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Published on March 9, 2014

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An Assignment on Business Strategy Submitted by: Name: ID: Submitted to: Date of submission:

Table of Contents Executive Summary .................................................................................................................. 2 Task 1 ........................................................................................................................................ 3 1.1 Explain the role of strategy, mission, visions, objective, goals and core competencies of Autoglass............................................................................................................................... 3 1.2 Review the vital issues involved in Strategic planning in Autoglass ............................. 4 1.3 Explain minimum three planning technique for Autoglass ............................................ 6 Task 2 ........................................................................................................................................ 7 2.1 Produce an organisational Audit for Autoglass .............................................................. 7 2.2 Carry out an environmental audit for Autoglass using at least two approaches ............. 8 2.3 Explain the significance of stakeholders‟ analysis in relation to Autoglass ................. 11 Task 3 ...................................................................................................................................... 12 3.1 Analyse possible alternatives strategies relating to substantive growth, limited growth and retrenchment ............................................................................................................... 12 3.2 Select an appropriate future strategy for Autoglass ...................................................... 15 Task 4 ...................................................................................................................................... 16 4.1 Compare the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation of Autoglass ...... 16 4.2 Evaluate resource requirements to implement a new strategy for Autoglass ............... 17 4.3 Discuss targets and timescales for achievement for Autoglass to monitor a given strategy ................................................................................................................................ 17 Conclusion .............................................................................................................................. 18 References ............................................................................................................................... 19 Page | 1

Executive Summary: Autoglass has gained anintense status as one of the best in delivering service in their area of maneuver. Autoglassreserves a harmonious, yet professional affiliationamongst the patrons and employees as they aredefinite of that if employees are happy working with Autoglass then they will work for the patrons more efficiently and with extra care. They are way ahead of other companies in the service business comparing to the banks and other service providers. They are now operating with almost five hundred branches serving in the Europe. From the commencement of the journey, Autoglass sincerely emphases on the needs and anxieties of the customers and underscores on the mode of providing amenities in an effective &efficient way.In the windshield repairing industry Autoglass has converted a brand name not only for satisfying the clienteles but also for providing the best windshield swaping or repairing service. During a study it was assessed that nearly 92% of the Autoglassclienteles were satisfied at their service. This will no doubt turn in the revenue. Autoglass is currently the marketplace leader in their province of the industry and they are mounting in a steady pace. Based on the given state we can imagine that AutoglassCompany is in a strong situation in the windscreen replacement industry and expected to to rise as the one and only in their sphere of business. Page | 2

Task 1 1.1 Explain the role of strategy, mission, objective, visions, goals and core competencies of Autoglass Autoglass Company Mission: Missions of organizations are shaped based on the existing situation and action procedures. The personnel are to perform bestowing these to attain the objectives of the organization (Kerry, P., 2000). By completing the missions, an organization takes character and the objective becomes clearer.Autoglass Company in accordinginly focuses on the purchaser‟s satisfaction and providing the best windscreen facilities to the customers (Autoglass Company). Autoglass Company Vision: Vision of an organization is the upcoming intentions and mark that an organizations try to attain by defining the missions and setting goals and objectives to achieve (Kerry, P., 2000). It‟s like foreseeing the future. The vision of The Autoglass Company is to oblige the customers professionally and provide their clienteles with the maximum level of satisfaction (Autoglass Company). The vision of helping their customers with veracity and loyalty is likely to lead them to develop and set the margins higher in the business. Autoglass Company Core Competency: Core competency outlines the core procedures of an organization. A core competency is a concept of theory that postulates the factors that a business sees as dominant to the way the company or its employees work (Grant M. R., 2010). In case of Autoglass the core competency is that they can switch or repair any kind of broken or wreked windshield of any model, no matter what (Autoglass Company).It shapes the business missions and visions of that particular organization (Kerry, P., 2000). Strategic intent: The strategic intent shows a theoretical projection of the forthcoming of the company, rather than the anticipated goal or expected result. This process indicates that a group of options and elasticity in terms of staff initiative, team contribution and adaption during changed circumstances (Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009).Strategic resolved of Autoglass shows that they are the forerunner of the existing market and the business is doing all the compulsory activities to keep them on leading position. Page | 3

