGIES RELATING TO SUBSTANTIVE GROWTH, LIMITED GROWTH AND RETRENCHMENT Market Entry Strategy Organic Growth: When an enterprise association accomplishes development over its own enterprise that is as identical because the starting of the organization, it's renowned as organic development. It omits any development that's profited by pacing into the other enterprise or amalgamation or acquisition. Merger: Merger is that the method by two enterprises gets united and turns into one entity through lawful consolidation. The start of Autoglass was through such amalgamation Acquisition: This is the method where one exact enterprise buys another whole enterprise and assemblies up itself because the proprietor. All through this method 100% or beside 100% ownership craves to be arriving by. Strategic Alliance: This is the method while 2 or more businesses acquiesce upon kind of prevalent objectives and share every other’s assets to fulfill those objectives. This approach is wholeheartedly a notion that resides between the notion of organic development and connecting or acquisition. Licensing: It is the design through that a mother enterprise (licensor) permits another enterprise (licensee) to use its trademark and deal the merchandise or services on the groundwork of affirmations on numerous time spans. The time span adopts the authorizing ascribe that desires to be paid to the licensor. Franchising: It is the conceive, through that an enterprise profits from the correct to use another company’s trademark, enterprise type, procedures while the franchisor 16

provision the correct to the franchisee. For getting market share overseas, Autoglass may use this approach by circulation franchises in distinct locations. Substantive Growth Vertical Integration: In integration a business connections with the enterprises or partners of the offer string of links and in some situations all the partners of the string of attachments comprise below one proprietor (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). Autoglass would possibly provide work into integration by connecting with the suppliers and vendors. Horizontal Integration: In degree integration an enterprise diversity or comes by yield facility of affiliated or complementary merchandise (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). rarely it's going to additionally happen that a company purchases one amidst its competitors and pattern integration. Autoglass would likely pattern such integration by connecting with alternate output that's affiliated with its house merchandise. Related Diversification: When an enterprise elaborates its enterprise with some diversification interior the house line of merchandise (Isen, Alice M., 2012). The new productions rectangle consider alike to the current merchandise. Unrelated Diversification: It is the method once an enterprise new workers into diversification by inserting new merchandise and services that doesn’t accept as factual the house merchandise (Isen, Alice M., 2012). It will be unrelated diversification if Autoglass starts mercantilism house window crystal or attractiveness mirrors. Limited Growth Product Development: It means that developing new merchandise that do not live presently and so appealing customers to get an allotment of diversity of merchandise or services. Innovation: It proposes that searching out a solely new would like of the shoppers inside the market and innovating replacement merchandise or service to rendezvous that require. 17

Market Penetration: It means that penetrating the comparable market by giving comparable worth against the worth of the competitors. This approach is committed to instantly strike the competitors by benefiting their customers. It’s normally utilized to complete sales development. Market Development: It proposes that aiming at new person’s phases and appealing the non-buying customers of that segment. It assists to extend the market share by supplementing new part of shoppers. It’s promise for Autoglass to develop the market by geographically expanding the enterprise and returning to the shoppers. Disinvestment: Liquidation: When a firm is terminated or bankrupted, its assets rectangle measure noted and furthermore the improvement buys creditors. Any leftovers are circulated to shareholders. Liquidating a firm is that the last stage of the firm’s survival. If no alternate concepts befit the organizations then it should deal its assets then ante up the shareholders and stakeholders. Divestment: The method of withdrawal of buying into. Furthermore mentioned to as divestiture, it's created for either economic or communal goals. Divestment is that the converse of buying into. It the tactic of dragging out the assets operational and agreements those to rendezvous the gap within the monetary affairs and so as to liquidate the association divestment is important for any association. Retrenchment: A topic utilized by companies to scale back the variety or the last size of the methods of the business. This scheme is usually utilized so as to slash prices with the aim of changing into an added economic steady enterprise. Turn around: Turnaround may be a technique dedicated to enterprise renewal. It utilizes investigation and progressing to save caused anguish companies and returns them to financial condition. Turnaround administration enlists administration rethink, activity founded mostly cost accounting, source malfunction determinants enquiry, and SWOT investigation to work out why the enterprise is lowering short. So as to pattern a comeback inside the enterprise associations got to verify the base of the adversities and 18

