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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: snehapsingh21



Pesto India Services Pvt. Ltd. provides pest control services in Mumbai. We serve a large no. of customers consisting of corporate, individual residences, co-operative societies, government offices, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, warehouses etc.

Housekeeping Services • Mechanized Housekeeping • Cleaning Services Company Profile We introduce ourselves as a company comprising of knowledgeable, qualified and experienced people in the field of pest control. Pesto India Services Pvt Ltd has completed ten glorious years serving the customers. • Carpet Shampooing • Floor Cleaning • Pantry Services We have developed pest control methods which are best suited to individual environment. Our expertise lies in using the lowest concentration of the right pesticides to get the desired result and which are compatible to the human habitat. We are serving a large number of customers consisting of corporates, individual residence, co-operatives societies, government offices, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, warehouses etc. No Pest Can Escape Pest Control for Interior Designer & Architects With rapid growth in real estate there is an increased demand for architects and interior designers. Architects and Interior designers will find our pest control services handy wherever they are involved in large projects. Pest Control will be largely required for under construction Mall, Residential Building and Corporate Parks. Premises under going renovation work will require pest control services. Termite Treatment will be a very important service along with chemical treatment for commercial plysheets and other woodwork. Termite and Wood Borer can severely damage all woodwork which can result in loss of customers hard earned money. In such a case, precaution is better than cure. Pesto India has completed projects for its clients in Mumbai. Thane, Vashi, Pune, Gujarat & Bangalore. Services Pesto India Services Pvt. Ltd. Cockroach Treatment Bed Bugs Treatment Termite Control Mosquito Control Tel. No.: +91-22-26825121 / 26825131 / 26825141/ 26825122 Rodent Control Dog Ticks Treatment Email :, Wood Borer Treatment Honey Bee Treatment Shop No 10, Bldg No. 5/B, Shree Varadvinayak SRA Co-op. Hsg. Soc., Sambhaji Nagar, Swami Nityanand Marg, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069. Website :

Cockroach Treatment German Cockroaches : These type of cockroaches are found mainly in the kitchen area. Bed Bugs infestations are often picked up from cinema theatres, buses and trains and brought into homes on clothing, bedding and luggage. Their bites causes irritation and loss of sleep for people. Bed Bugs Treatment comprises of chemical spraying treatment. Three services will be given in the interval of 30 days for three months. American Cockroaches : These types of cockroaches are found mainly in Gutters & Manholes. Gel Technology is stated as the cockroach control product of the next millennium the world over. Gel application method causes no disturbance or discomfort generally associated with pest control treatments. It is safe, odourless and can be applied in sensitive areas. Gel Treatment is hassle free and the result is longlasting. Rodent Control Rats are extremely intelligent, agile and adaptable mammals and thrive in almost all kinds of habitat. Their droppings, urine and hair contaminate food grains and also pose a serious health threat. Rats are carriers of disease causing organisms such as plague, leptospirosis, salmonellosis etc. Anopheles : Responsible for causing Malaria. Anopheles breeds in stagnant collections of clean water such as ponds, lakes, overhead tanks, underground tanks etc. Culex : Responsible for causing filariasis, which causes fever and acute swelling of the lymph glands. Culex breeds in stagnant collections of polluted water such as drains, gutters, septic tanks etc. Aedes :Responsible for causing Dengue. Aedes breeds in man made collections of clean water such as water coolers, pots, old tyres, can, empty bottles, flower vases etc. Treatment : Fogging and Spraying of mosquito Repellant Dogticks Treatment Termite Treatment Termite, also popularly known as 'White Ants' have been on this earth for more than 250 million years, long before human beings. They eat cellulose material and are known to damage even non- cellulose materials. Termite damage worldwide runs into Crores of Rupees every year. No building is safe unless treated against termites. When dealing with termites, prevention is certainly better than cure. Termite Treatment comprises of drilling holes at the junction of wall and floor and pumping chemicals through these holes wherever necessary. The drilling holes are effectively sealed thereafter. Application of blanket spray will be carried out wherever necessary. Bed Bugs Treatment Bed Bugs are human parasites and feed on blood. They are mainly active at night and hide in cracks and crevices in wall, beds and furnitures and along the folds of mattresses and upholstery during the day. The treatment would commence with strategic placement of 'poison baits' to bring the infestation under control. Subsequently, we will be paying regular visits to continue the poison baiting & keep a constant vigil on rodent population. In addition to above, we would also be resorting to trapping, use of glue boards & treating burrows if any, wherever found necessary. Wood Borer Treatment Wood Borer are dangerous wood eating pest causing damage to our expensive furniture. Common sign of Wood Borers are powder falling from the furniture. Wood Borer Treatment is carried our by injecting a suitable insecticidal formulation at the prescribed concentration into the shot holes created by the pest on the infested wooden articles, followed by a thorough spray to the entire articles. Mosquito Control Mosquitoes are responsible for many diseases such as malaria, filariasis, dengue, yellow fever, encephalitis etc. The female mosquito requires blood for development of her eggs and hence only females bite humans, while the males live on plant nectar. The mosquitoes commonly found in and around human habitation are : Dog ticks must have blood, usually dog's blood if it is to develop. Every place that is frequented by dogs is a potential source of trouble; therefore basements, kennels, porches and outhouses should be checked and given attention. In the spraying of homes extra attention should be given to spraying about windows and doors. Treatment comprises of chemical spraying treatment. Three services will be given in the interval of 30 days for three months. Honey Bees Treatment A honey bee nest will have thousands of bees and they will swarm around the entrance of the nest, this is commonly in chimneys but they will use any cavity. You may come into contact with a swarm. This is when part of a hive splits and a Queen accompanies by drones and several thousand workers will look for a new nest site. While scout bees are looking for a suitable site the swarm may hang for a few days in a tree or bush. On no account must the entrance to a nest be blocked, this can be dangerous. Keep pets away from the area and close window nearby prior to the treatment. Treatment will be carried out after sunset when the bees get settled in the hive. Treatment will comprise of a thorough insecticidal spray directly on the nest. Do not try to use the honey since it will be poisonous after the treatment.

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