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Published on January 2, 2008

Author: Gabir


Snake-Inspired Robots with a Rectilinear Gait:  Snake-Inspired Robots with a Rectilinear Gait ISR REU 2006 Garry Brock Advisor: Dr. S.K. Gupta Snake Robots:  Snake Robots Desirable for search and rescue Modular means if a part gets stuck the snake can continue Sensors can be attached Can fit into areas that are not accessible to humans (a damaged or collapsed building) Medical uses Can be used in surgery and imaging to see spaces that would take a more invasive surgery to see Pipeline uses Robots can fit easily into the piping and travel along the piping to determine any potential problems Image from Project Motivation:  Project Motivation Rectilinear robot There is currently no way to test gait programs effectively at UMD By removing all external wiring we can create a robot that is more aesthetically pleasing and more accurate for data research Embedded module Determine the effects of injection molding on robotic components Take another step closer towards a fully modular robotic snake Various snake robots Image from Rectilinear Motion:  Rectilinear Motion A wave is translated along the horizontal axis to create movement The distance traveled is approximately: There is no lateral movement and only minimal vertical movement L Advancement (x) Reference: Brent W. Spranklin’s Masters thesis Research Approach:  Research Approach Rectilinear model Create a design to demonstrate rectilinear motion All components (power supply, circuit etc.) must be contained on robot Create a program for rectilinear motion that will have the quickest possible gait for the snake robot Fully embedded module Control circuit, servo motor, wires and battery must be contained in plastic Injection molding is to be used for holding the components This will test the components for durability when they are subjected to hot, molten plastic injection Rectilinear Motion Robot:  Rectilinear Motion Robot Parts purchased from Lynx-motion 30 gauge wire used Sides created from Plexiglas at joints to help stability during use Battery mounts and a circuit mount created from sheet Al and Plexiglas to hold all components on the robot 6 links with 5 joints Programs were written to gain fastest robot motion The completed robot with all components A joint on the robot Parts Used for Rectilinear Robot:  Parts Used for Rectilinear Robot Servo Motor Servo Holder Aluminum tubing C bracket L bracket Battery Circuit board Al connector hubs The robot Photos from Lynx-Motion Problems and Solutions:  Problems and Solutions Wires breaking Replace the wire and double the wire diameter for more durability Poor battery connection Solder the batteries directly to the motor via a 3 way switch to allow for recharging as well as use of robot Instability of the robot Creation of sides for the robot to create more than one contact point Embedded Module:  Embedded Module Parts used in robot must be small enough for injection molding Circuit switch and servo gearing must be free for motion once plastic is injected Molds created in Pro-Engineer and then milled for use in injection molding Modules joined together by a single degree of freedom arm Standard Servo vs. Embedded servo Design for each module Switch Servo gear True Rectilinear Motion:  True Rectilinear Motion From Brent W. Spranklin’s Masters Thesis Snake Robot without External Components:  Snake Robot without External Components Fully Embedded Module:  Fully Embedded Module Molds designed in Pro-Engineer and NC sequence written for all steps Approximately 10 injection shots are needed to make each module Modules were unable to be made due to a mechanical failure in the lab; however research is going to continue once the machine is operational Mold to hold circuit Mold to protect servo gear Conclusion:  Conclusion A rectilinear model was created and it demonstrated approximate rectilinear motion without any external wires The speed of the robot was improved by nearly 100% in a new program with the robot moving at 7-8 ft/min The robot can now be used in testing of new programs to determine the optimal programming for rectilinear motion The final robot Conclusion (Contd.):  Conclusion (Contd.) A model for the embedded module was created Molds were designed and a NC sequence was able to be created for this robot The design work has been completed and only fabrication is left to be done This will be one of the first injection molded robots made Fully embedded module design An example of one of the molds Future Research:  Future Research The rectilinear robot model will be used in determining the optimal programming The embedded module will be created to determine if it is possible to embed electronics in plastic without damaging them The embedded module will also be used to show rectilinear motion The module concept will be continued with the embedded robot and will lead us one step closer to the goal of a fully modular robot Thank You:  Thank You Dr. S.K. Gupta – Advisor James Hopkins Brent Spranklin ISR for a great opportunity Any Question?

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