supported those adversities they have to pattern up new methods and standards to trounce those issues. Porter’s Generic Strategy Michael Porter processed the ways that are helpful in business. Corporations can use these ways that to realize comparable advantages (Kotler, P., 2000).And they are: 1. Overall Cost Leadership 2. Differentiation 3. Focal Point Overall Cost Leadership From the case it might be deduced that Autoglass is going after cost leadership strategy that allows them to produce services in the minimum costs (Kotler, P., 2000). It is advantageous to attract a large amount of consumers and enter within the new market. Differentiation Cost authority entirely will not adept to facilitate a business to relish within the market (Kotler, P., 2000). Differentiation is important to assemble different services for catching other customers. The Autoglass is giving 24/7 client services to differentiate them from the others. Focal Point To speed up the organizations growth within the industry firms ought to aim to specific goals (Kotler, P., 2000). Autoglass is specializing in aiding the customers and delight them for his or her money worth. Autoglass has become the foremost productive windscreen repairing or substitution service supplier. 19

3.2 SELECT AN APPROPRIATE FUTURE STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS In alignment to perplex the market segment Autoglass enterprise needs new notions and new constituents which can be cooperative for them to flourish the market. So considering future conceive they can investigate their market need and come to to to up with some development of the new merchandise to diversify their services and arrest a new market segment. Autoglass should be following the upright integration conceive to augment their enterprise. They can accelerate with coalition with automakers to apprehend the new market segment. Autoglass is in a strong location and they might be proficient to accelerate with the coalition with new associations. Because this conceive is befitting for the associations development and their centre capabilities acquiesce with the conceive. Coalition with affiliated associations will endow Autoglass to put more aim on the customer’s fondness and can develop new merchandise class to fulfill the craves of the customers. Only beginning new merchandise line and expanding the market will not solely help the Autoglass enterprise to perplex in the market. Autoglass should wholeheartedly reassess the answer of the customers so that they might realise what the customers are looking for and to what degree of acceptance customer’s crave. The Autoglass is at present have a 92% acceptance rate amidst the customers. But with expansion of the enterprise the acceptance rate might fluctuate and Autoglass need to assemble a timescale for the new goals and elongation of the new services. contemplating the place in the enterprise, Autoglass can supply a 5 quarters conceive that will be plentiful for Autoglass to argue up with the affray and sustain coalition with the automakers to perplex the enterprise. Autoglass can standard next 5 quarters to obey with notions they have taken and fulfill the firm promise to the customers. 20

TASK 4 4.1 COMPARE THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION OF AUTOGLASS Implementation of the guidelines inside the association is compulsory and it brings a certainsignificance for the organization’s wellbeing (Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012). Within the submission of the tactics it indicates to the tactics that area unit picked and thought of to receive revenue for the organization. Seeing the tactics are well expressed and verified to establish if those policies are unit appropriate or not (Purchase Behavior, 2013). If the strategies flop to realize vital score then it's crooked down and thought of as unfruitful one. Autoglass need to practice in serious straining processes of the strategies to seize and preserve the market share. CEO of a company is accountable for turning the views into reality and producing a mark inside the business (Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012). To use economical and operational strategies all the teams intimatein the organization are united in the least periods of the viewing platform and plan of action call which ends up in a very well rational set up and also the broadening or modification of the practices are possible (Schultz, H.2006). Autoglass management should compute the selling and sales ways to double-check the best market share and sales. The sales cluster ought to be developed throughout a means which will continue with the affray inside the market. Productive advertisements in relevant localities would probably facilitate an allotment throughout this consider. The centre competencies should to be clearly concentrated to attractiveness the shoppers. In order to attain the targeted market portion clear and trustworthy statements are required. Communal visualizing are well required in classifying and reviewing the grounds, bases of the guidelines and recommend actions (Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). 21

