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Published on March 9, 2014

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SUMMARY AND FINDINGS Research has exposed that Autoglassclients are much satisfied than the competitors and they have also displayed that they are the finest in the service businessrelating to the banking and retailing sectors. Autoglass is winning the emotions of their clientsover their service area and also won a series of rewards for being the best windscreen replacement enterprise among the competition. Autoglass has conveyedoutstanding compilation of services and their products. They are heading for much greater market segment and going up in a steady step by starting from only a minor family business to possess 500 outlets in all over the Europe. Autoglass focused mostly on the client‟s satisfaction and how to uphold the services efficiently. Autoglass‟sattention on the client‟s satisfaction has made the inventor in this area of servicing windscreen. From the circumstance and study on Autoglass it can be inferred that Auto glass is in a good position to confront the competition and face the new encounters that will come in the future. 2|Page

Table of Contents Summary and Findings .............................................................................................. 2 Task 1 ........................................................................................................................ 4 1.1 EXPLAIN THE ROLE OF STRATEGY, MISSION, VISIONS, OBJECTIVE, GOALS AND CORE COMPETENCIES OF AUTOGLASS ..................................... 4 1.2 REVIEW THE VITAL ISSUES INVOLVED IN STRATEGIC PLANNING IN AUTOGLASS ......................................................................................................... 5 1.3 EXPLAIN MINIMUM THREE PLANNING TECHNIQUE FOR AUTOGLASS ... 8 Task 2 ...................................................................................................................... 11 2.1 PRODUCE AN ORGANIZATIONAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS .................... 11 2.2 CARRY OUT AN ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS USING AT LEAST TWO APPROACHES ............................................................................... 12 2.3 EXPLAIN THE SIGNIFICANCE OF STAKEHOLDERS‟ ANALYSIS IN RELATION TO AUTOGLASS............................................................................... 15 Task 3 ...................................................................................................................... 16 3.1 ANALYZE POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES STRATEGIES RELATING TO SUBSTANTIVE GROWTH, LIMITED GROWTH AND RETRENCHMENT .......... 16 3.2 SELECT AN APPROPRIATE FUTURE STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS ...... 20 Task 4 ...................................................................................................................... 21 4.1 COMPARE THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION OF AUTOGLASS ................................................................. 21 4.2 EVALUATE RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS TO IMPLEMENT A NEW STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS........................................................................... 21 4.3 DISCUSS TARGETS AND TIMESCALES FOR ACHIEVEMENT FOR AUTOGLASS TO MONITOR A GIVEN STRATEGY ............................................ 23 Conclusion ............................................................................................................... 24 References .............................................................................................................. 25 3|Page

TASK 1 1.1 EXPLAIN THE MISSION, ROLE OF STRATEGY, OBJECTIVE, VISIONS, GOALS AND CORE COMPETENCIES OF AUTOGLASS Mission of the AutoglassCompany A mission statement is a declaration of the resolution of a company (Grant M. R., 2010). The operation of AutoglassCompany is the pleasure of the customers. The AutoglassCompanydelivers the best windscreen facilities. This goal of satisfying the clients of AutoglassCompanyindications them to plan the visions of their organization (Autoglass Company). Vision of the AutoglassCompany The AutoglassCompany sets its vision in concern with the goal to deliver the maximum level of customer facility in the industry (Grant M. R., 2010). They have by now established a widespread network to aid the customer and take a 92% satisfactory rate amongst the customers. Autoglass is rising day by day and this policy will assist them to describe the tacticallimitations of the firm (Autoglass Company). Core Competency A core competency is a conception of theory that lay down the issues that a business sees as principal to the method the business or its employees work (Grant M. R., 2010). The core competency of the AutoglassCompany is that they can repair or switchevery kind of cracked or damaged glass of any model. Autoglass is supplying fleet services to the clients to repair or switch any kind of cracked or damaged glass (Autoglass Company). 4|Page