Role of Strategy of Autoglass: Compilation as well as the dissemination of vision and operation is the primary task of strategic administration of Autoglass. . Compilation of strategy of Autoglass is made in such a way that the definite strategy maintains a specific time passe for execution of that strategy. This outlines the raison d‟etre of the organization. Strategic Architecture of Autoglass: Strategic architecture means to response five separate questions about the fundamental process of making strategy of the organization. The questions are compilation of “What”, “What Else”, “What More”, “What Now”, “How” (Grant M. R., 2010).Autoglass prepare their strategy by answering this bunch of questions. Objective and goals of Autoglass: The goal that Autoglass has fixed is to provide there service to global customer and to enhance their business globally. Repairing and swapping of broken windows as soon as probable and to obtain the customer satisfaction are the main objective of Autoglass. Using the customer reputation they are expanding their business all over the Europe. 1.2 Review the vital issues involved in Strategic planning in Autoglass In order plan strategies and implement operations there are some vital issues that are needed to be considered. Based on the case, Ansoff‟s model can be used to analyze the competitive advantages of Autoglass Company (Kerry, P., 2000). Autoglass has fixed their focus on customer satisfactions by proper customer services. Autoglass is very much customer oriented and they always try to enhance their level of services to avail in the competition.Already they have earned the highest level of customer satisfaction and improved their customer service in a milestone level only by replacing the broken windows with a limited cost. We can analysis the competitive advantages of Autoglass. Autoglass’s Competitive Benefits: Autoglass offers the premium service of replacing or repairing windscreens.By doing so they are grabbing a fair share of the market (Autoglass Company). Not only that, they are also providing their customers with several other services regarding wind screens problems. As Autoglass is increasing day by day, they can use the Ansoff‟s model to analyze their competitive recompenses over others. The Ansoff‟s model is given below: Page | 4

Autoglass is providing services to more than one million customers who are having problems with their windshields every year. Ansoff‟s model of Growth suggests four different sets of alternatives (Patric, G., &Kerry, P., 2006). Based on the scenario and research, we can seeAutoglass is expanding its market progressively and has the ability to serve more than they are doing now. So based on the current scenario, Autoglass can serve consumers with their existing merchandises and can also introduce them with new types of services (Vehicle Industry, 2013). These four alternative strategies face various types of risks. The strategies are: Market penetration: Market penetration means to enter the competition with products. By following this strategy Autoglass can surplus its current market segment by selling more of their products and attracting more new customers. If it is done extensively, Autoglass might lose focus on their main objective. Market development: Market development means to improve and retain market position for the products of a company. Autoglass is the current market leader in this windshield repairing industry. So they can brand Autoglass more extensively and try to grab new customers to increase its market share. Product development:Autoglass can introduce a new product to the market that would complement the existing products. By product development we mean either inventing a new product or improving old products with new features. But this strategy has a severe drawback.If the customers failed to understand the new product features, then it would result in dropping revenue. Diversification:Autoglass can create a range of products that will divide up the risks and decrease the chance of income loss. Autoglass Company is in topmost of its operational industry. Autoglass also should highlight on the geographical location where they should function and specify the minimum necessities of the suppliers to get the quality products and the quantity required. So they have the choices to increase the progress rate in a steady manner by satisfying both existing as well as potential customers and upsurge its market share. Autoglass can set a five years growth strategy plan based on the Ansoff‟s Growth Model to achieve their target. Page | 5

Definition of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Informal Planning: Informal planning means to generate a plan by the leader or the manager without any structured way and conventional framework. This process is helpful to fix the short term objective of the organization. Instant acknowledgment of manager‟s charge to booty an extemporaneous accommodation after consulting his accessory or after allegory the all-embracing situation. Top Down:A top-down approach is about the breaking bottomward of a arrangement to accretion acumen into its compositional sub-systems (Haults& Hunger, T.L. &J.D., 2013). This approach would help them to attain organizations goals. Autoglass is implementing this approach in their invention R&D and they are pretty successful. Bottom-Up:A bottom-up access is the piecing calm of systems to accord acceleration to added circuitous systems, appropriately authoritative the aboriginal systems sub-systems of the appearing arrangement (Haults& Hunger, T.L. & J.D., 2013). Autoglass is application this access in their account development to amuse the barter and they accept been appealing acknowledged by application this approach. Behavioral Approach for Autoglass: In order to get the most out of the resources and to prevail in the coming future Autoglass need to approach in the Top-Down method. They have to improve their product quality so that they can grab a diversified market.Aotuglass is a growing company in the area of service industry and in near future the services they are providing will not be sufficient enough to hold the current position in the market. 1.3 Explain minimum three planning technique for Autoglass In order to grow in the industry, Autoglass can use three techniques, and they are: 1. BCG Growth Share Matrix Autoglass can design their products in such a manner where they can differentiate their products and also maintain a harmony in the product portfolio (Kerry, P., 2000). It will also help Autoglass to determine the time and place of a new investment in new product development and when to extract all the earnings from that product Page | 6

