Bronchitis Disease

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Information about Bronchitis Disease

Published on September 12, 2015

Author: mewaornwara



2. • Inflammation of the bronchial tubes • mucus membrane in the lungs' bronchial passages becomes inflamed • Narrowing • 2 main types – acute – chronic What is Bronchitis?

3. Acute Bronchitis • Short term infection • Causes – Infections or lung irritants – Viruses that cause flu and cold – Bacteria • Symptoms – hacking cough and phlegm production – Fever – Fatigue – Chest discomfort

4. Chronic Bronchitis • Long-term, serious condition • Causes – Smoking is the main cause – Air pollution, toxic gases, dust – Viruses or bacteria infection worsen the condition • Symptoms – long-term cough with excessive mucus – Hard to breathe – Wheezing sounds when breathing

5. Damage Process • damage of the tiny hair-like structures in lungs, called cilia – responsible for brushing out debris, irritants, and excess mucus • the cilia eventually stop functioning and is clogged with mucus • lungs are vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections and can be permanently damaged • Leads to COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

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