Strategic Intent: The notion of strategic intent suggests that there's a general outlook on while the enterprise should to be going instead of a unquestionable affirmation of aide in Nursing foreseen conclusion and this proposes that there should to be galore of flexibility central the affirmation to allow for workers start, cluster help and adaptation in light-weight of altered attenuating components (Hoffman, K. Douglas, Scott W. Kelley, and Holly M. Rotalsky.2009). The strategic intent of Autoglass is to ascertain itself because the market foremost wholeheartedly. They are doing all the undertakings to stay foremost. Role of Strategy of Autoglass: The foremost task in strategic administration is often the compilation and dissemination of the illusion and therefore the method affirmation. This summarizes, in essence, the comprehending of a business (Hoffman, K. Douglas, Scott W. Kelley, and Holly M. Rotalsky.2009). Autoglass has assembled their purposes in theme conceiving in an exceedingly approach that the notions maintain an unquestionable time span centralized the execution (Autoglass Company). Objective and goals of Autoglass: The foremost aim of Autoglass is to direct their purchaser by fixing or refurbishing broken windshield of any vehicle. The aim of Autoglass is to pattern their enterprise augment and help the worldwide persons (Autoglass Company). They are increasing their enterprise by being triumphant the hearts of the purchasers. 1.2 REVIEW THE VITAL ISSUES INVOLVED IN STRATEGIC PLANNING IN AUTOGLASS There are a small number ofmatters that need to be spoken in concern to planning strategies (Grant M. R., 2010). Given the circumstances in the case we can enquiry the competitive benefits of Autoglass. 5|Page

Competitive advantage of Autoglass Autoglass is currently a major service supplier of windscreen. At presentthey have captured a gigantic market segment with their diverse types of facility (Autoglass Company). Autoglass is rising and it would be useful to examine the modest advantage they have. In instruction to do so, we can use the Ansoff‟s Growth Matrix (Armstrong, G., & Kotler, P., 2006). Existing Product Existing Market New Market New Product Market Penetration Product Development Market Development Diversification Figure: Ansoff‟s Model 6|Page

Ansoff‟s Growth Matrix is a marketing implement that proposes four substitutions (Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). As we already learned from the circumstance that Autoglass has amplified its market share and it consumes acapacity to assist 1 million client having problem with windscreen. So, based on the skillsAutoglass can deliver customers with current product as well as presenting a new product of side view mirrors. In the matrix with four approaches lie different risks. The strategies are: 1. Market penetration –A market scheme herewith an enterprise searches for to recognize larger dominance in the market all through which they already are giving (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). This conceives normally focuses on apprehending a larger share of aide degree living market. all through this part Autoglass will boost its market segments by enterprise an allotment of their merchandise and apply an allotment of customers 2. Product development – In this strategy Autoglass can convey “side view mirror” a new product to the current market of windscreen to capture more customers. 3. Market development – This strategy states to the fulfillment of new customer assemblies. Autoglass can upsurge their market segments to capture new customers. 4. Diversification – This strategy is used to prevent the threats by announcing new product in new marketplace to blowout the risks related with older one. AutoglassCompany has enormousprospects in the market. They can risethe progress rate promptly by satisfying the customer, attaining and retaining them. They can set goals for three years to attain more clients and develop new products that are appropriate to the market and constructing demand (Kotler, P., 2000). Throughout the targeted period the AutoglassCompany should line up its geographic region; where they will generate a vast market and they should define the principles for selecting awell-organized service provider who will provide quality products. 7|Page