Autoglass ability face four altered hazards in enlisting the articles in the BCG advance matrix. The Strategies are: 1. High Growth and High Market Share (STARS)  This action involves aerial bulk of banknote and the administering needs to adapt the breeze of bill in the business.  The brilliant businesses are above-mentioned to become banknote beasts in the accessible and administration can autumn from the business venture. 2. Low Growth but High Market Share (CASH COWS)  From the matrix, we can see the artefact which has low advance but aerial bazaar allotment is the abiding business and generates abiding revenue. 3. Low Growth and Low Market Share (DOGS)  When the articles starts to lose its bazaar allotment and advance ante abatement again the artefact avalanche into dogs category. The organizations should bankrupt from the business at this moment.  Management should watch over any accidental expenses. 4. Low Market and Low Market Share (DOGS)  The articles which are anew alien abatement in this class and accept the adeptness to aerate growth.  The artefact has additionally the accident of actuality a dog artefact if it does not about-face in any revenue. 2. Strategic Position & Action Evaluation Matrix (SPACE) Autoglass can use the SPACE matrix to determine the demand and requirements of the customers to operate and make strategies to expand the market for their product (Patric, G., &Kerry, P., 2006). SPACE matrix has four different segments. Each quadrant explains the organizations position and the course of actions required (Kerry, P., 2000). As Autoglass is holding a strong position in the market, they can use the aggressive strategies to capture and spread their market. It will also help them in determining the SWOT of the organizations. 3. Profit Impact of Market Strategy (PIMS) PIMS is a kind of catalogue that gives solid information and indication to support the plans that are accepted to gain competitive advantages. Page | 7

Task 2 2.1 Produce an Organizational Audit for Autoglass SWOT Analysis •Visual Clarity •Low cost •Safety •New Product •Emerging economy Strengths Opportunities Weaknesses Threats •Promotion •Advertisement •Geographic Location •Government Policy Strengths Unlike others, Autoglass provides high quality products at low cost. The safety features in the product are high. They produce windshields with highest possible visual clarity. Weaknesses Autoglasshas very poor promotion system. They hardly advertise their product. Opportunities Windshield replacing or repairing is present in emerging economy. Development of new products creates new opportunities. Threats Operation in unnecessary locations is loss of capital. Page | 8

Government policies shape the business environment. 2.2 Carry out an environmental audit for Autoglass using at least two approaches PESTLE analysis is conducted to determine the operational strategy of an organization. It also helps to learn the attractiveness of operation of that company (Patric, G., &Kerry, P., 2006). In order to operate in an industry, an organization needs to be accounted for a several factors (Vehicle Industry, 2013). Organizations can maximize opportunities and minimize threats by conducting PESTLE analysis. What is PESTLE analysis? Page | 9

Political • Political climate in any country determines the attractiveness of the business. • Government stability is important because it may affect the future decisions. • Organizations need to pay taxes and taxation policies affect the industry. Economical • Purchasing capacity of the people determines cost and level of service in the industry. • The need for replacing windshield is represented by the level of economical activity Socio-cultural • Lifestyle and preferences shapes an industry. • The decision to own an automobile and need to replace windshield depends on the social norm. Technological • Technology relating the designs. • Technology of windshield manufacture. Legal Environmental •Law regarding safety measures is important. •Employment and consumer law is highly emphasized. •Some things are beyond control of the organizations such as weather, climate and climate change. Porter’s five forces Porter‟s five forces analysis helps the management to determine and understand the complete context of the industry (Kerry, P., 2000). Porter‟s five forces are: Page | 10

