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Information about Browser Wars | Browsers That May Attract You

Published on September 22, 2015

Author: SwairaUnmaried


1. BrowserWars | BrowsersThat May Attract You More informationandarticle like thison How tocode or how to make a website FedUp Of UsingChrome AndFirefox Browsers? Webbrowsersare veryimportantpart of the computerinthese days.Asthe Cloudtechnologyisgetting veryfamousthese days.The browsersare becoming veryimportantsoftwareforourcomputersandour lives. The browsersare gettingfame afterTimBerner-Lee’sfirstattemptwithWorldWidWebandMarc Andeeson’sMosiacrelease. Thismarchisstill onthe gotill today. The most dominantbrowsersthese daysare Google Chrome,MozillaFirefox andInternetExploreretc. Today we are goingto tell you that whatare the alternatesavailableforLinux usersasfar as browsersare concerned. All browsershave theirowndefaultsearchengine.The Konqueror,QupzillaandIronhave Google as theirdefaultsearchengine. Rekonqdoesnothave anypreferencesbutMidori usesDuckDuckGoas its defaultbrowser.Youcanchange the defaultbrowsersof all these browsersasyoudesire. These browsershave theirownwaysof dealingwithonline search,JavaScript,multimediacontentsandbasic interactionwithdesktop. Let usnow discussthese browsersinabitmore detail. SRWare Iron WebBrowser The Iron browsercan use accelerationof hardware when it’savailable.Itcan discoverUSB deviceseven whenyouclose the browser.Itleavesthe appsrunninginthe background.This maybe helpful anda goodfeature foruserexperiencebutIronisverymuch similartoChrome. The Iron isdifferentfromVanillaChrome whenitcomestoadd blockingandthe fact that the built-in privacy-relatedare activatedbydefault. Soif youhave usedone of these browsersthenyouwill findthe otherone quite similar. Konqueror WebBrowser It isnot veryfamouswebbrowserbutithas a verycleanefficientlookandfeel. Itbelongstothe KDE familyof apps.Onthe otherhandit offersafew unique userinterface featureswithitfunctional browser. You can clone the currenttab whichis a goodand veryeasymethodthatcan help.Youcan another standardfeature tospliteachtab in manysub windows.Thisisanotherverygoodfeature of Konqueror browserandit isveryhandyfor researchersandwriters. Itcan be veryuseful tool whenyoudon’twant to waste youmonitorscreen’sspace. Anothergoodfeature isthatKonquerorbrowserhasaccess keys that can openany linkwithjustone stroke. Midori WebBrowser

2. Midori browserhassome very interestingfeatures. Whenyouinstall youwillalmostnobuttonsorother elements. There are manyfeatureswhich include mousegestures,domainhotkeysandyoucanuse a fontyou preferonanywebpage.It alsoincludesatrashcan that holdspreviouslyclosedtabsinit. The side panel remainsactivatedevenif it’snotvisible inthe mainwindow. Itwill notshow anylabel above eachtab. It seemsthatthe search box clearance isalsoan issue withMidori. Butwiththese little pitfallsMidori isawell-designedbrowser. QupzillaWebBrowser It alsostarts similarlytoMidori browserwithnobuttons.Ithasa logosearchboxesandveryfew buttonsto start with. If youwant to enable anybuttonyouhave toset.If youwant to setor show up AddTab you have to go to Appearance >Advance Options.Thisbrowserletyouchoose anappearance withitsdifferentthemes. Youcanseta transparentbackgroundor can set custom wallpaperforthe SpeedDial tab. Anothervery interestingfeature isthatyoucan setyour own CascadingStylesheet(CSS) file foreverywebsite youvisit. Italsogivesyouanimatedpreviewof tabsso youcan manage them easily. Youcan alsoconfigure the numberof linesscrolledbyyourmouse wheel. Itallowsyoutoenable “caret browsing”bypressingF7keyon your computer. Rekonq WebBrowser The Rekonqbrowserhasa simple andaveryefficientlook withall itsfunctioninplainview.Itisone the lightweightbrowsersinthe market. Italsobelongstothe KDE family. Ithasjustonlyone unifiedinput box for searchingandthe addressof a page isalso showninthe inputbox. Ithas tab cloningandtag previewasKonquerorwebbrowser. ItiseasilyconfiguredwebbrowserwithitsWebkitrendering engine. Itallowsyoutoconfigure HTML5 applicationcashe and offline storage database.Italsoallows enablingspatial navigationthatmeansyoucanmove aroundwiththe helpof arrow keys.

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