Definition of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Informal Planning:informal planning is that the procedures while the supervisor or foremost of an assembly develops an inspiration with no one accepted structure and rigid associations (Grant M.R. 2010). Certain as exploding instant things managers use this approach while it's conditionally significant to conceive any prescribed structure of close to up with or the timeline for conceiving isn't ample. It‟s significant to command short allowance objectives of the organization. Top-Down: A top-down approach is basically the breaking down of a method to gain awareness into its compositional sub-systems (Grant M. R., 2010).Autoglass is prosperous in using the method in their product improvement. Bottom-Up: A bottom-up approach is the patching together of schemes to give growth to more compound systems, accordingly making the original systems subsystems of the developing system (Grant M. R., 2010).Autoglass is prosperous in using this method to deliver the facilities to the customers. Behavioral Approach for Autoglass: Autoglass should to approach centered the top-down procedure in alignment to capitalize their assets and to handle the affray inside the future. Autoglass could be a growing enterprise central the enterprise and therefore the service they're undertaking won't be decent for them to comprise on to the location interior the market. They have to reach to up with some developments for his or her merchandise and market in alignment that they could a wide-ranging marketplace for the purchasers. 1.3 EXPLAIN MINIMUM THREE PLANNING TECHNIQUE FOR AUTOGLASS 1. BCG Growth Share Matrix Autoglass can split their merchandises in such a fashion where they can place in order their products and achieveaninteraction in the portfolio (Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). This matrix displays the organization 4 kinds of magnitudes that will be challenged by an 8|Page

organization(Gudonaviciene, R, &Rutelione, A., 2009). It also aids the organization to distinguish when to invest in the current product, when to separate all wages from the market segment and when to emphasis on a new commercial venture. Placing goods in the BCG growth share matrix Autoglass will face 4 types of consequences in the market. And they are: A. Stars: High Growth and High Market Share It needs a great measure of cash for which directors need to take choices from which the cash will be created and used. If managers can make the business money-making and uphold a stable market segment then it will outcome in the cash cow and the Corporation can gather cash from the business. B. Cash Cows: Low Growth but High Market Share The product will achieve low progression in the marketplace but it will have the maximum market share from which the association will turn in profits and maintain revenue. C. Dogs: Low Growth and Low Market Share The time when the product gradually stops to make any kind of returns, the organization should slowlydeprive from the project to jump another. The organization must also be cautious of suffering any unnecessary costs. D. Question Marks: High Growth but Low Market Share It specifies to the products that are recentlypresented in the market and will slowly earn mass approval. It similarly has the hazard of making a Dog product. If the market segment is not amplified gradually then it would sustain loss for the association. 2. Strategic Position & Action Evaluation Matrix (SPACE) 9|Page

Autoglass can similarly use the SPACE scheduling technique to recognize the market necessities and function in order to enlarge the operation. This matrix has four quadrants representing the places of the business association and how to respondfor that reason (Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). In attention to Autoglass‟splace in the marketplace they can use forceful strategy. It can similarly used as the base for SWOT inquiry. 3. Profit Impact of Market Strategy (PIMS) It is a kind of catalogue which delivers concrete mark to support strategies and principles for purchasing and sustaining competitive advantage (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). Autoglass would probably maintain person‟s service data in alignment to research their values and designing procedure in alignment that they will hold pathway of their accomplishment and implementation of the procedures. 10 | P a g e

TASK 2 2.1 PRODUCE AN ORGANIZATIONAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS SWOT Analysis Strengths • Low cost • Safety • Visual Clarity • Avoiding further damage Opportunities • Increasing growth rate • High presence in emerging economy • New Product SWOT Weaknesses • Less promotion of the brand • Lack of advertisement Strengths Threats • Suppliers Competition • Geographic Location • Government Policy Figure: SWOT Analysis Autoglass is providing a premium facility at low cost. The safety structures in the product are high. The swapped or repaired windscreen delivers the high visual clarity The glasses replaced or fixed by Autoglass is skilful of reducing auxiliary damage. Weaknesses Autoglass is hesitant in promoting the brand. Lack of commercial is present in the AutoglassCompany 11 | P a g e