1. The threat of new entrants • Economies of Scale: This is generally a low threat and it measures the scale of economy in the production. • Government Policy: Government policy can limit the entry and exit barrier in an industry. 2. The bargaining power of customers • Threat of Backward Integration: Organizations face the risk of backward integration with the suppliers. 3. The threat of substitute products • Prices: Prices play an important role in any industry. Buyers may shift from one product to another just because of price sensitivity. • Access: Buyers access in the industry is now a day’s much easier than before. 4. The amount of bargaining power suppliers have • Threat of forward Integration: Organizations face the risk of forward integration with the suppliers. With the help suppliers, buyers can make the same products that are offered by another company. 5. The intensity of the competitiv e rivalry • Number of Competitors: Competitor’s number plays an important role in pricing strategy. • Diversity of Rivals: The rivals challenge and cross each other’s path in making and implementing strategies. Page | 11

2.3 Explain the significance of stakeholders’ analysis in relation to Autoglass The stakeholders’ grid: 1. Promoters: It refers to the stakeholders who influence the strategies and also has high interest. 2. Latent’s: It refers to the stakeholders who influence strategies but has low interest. 3. Apathetic: It refers to the Stakeholders who has low interest and seldom influences the strategies. 4. Defenders: It refers to the stakeholders who have low influence in the strategy making but high interest. High Influence Low Interest (Latent’s) High Influence High Interest (Promoters) The stakeholders’ grid Low Influence Low Interest (Apathetic) Low Influence High Interest (Defenders) Page | 12

Task 3 3.1 Analyze possible alternatives strategies relating to limited growth,substantive growth and retrenchment Market Entry Strategy Acquisition: This is the procedure where one individualcompany grasps another company and establishes itself as the vendor. In this process 100% or near 100% possession has to be bought. Organic Growth: When a business alignment achieves its advance above its own business which is as aforementioned as the alpha of the organization, it is alleged amoebic growth. It excludes any advance that is accomplished by accepting into any added business or alliance or acquisition. Merger: The opening of Autoglass was over such merger.Merger is the procedure by which two companies gets combined and turns into one entity through legitimate consolidation. Licensing: It is the action through which a mother aggregation (licensor) allows addition aggregation (licensee) to use its brand and advertise the articles or casework on the base of agreements on several terms. The agreement accommodate the licensing fee that has to be paid to the licensor. Strategic Alliance: This is the action area two or added companies accede aloft a cardinal of accepted objectives and allotment anniversary other‟s assets to accommodate those objectives. This access is absolutely an abstraction that stays amid the abstraction of amoebic advance and alliance or acquisition. Franchising: It is the process, through which an aggregation earns the appropriate to use Addition Company‟s trademark, business policy, operations area the franchisor gives the appropriate for the franchisee. For accepting bazaar allotment abroad, Autoglass ability use this access by allotment franchises in altered locations. Page | 13

Substantive Growth Horizontal Integration: In accumbent affiliation a aggregation forms or acquires assembly ability of accompanying or commutual articles (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). Autoglass ability anatomy such affiliation by bond with added assembly that are accompanying to its absolute products. Sometimes it may additionally appear that a aggregation purchases one of its competitors and anatomy integration. Related Diversification: Back a aggregation expands its business with some about-face in the absolute artefact band (Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012). The new productions are agnate to the absolute products. Vertical Integration:Autoglass ability appoint into vertical affiliation by bond with the suppliers and distributors. In vertical affiliation an aggregation links with the companies or ally of the accumulation alternation and in abounding cases all the ally of the alternation break beneath a distinct buyer (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). Unrelated Diversification: It is the action back an association engages into modification by introducing new articles and casework that doesn‟t bout with the prevailing artefact band (Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012). It can be different aberration if Autoglass starts bartering home window glasses or adorableness mirrors. Limited Growth Market Penetration: It agency biting the aggressive bazaar by alms aggressive amount adjoin the amount of the competitors. This access is acclimated to instantly advance the competitors by accepting their customers. It is generally acclimated to accretion sales growth. Product Development: It agency developing new articles that do not abide currently and appropriately alluring barter to buy added varieties of articles or services. Market Development: It agency targeting new chump segments and alluring the non-buying barter of that segment. It is accessible for Autoglass to advance the bazaar by geographically accretion the business and extensive the customers. It helps to access the bazaar allotment by abacus new allocation of customers. Page | 14