Managers have to encourage and influence the workforces to accomplish the guidelines that are established expeditiously and effectively. Satisfying the mark, achievement can end in operative satisfaction and coherence in job atmosphere. 4.2 EVALUATE RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS TO IMPLEMENT A NEW STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS In association to anticipate the assets of Autoglass, the organization have to select exact elements and place them in the authentic division to convey the services. Autoglass has highlighted its human assets as a consequence it became the best service seller of windscreens (Autoglass Company). Autoglass in addition has fleet mending units that assist man power. So Autoglassdevote lots in counseling and evolving the skillfulness of the workforce In thought of elements and time share Autoglass is that the pioneer within the business as an outcome of their remedy the foremost effective materials to affirm the durability and security of the customers and put together maintaining time in delivering the service. 4.3 DISCUSS TARGETS AND TIMESCALES FOR ACHIEVEMENT FOR AUTOGLASS TO MONITOR A GIVEN STRATEGY Evaluation of the benchmark outcomes: Quarter Company need to bring up with the new strategies and look for the 1 feasibility of the new strategies whether the strategies would show in the desired outcome. They could take the response of the customers and determine what else the customers are looking for in case of the windscreen repairing and replacing service. There have to be weekly and monthly monitory working by the managers of the brunch. Quarter 2 During the other period Autoglass need to review their customer’s feedback as well as they need to implement the desired strategies to expand their business. 22

The managers are responsible for collecting those feedbacks and take actions towards it. Quarter 3 This is the quarter to gather information and collects research notes on the executed strategies. The management has to find out gaps between the estimated outcomes in response with the actual outcome. The GAP may occur because of the lack of coordination or immaturity of the employees as well as the managers. Quarter 4 Management is bound to organize more training programs to fill up the gap. Thus the employees are able to achieve the organizational goal by the desired manner. Quarter 5 Through this quarter the company may achieve the expected results based on the strategy making and the implementation method. If management fails in achieving their objectives through the decided strategies, then they could initiate new actions based on information like training methods of the employees or rapid providing supporting hands to them. Table: Evaluation of the outcomes CONCLUSION As a market leader Autoglass has set a new standard of services to its customers. This example cannot be done without teamwork and Autoglass shows that they have a huge number of qualified and efficient workers by whom they have achieved which was once unimaginable in this industry. Their customer satisfaction rate is envious for a service company of the world. Their technological initiation was thrilling for the customers. Now-a-day they are trying to expand their market and it may cause those facing new challenges but in order to become a global market leader every company should accept any kind of challenges. 23

REFERENCES Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012, 'Corporate Wikis: The Impact of Autoglasss in the Windscreen industry, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 87-116. Autoglass Company. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 15 November, 2013]. Automotive Industry: Market Research Reports, Statistics and Analysis. 2013. Automotive Industry: Market Research Reports, Statistics and Analysis. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 6 October, 2013]. Dessler, G., 2000. Human Resource Management. 5th ed. Delhi: Pearson. Gómez, L, & Ballard, D., 2013, 'Communication for the Long Term: Information Allocation and Collective Reflexivity as Dynamic Capabilities', Journal Of Business Communication, vol. 50, no. 2, pp. 208-220 Grant M. R., (2010) – Contemporary Strategy Analysis,, Wiley Higher Ed; 7th edition. Gundala, R, Jack, A, & Gomes, R., 2012, International Journal Of Business, Marketing, & Decision Science, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 35-50. Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009, Change Management and Its preparation', Economics & Management, pp. 407-412. Kotler, P., 2000. Marketing Management. 5th ed. New Delhi: Prentice hall of India. Schultz, H.(2006). Discover the Traits of Top Management [online]. s.n. Available from: [accessed September 26, 2013]. Wheelen& Hunger, T.L. &J.D., 2013. Strategic Management and Business Policy. 5 th ed. Delhi: Pearson. 24

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