Opportunities Autoglass has the chance to upsurge the growth rate in the business as fewer companies are providing such services. It is highly present in the developing economy and has a gigantic opportunity to snatch the market. As Autoglass is repairing and changing the windscreen, they can likewisegrow new product such as side view mirrors or rear view mirrors. Threats Suppliers‟ rivalry is vast in the industry. It is challenging to regulate the quality supplier. Geographic position is a common risk to any industry if it is not positioned in the proper market. The government strategies play a dynamic role in affecting the business market. 2.2 CARRY OUT AN ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT FOR AUTOGLASS USING AT LEAST TWO APPROACHES PESTLE study helps any association to understand the situation of the atmosphere where the association will operate (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). It is difficult for every single organization to disturb the factors. It impacts the strategic conclusions that will be engaged by an organization(Gudonaviciene, R, &Rutelione, A., 2009). PESTLE aids the organization to make the most ofprospects and minimize dangers. PESTLE analysis Political Political climate varies from countries to countries and the policies impacts the business strategies. 12 | P a g e

Stability of governments. This may disturb the upcomingsituations in a country. Taxation policies. Economical The purchasing capacity of people effects the procurements of the organization. Level of commercial activity that affects need for windscreen. Socio-cultural Standard of living and fondness of people impacts the industry. Social norms that influence the decision to possess and use automobiles against other means of transport. Technological Technology involving the designs. Technology of windscreen manufacture. Technological growths that may increase or decrease repair or swap of windscreen. Legal Legal provisions relating to security measures. Law concerningcustomer and employment is extremely emphasized. Environmental Environmental features such as weather, climate and climate change can affect in the business. Porter‟s 5 forces study is a type of study which defines and helps the administration to realize the complete context of the business (Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G., 2006). Porter‟s 5 forces are: 13 | P a g e

1. The threat of new entrants Economies of Scale: This means balance economies in the manufacture. In this industry, this is normally a very small threat Access to Distribution Channel: It is the capability to allocate the product in the marketplace and create demand. Government Policy: Governments can bound entry to an industry overauthorizing requirements by controlling access to raw materials. 2. The bargaining power of customers Number of supplier Companies: The number of supplier companies pedals the procuring power of the consumers. Threat of Backward Integration: A consumer has the potential to incorporate backward by creating the product itself. 3. The threat of substitute products Prices: Prices matter in the business because consumers shift to the product which is proposing high class yet having low price. Access: Access in the business for buyers has come to be much easier than it stayed in the beginning. 4. The amount of bargaining power suppliers have Number of Buyer Companies: The amount of companies who are acquiring raw materials for built-up windscreen from number of suppliers. Threat of forward Integration:Provider can participate with clients to produce the similar product. 5. The intensity of the competitive rivalry Number of Competitors: the number of participants is moderately low in this industry. Rate of Industry Growth: the industry has vast growth potentiality. Diversity of Rivals: The opponents with new and different ideas of challenging will likely irritated each other‟s track and challenge other‟s position. 14 | P a g e

2.3 EXPLAIN THE SIGNIFICANCE OF STAKEHOLDERS’ ANALYSIS IN RELATION TO AUTOGLASS The Stakeholders’ Grid: Figure: Stakeholders‟ Grid 1. The top right part denotes to the stakeholders who impacts the policies and stimulate the products. 2. The top left part denotes to the stakeholder who impacts strategies but they posses‟ low attention in the organization. 3. The bottom right part denotes to the stakeholders who have high attention but low stimulus in the organization. 4. The bottom left part denotes to the stakeholders who have low stimulus and low attention in the organization. The shareholders are kept in four arrangements so that each shareholder has their precise privileges and responsibilities in address of the creation the thoughts for the connotation which will be focused for the benefit of the association. 15 | P a g e