Innovation:Autoglass ability try to array out such charge in the bazaar and acquaint an innovated artefact or service. It agency looking out an absolutely new charge of the barter in the bazaar and inventing a new artefact or account to accommodate that need. Disinvestment: Retrenchment:An action acclimated by corporations to abate the assortment or the allembracing admeasurement of the processes of the company. This action is generally acclimated in adjustment to cut costs with the ambition of acceptable an added banking abiding business. Divestment: This is the action of affairs an asset. Also accepted as divestiture, it is fabricated for either pecuniary or amusing goals. Denial is the adverse of investment. It is the action of affairs out the assets in operation and sells those to accommodate the gap in the banking problems and in adjustment to cash the alignment denial is all-important for any organization. Liquidation: When a business or close is concluded or bankrupt, its assets are awash and the gain pay creditors. Any assortment are broadcast to shareholders. Liquidating a close is the aftermost date of the firm‟s survival. If no another strategies accede with the organizations again it needs to advertise its assets and again pay up the shareholders and stakeholders. Turn around: Turnaround administration is an action committed to accumulated renewal. It uses assay and planning to save afflicted companies and allotment them to solvency. Turnaround administration involves administration review, action based costing, basis abortion causes analysis, and SWOT assay to actuate why the aggregation is failing. In adjustment to accomplish an improvement in the industry organizations charge to acquisition out the basis of the problems and based on those problems they charge to accomplish up new strategies and behavior to affect those problems. Michael Porter’s Generic Strategy: Michael Porter suggested 3 types of strategies for gaining leadership in the market or expanding business as well profit margin. 1. Cost Leadership: Here, the company tends to offer a very much competitive price for the products and services they offer. In many cases, the firm offers the lowest price in the market to attract the customers and increase the sales. Earning more profit by selling more becomes the key tool here. Page | 15

2. Differentiation: Not just selling regular products, but offering additional features or specialized services is the focus of differentiation. It helps to gain competitive advantage against the competitors in a way that only they offer something unique. Autoglass in this case, took the advantage by introducing fleet services and round-theclock advising facilities. 3. Focus: It means not going for leadership in every aspect but focusing on a single sector to specialize on. As we can see in the case, Autoglass has taken the „customer service‟ section as their focus and they are concentrating to improve the services to the customer and thus gaining maximum customer satisfaction. Page | 16

3.2 Select an appropriate future strategy for Autoglass Autoglass needs to anatomy new strategies and aftermath new articles to enhance their bazaar segment, so that they can authority their arch position in the market. So in adjustment to accomplish an approaching action they can appear up with some amount development forth with new articles and bigger casework and grab an abiding bazaar segment. As Autoglass is an able aggregation itself, they can baddest an accord which can cope up with their capabilities and advice to advance the business. This will adviseAutoglass to focus on the chump privileges and chump satisfaction. Autoglass should chase the vertical advance action to enhance their business. They could action accord to added automakers and could amalgamate with them in adjustment to grab a new bazaar segment. Starting new artefact with captivated bazaar is not the abundant and distinct aftereffect for the approaching strategy. Autoglass should seek a connected appraisal from the customer‟s ancillary to analyze their defective forth with customer‟s expectations. This will advice the administration to administer the responsibilities to the agent in adjustment to accommodate added achievement to the customer. At present Autoglass has 92% amount of their chump satisfaction. With the amplification of business this amount could be bedfast or hardly fluctuate. Autoglass charge to accumulate that in apperception that chump achievement is their amount moral of business. They can additionally accommodate 5 abode plan to cope up with the afflicted bearings in the business breadth and abound in the competition. Page | 17

