Brooks Brothers silk scarf deals!

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Information about Brooks Brothers silk scarf deals!

Published on November 21, 2017

Author: Panda7CashBack


Slide1: Brooks Brothers silk scarf deals! Slide2: Honestly, I thought Brooks Brothers is only for my Grandma or my father, because apparently, their main targeted population is not early female 30s (Of course, they are not Ann Taylor or Loft). Anyway, last winter I realized that silk scarf is a very classy and versatile item regardless of age or even season. Since my most outfits are a little bit business casual or strict formal for my work, I decided to give a shot to try a silk scarf. As you expected, they are pricey (of course! it is silk!) and too many different patterns and sizes so that it was not easy to pick one that would be good on me. However, I will share with you what I found out after I did my research! Slide3: #1. Scarf is not only for keeping you warm! Slide4: One of the most interesting facts is that people are wearing scarves during all four seasons. I thought scarves are only for chilly weather. I did not try yet putting on my head, but definitely it is amazingly arrogant look if you lay silk scarf knotted on your simple tops. The main reason why I love brooks brothers silk scarf is that its patterns are natural and plain, but classy. In fact, I do not like Versace silk scarf (most scarf-people love Versace silk scarves, but I do not), because… simply I feel like I am wearing my mom’s scarf not mine (The below photo is Versace Silk Scarf $139.99 on Don’t you agree? It looks a little bit old and looks like middle age lady’s scarf. Back to the point! Slide5: #2. Scarf is also good for Summer! Slide6: See these scarves’ colors . These silk scarves are good accessories in Summer due to its perfect patterns and summer colors if you go to the beach. Their prices are dropped to 50% compared to last year when I checked them. I strongly recommend to get one of these. They are made in Italy and 100% silk (I checked some of these in person, they are really amazing, it looks really fancy. Once you put these on you, probably you do not want to get it off – it is so soft and feels really good- Plus, it looks so classy and fancy). Slide7: There are many different types of scarves on sale on Brooks Let’s take a look! Slide8: is one of the well-known websites that selling big fancy brand name products at discounted prices. Although they have only four items, their prices are pretty tempting. $60(<—–$248) for silk scarf does not sound too much and once you see its patterns (simple, natural, and not too old), this deal sounds about right! Well, even though they are on sale, some of you like me, spending $100 only for an accessory item is quite challenging so that I want to share where I found out good deals of Brooks Brothers silk scarves. Slide9: I purchased these two colors and I thought both are flower patterns, but it turned out orange color one is fish and beauty of under the sea. Honestly, I know it is made in Italy and 100% silk, but i did not expect much because I paid only $60. Long story short, It was wrong. It is so soft and really arrogant. Yellow-green one can be wearing any season and warm orange color floral scarf would be good when you want extra warm. The below pictures suggest some color match & how to do scarves ideas! Slide10: By the way, my grandma wants versatile brooch that can go with any scarf or can be wearing on cashmere coat. It was interesting I found out this brooch when I put silk scarf on Brooks Brothers. It is gold-plated not real gold, but it is my grand’s style (She loves pearls!). Its review says it is a little big but certainly it looks classy and arrogant. I wish Brooks Brothers makes more brooches in the future, I want to get one for my grandma. Slide11: In short, if you want to get affordable Brooks Brothers silk scarves ($60), go to and if you want some good deals, check it out on Brooks! VISIT US:

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