TASK 3 3.1 ANALYZE POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVES STRATEGIES RELATING TO LIMITED GROWTH,SUBSTANTIVE GROWTH AND RETRENCHMENT Market Entry Strategy OrganicGrowth: once associate degree enterprise association accomplishes development over its own enterprise that's as equal as a result of the beginning of the organization, it's far-famed as organic development. It omits any development that is profited by pacing into the opposite enterprise or uniting or acquisition. Merger: Merger is that the tactic by 2 enterprises gets united and turns into one entity through lawful consolidation. the beginning of Autoglass was through such uniting Acquisition: this can be the tactic wherever one correct enterprise buys another entire enterprise and assemblies up itself as a result of the owner. during this procedure 100% or adjacent 100% possession craves to be reaching by. Strategic Alliance: this can be the procedure whereas two or additional enterprises accede upon reasonably common objectives and share each other‟s assets to meet those objectives. This approach is wholeheartedly a thought that resides between the thought of organic development and connecting or acquisition. Licensing: it's the conceive through that a mother enterprise (licensor) permits another enterprise (licensee) to use its trademark and deal the merchandise or services on the groundwork of affirmations on varied time spans. The time span adopts the authorizing judge that needs to be paid to the licensor. Franchising: it's the conceive, through that associate degree enterprise earnings from the proper to use another company‟s trademark, enterprise kind, procedures whereas the franchisor provision the proper to the franchisee. For obtaining market 16 | P a g e

share overseas, Autoglass could use this approach by circulation franchises in distinct locations. SubstantiveGrowth VerticalIntegration: In integration a business connections with the enterprises or partners of the provide string of links and in some things all the partners of the string of attachments comprise below one owner (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). Autoglass might give work into integration by connecting with the suppliers and vendors. UnrelatedDiversification: it's the tactic once associate degree enterprise new employees into diversification by inserting new merchandise and services that doesn‟t settle for as factual the house merchandise (Isen, Alice M., 2012). it'll be unrelated diversification if Autoglass starts mercantilism house window crystal or attractiveness mirrors. HorizontalIntegration: In degree integration associate degree enterprise diversity or comes by yield facility of related to or complementary merchandise (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). seldom it's progressing to to boot happen that a corporation purchases one amidst its competitors and pattern integration. Autoglass would possible pattern such integration by connecting with alternate output that is related to with its house merchandise. RelatedDiversification: once associate degree enterprise elaborates its enterprise with some diversification interior the house line of merchandise (Isen, Alice M., 2012). The new productions parallelogram take into account alike to the present merchandise. LimitedGrowth MarketPenetration: It implies that penetrating the comparable market by giving comparable price against the price of the competitors. This approach is committed to instantly strike the competitors by benefiting their customers. It‟s usually utilised to finish sales development. 17 | P a g e

MarketDevelopment: It proposes that aiming at new person‟s phases and appealing the non-buying customers of that phase. It assists to increase the market share by supplementing new a part of shoppers. It‟s promise for Autoglass to develop the market by geographically increasing the enterprise and returning to the consumers. ProductDevelopment: It implies that developing new merchandise that don't live presently then appealing customers to urge associate degree allotment of diversity of merchandise or services. Innovation: It proposes that seeking out a alone new would really like of the consumers within the market and innovating replacement merchandise or service to rendezvous that need. Disinvestment: Retrenchment: a subject utilised by firms to reduce the variability or the last size of the strategies of the business. This theme is {sometimes} utilised so on slash costs with the aim of fixing into an extra economic steady enterprise. Turnaround: fliparound is also a method dedicated to enterprise renewal. It utilizes investigation and getting to save caused anguish firms and returns them to economic condition. Turnaround administration enlists administration rethink, activity based principally accountancy, supply malfunction determinants enquiry, and SWOT investigation to figure out why the enterprise is lowering short. therefore on pattern a comeback within the enterprise associations have to be compelled to verify the bottom of the adversities and supported those adversities they need to pattern up new strategies and standards to trounce those problems. Liquidation: once a firm is terminated or bankrupted, its assets parallelogram live noted and what is more the development buys creditors. Any leftovers ar circulated to shareholders. Liquidating a firm is that the last stage of the firm‟s survival. If no alternate ideas tally the organizations then it ought to deal its assets then pay the shareholders and stakeholders. 18 | P a g e