Task 4 4.1 Compare the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation of Autoglass As the accepted marketplace situation, Strategy and Policy Execution is the best basic issues of accomplishing business. The all-embracing curl of an alignment depends on how wisely and altogether the decisions are taken and how finer the decisions are executed. The top akin administration not alone accomplish their own job but additionally accumulate an exact ability about how the added works are done, what is the accepted bearings of the bazaar and what is the accepted of his aggregation in allegory with bazaar situation. He charge to anticipate about the advancing approaching and its after-effects and should be acquainted of that and be able by planning and active new strategies. For the arch aggregation like Autoglass, compassionate the bazaar bearings and appraise accessible after-effects are actual cogent role for the organization. CEO or President or Managing Director that agency the figure-head of any alignment plays a basic role in the organization. He charge to absolve all the accessible accident and accessible affairs to assassinate strategies afore formally accord them a blooming signal. He accept to advance an accord through the accomplished workplace. The advance and accumulation of the alignment depends on his decisions. Before finalizing those decisions he charge to be accepted about all the exact facts of the alignment like advice and antithesis statistics. Fabricated or amiss advice can advance his accommodation into a big trouble. It ma ruin the all-embracing alignment growth. So he charge to be adapted with all the about facts of the market. 4.2 Evaluate resource requirements to implement a new strategy for Autoglass For the able assembly and admiring activities there is no another than allocation of acceptable resources. The aggregation administrator charge to apperceive the exact action of accepting the assets and he additionally should apperceive that how he is activity to use those assets and what is the best abode to get the best production. For Autoglass as the ability they accord the best antecedence to the animal resource. Their plan is like that they will use that animal Page | 18

ability altogether and with that advice they will accomplish an aberration amid them and the added competitors. They fabricated a plan to serve their chump able-bodied to accumulate the cerebral abutment and with that advice they will advance in the market. According to the plan they accept 159 chump admiral confined 24/7 for the advancement of the chump and for the consequence of the organization. In accession to their added strategies agile account is noteworthy. Autoglass additionally sanctions added and added than added brands account for the advancement of their training and advance of affection services. Their contempo chump achievement is 92%. Moreover, to accommodate the best artefact of the bazaar they ensure accomplished assurance and durability. Autogalss put way added allocation than added companies to accept the best raw materials. So we can account an anticipation that Autoglass is an acknowledged aggregation for advancement the affection and allocating acceptable raw materials. 4.3 Discuss targets and timescales for achievement for Autoglass to monitor a given strategy: Evaluation of the benchmark outcomes: Quarter The aggregation should be back up with the strategies and acquisition out the 1 achievability of the strategies whether the strategies would reflect in the accepted outcome. They can booty the acknowledgment of the barter and acquisition out what abroad they are attractive for in the windscreen acclimation service. There should be account and account ecology by the band managers of the divisions. Quarter During the period Autoglassmust review the customer‟s reaction and implement the 2 preferred plan to enlarge the business. The line managers must be responsible for amassing the feedbacks and acting on the way to it. Quarter This is the division of acquisition advice and takes analysis agenda on the implemented 3 strategies. The administration should acquisition out the gap amid the accepted aftereffect and absolute outcome. The GAP ability action because of abridgement of allocation or disability of the advisers and band managers. Quarter Management should adapt a training affairs to ample in the gap. So that the advisers can 4 accomplish the alignment ambition in adapted manner. Quarter In this division the alignment ability accomplish the adapted after-effects based 5 on the action authoritative and the accomplishing method. If the administration fails to accomplish the objectives through the strategies, again they accept to Page | 19

admit accomplishments based on advice like training the advisers or accouterment abutment to them. Table: Evaluation of the outcomes Conclusion: Autoglass have come to the market, to provide the best glass and service to their customers and for that reason it‟s no more a matter of anxious that anyone‟s windshield is broken. The company has earned a reputation of trust and reliable for years by providing quality product and services. Their out of imagination level of customer facility has pressed away other organizations and they can‟t even come to its close distance. Their service and product is such good that they will lead the market for coming many years ahead. Reference Autoglass Company. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 November, 2013]. Haults& Hunger, T.L. &J.D., 2013.Strategic Management and Business Policy. 5thed. Delhi: Pearson. Kerry, H., 2000. Marketing Management Factors. 5th ed. New Delhi: Prentice hall of India. Patric, G., &Kerry, P., (2006). Marketing:An introduction (8thed.). New York: Prentice Hall. Page | 20

Vehicle Industry: Market Research Reports, Statistics and Analysis. 2013. Vehicle Industry: Market Research Reports, Statistics and Analysis. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 19 November, 2013]. Page | 21

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