Divestment: the tactic of withdrawal of shopping for into. what is more mentioned to as divestiture, it's created for either economic or communal goals. Divestment is that the converse of shopping for into. It the plan of action of dragging out the assets operational and agreements those to rendezvous the gap among the financial affairs then on liquidate the association divestment is very important for any association. Porter’sGenericStrategy Michael Porter pronounced a scheming that holds three overall strategies which are cast-off by companies to gain the modestadvantage (Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G., 2006). The generic strategies are: 1. Overall Cost Leadership 2. Differentiation 3. Focal Point Overall Cost Leadership According to the state of affairs mentioned in the case, the Autoglass Company uses the cost leadership tactic to enter the marketplace and it is serving to seize more clienteles than the participants (Kotler, P., 2000). Differentiation Only cost leadership cannot aid an organization to fanfare their business. The organizations requires to put differentiations (Kotler, P., 2000). The Autoglass Company differentiated their facility by presenting 24/7 customer counselling actions and the fleet servicing. Focal Point Autoglass is the market leading light and best service supplier in the UK marketplace in fixing and replacing windscreen. They are currently concentrating on the consumer pleasure and the facilities they are providing (Kotler, P., 2000). Figure: Porter‟s Generic Strategy 19 | P a g e

3.2 SELECT AN APPROPRIATE FUTURE STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS In alignment to amaze the exchange delivery Autoglass activity needs new notions and new accoutrement which can be all-around for them to coil the market. So advertent abutting acquire they can enquire their exchange allegation and arise to up with some development of the new article to adapt their casework and apprehend a new exchange segment. Autoglass should be after the artsy amalgamation acquire to augment their enterprise. They can advanced with amalgamation with automakers to apprehend the new exchange segment. Autoglass is in a bang-up address and they adeptness be able to advance with the amalgamation with new associations. Because this acquire is befitting for the associations development and their centre capabilities acquire with the conceive. Amalgamation with affiliated associations will accordance Autoglass to put added aim on the customer‟s amore and can beforehand new article chichi to achieve the craves of the customers. Only alpha new article bandage and accession the exchange will not abandoned admonition the Autoglass activity to amaze in the market. Autoglass should candid adapt the acceptance of the bargain so that they adeptness accede what the bargain are adorable for and to what bulk of accepting customer‟s crave. The Autoglass is at present acquire a 92% accepting bulk amidst the customers. But with addition of the activity the accepting bulk adeptness adapt and Autoglass allegation to accrue a timescale for the new goals and addition of the new services. Advertent the breadth in the enterprise, Autoglass can accession a 5 address acquire that will be abounding for Autoglass to altercate up with the affray and beforehand amalgamation with the automakers to amaze the enterprise. Autoglass can accustomed abutting 5 address to obey with concepts they acquire taken and achieve the abutting affiance to the customers. 20 | P a g e

TASK 4 4.1 COMPARE THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION OF AUTOGLASS Execution of the tactic in the business is very significant and it brings a distinct signification for the organization‟s revenue. In the execution of the policies it specifies to the policies that are selected and measured to earn return for the organization (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). In the strategic phase the policies are studied and the viability of the policies is confirmed to see if those policies are realworld or not (Ivanauskiene, N.&Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). If the policies fail to achieveimportant score then it is twisted down and measured as unfertile one. Autoglass is essential to use broad filtering actions of the policies to seize and hold the market share. CEO of an organization is accountable for rotating the notions into certainty and makes a scratch in the industry (Schultz, H., 2006). To apply proficient and effective policies all the assemblies in the organization are combined at all phases of the policy making and strategicchoice which results in a well lucid plan and the expansion or modification of the policies are possible. In edict to attain the embattled market share rich and reliable declarations are necessary. Mutualconceptions are essential in identifying and testing the hypotheses, centers of the policies and intend actions. Autoglass administration should compute the affairs and sales agency to doublecheck the best bazaar allocation and sales. The sales array care to be developed throughout a agency which will abide with the affray central the market. Productive advertisements in accordant localities would apparently facilitate an allocation throughout this consider. The centre competencies should to be acutely concentrated to affability the shoppers. 21 | P a g e

Managers charge to affect and advice the workforces to assassinate the strategies that are booty on calmly and finer (Michael A., 1999). Nourishing the ambition ability will aftereffect in agent accomplishment and accuracy in job environment. 4.2 EVALUATE RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS TO IMPLEMENT A NEW STRATEGY FOR AUTOGLASS In order to calculate the resources of Autoglass, the association needs to pick the exactresources and place them in the right divisions to produce the facilities (Michael A., 1999). Autoglass has line up its human resources because as it is a service provider of windscreens and needs a vast man power to encounter the demand of the clients. Autoglassat present has 159 customer consultants working 24/7 to meet the customer‟splea. Autoglass also has fleet servicing which needs man power as well and they are watchful about their work force. So Autoglass is spending massive amount in teaching and developing the abilities of the staffs to deliver the best facility in the industry. Autoglasspreserve the highest standard of NVQ (Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012). In contemplation of materials and time distributionAutoglass is the topCompany in the business because they are expending the best materials to confirm the stability and safety of the consumers and also upholding time in distributing the service. In the given scenario the AutoglassCompany is efficient in their resource planning and evaluating the resources thoroughly to provide the best service. 22 | P a g e

4.3 DISCUSS TARGETS AND TIMESCALES FOR ACHIEVEMENT FOR AUTOGLASS TO MONITOR A GIVEN STRATEGY Evaluation of the benchmark outcomes: Quarter 1 The company should be bring up with the strategies and find out the feasibility of the strategies whether the strategies would reflect in the expected outcome. They can take the feedback of the customers and find out what else they are looking for in the windscreen repairing service. There should be weekly and monthly monitoring by the line managers of the divisions. Quarter 2 During the period Autoglass should review the customer‟s feedback and implement the desired plan to expand the business. The line managers should be responsible for collecting the feedbacks and acting towards it. Quarter 3 This is the quarter of gathering information and takes research note on the implemented strategies. The management should find out the gap between the expected outcome and actual outcome. The GAP might occur because of lack of coordination or inefficiency of the employees and line managers. Quarter 4 Management should organize a training program to fill in the gap. So that the employees can achieve the organization goal in desired manner. Quarter 5 In this quarter the organization might achieve the desired results based on the strategy making and the implementation method. If the management fails to achieve the objectives through the strategies, then they have to initiate actions based on information like training the employees or providing support to them. Table: Evaluation of the outcomes 23 | P a g e

CONCLUSION As a bazaar baton Autoglass has set a new accepted of casework to its consumers. This archetype cannot be done after accord and Autoglass shows that they accept a huge cardinal of able and able workers by whom they accept accomplished which was already unconceivable in this industry. Their customer achievement amount is appetent for a account aggregation of the world. Their abstruse admission was blood-tingling for the clienteles. Now-a-day they are aggravating to access their bazaar and it may account those adverse new challenges but in adjustment to become an all-around bazaar spearhead every aggregation should accept any affectionate of challenges. 24 | P a g e

REFERENCES Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012, 'Corporate Wikis: The Impact of Autoglasss in the Windscreen industry, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 87-116. Armstrong, G., & Kotler, P. (2006). Marketing:An introduction (8thEd.). New York: Prentice Hall.Addmour, H., &Ayish, H. (2005). The influence of marketing service mixed. Jordan University Journal, 1, 143-156 Autoglass Company. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 23 October, 2013]. Grant M. R., (2010) – Contemporary Strategy Analysis,, Wiley Higher Ed; 7th edition. Gudonaviciene, R, &Rutelione, A 2009, „Deciding the way of communication, 'Corporate Communication: A Strategic Tool for Crisis Management', Journal Of Economic Development, Management, IT, Finance & Marketing, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 55-67iors', Economics & Management, pp. 397-406. Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009, Change Management and Its preparation', Economics & Management, pp. 407-412. Kotler, P., 2000. Marketing Management.5th Ed. New Delhi: Prentice hall of India. Melody, Y. & Kevin, H. 2000.“Market Strategies” Decision Support Systems.Vol no. 27, Pp 368-378. Michael A. (1999) A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice.9th Ed. London: Schultz, H. (2006). Discover the Traits of Top Management [online]. s.n. Available from: [Accessed October 29, 2013]. 25 | P a g e

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