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Published on February 20, 2014

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Your career is alive!

As part of our team, people around the world will count on your talent, expertise and knowledge. That’s what happens when the work you do saves lives in more than 80 countries.

All of a sudden, going to work takes on a whole new meaning. You’re no longer waking up each morning just for yourself – you’re making a far-reaching impact every day. Combine that with advancement opportunities, great benefits and company-wide support, and you have plenty of reasons to wake up your talent.

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elcome MESSAGE FROM THE CEO At SORIN GROUP, our impact is bigger than you and me. It’s important work that makes a difference for the millions of people who count on our therapeutic solutions every year. I’m proud to be the CEO of a company that’s advancing the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The best part? It all starts with talented people like you. As part of our team, you’ll wake up your skills and reach your fullest potential. It’s all about pushing the limits of innovation, from the inside out. Whatever your role is, you’ll contribute to the products, services and solutions that save lives every day. Together, we’ll achieve amazing results – not only for our company and our customers, but for your career. André-Michel Ballester, CEO

Who Are We? WE’RE A GLOBAL MEDICAL DEVICE COMPANY THAT’S LEADING IN THE TREATMENT OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES. AND THAT’S JUST THE BEGINNING. ABOUT US Our products and therapeutic services are improving the positive outcomes for cardiovascular patients everywhere. We’re constantly developing new technology to advance cardiac surgery and the treatment of heart failure and cardiac rhythm disorders. In addition, we are focusing on innovative therapeutic platforms for underserved patient populations suffering from heart failure and mitral valve regurgitation. How do we develop these innovative technologies? It takes a lot of collaboration and forward thinking to come up with solutions nobody’s thought of yet. That’s exactly what our 3,750 employees worldwide do every day. As part of our team, you’ll make a difference for millions of people around the globe. Whatever your role is, your unique skills and contributions will help more than 5,000 hospitals provide the latest cardiovascular care in 80 countries. It’s a rewarding career that has a widespread impact. Furthermore, you’ll have many opportunities to wake up your talent and help people live better. Therap Areas Patricia Müller, Hardware Engineer Passion “I’m always happy to go to work. My job is exciting, my team is great, and each day is new and different. All of these things are important to me, and I’m grateful to be so passionate about my career.” 4

Impact “We recently got a letter from a father. He was so thankful for our neonatal oxygenator, which helped his 5-month old daughter recover from surgery faster than predicted. I love stories like these.” Annalisa Lodi, Commercial Quality Assurance Specialist CARDIAC SURGERY Did you know that half of all heart-related operations in the world use our technology? That’s just one example of how far-reaching your work can be. As part of this business unit, you’ll help take cardiac surgery to a whole new level. It’s a great opportunity to work with advanced devices like PERCEVAL™ S, our sutureless aortic valve that reduces surgical time, or with INSPIRE™, our new generation of state-of-the-art oxygenators, that are used to keep patients alive during open-heart surgery. eutic CARDIAC RHYTHM MANAGEMENT Providing the medical community with the latest ways to treat cardiac rhythm disorders is what this business unit is all about. Here, you’ll work with innovative technology like implantable defibrillator and pacemaker systems. You’ll even help set industry trends with products like SonR™, the only hemodynamic cardiac resynchronization therapy system of its kind. InspireTM adult oxygenator ReplyTM pacemaker PercevalTM sutureless heart valve WE’RE GLOBAL Our medical devices are found in countries around the world, and so is our company. We’re headquartered in Milan, Italy, with R&D and manufacturing locations across Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the United States. SORIN GROUP is also expanding in emerging markets, especially in China and Russia. Wherever you live, joining us means being part of a truly global organization. 47% Revenues Split by Geographic Region 21% 14% Western Europe U.S. Emerging markets 10% 8% Japan RoW 5

Working here WHAT’S IT LIKE? YOU’LL ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND PUT YOUR IDEAS INTO ACTION. IT’S ABOUT BEING CREATIVE, TAKING RISKS AND ACHIEVING TREMENDOUS GOALS. Respect Su Tr People We’re a people-oriented company, and we never lose sight of that. That’s why we’ve established a culture that’s built on teamwork, respect and support. As part of SORIN GROUP, you’ll work on lifesaving projects from day one. In fact, you’ll collaborate intra- and interdepartmentally and across the company to achieve incredible results. Roberto Monesi, Foreman Oxygenators ators Growth “I started in an entry-level job with SORIN GROUP. The company believed in my ed talents and gave me the chance to make the ake first membrane oxygenator. Now, I manage anage all new oxygenators designed by the division.” Eric Zenou, Business Line Manager Inspiration “As the result of our work, 4 46,000 newborns and children have been a able to live a productive and prosperous life. N Not every company can say that. Everyone w who works here is part of a beautiful story.” 6

pport ust Opportunity “The thing that I love most about my job is getting to work directly with the surgeons in the operating room. It’s a great way to use my skills and experience to help them reach their goals.” John Tisdell, Sales Representative Culture With employees in more than 80 countries, we’re a global company – and one that is human-scaled with minimal management layers. Open communication, transparency and promoting from within are all things we stand for. We believe that every employee has something special to add to our team. Working here, your peers will immediately respect and trust your ability to succeed in the role you were hired to fulfill. From the very beginning, you’ll take on great responsibilities, make important decisions and do what it takes to get the job done. Ethics and Compliance At SORIN GROUP, our goal is to continue leading our industry in innovation, as well as professionalism and business conduct. As part of our team, you’ll live by a strong set of values that shape who we are and how we do our jobs. SORIN’s Compliance Program forms an essential pillar in our strategy. SORIN has implemented several ground-breaking modules in its Compliance Program, making business ethics much more than a simple condition of employment. First and foremost, we’re committed to the highest level of ethical, legal, operational and moral standards in everything we do. We also strive to achieve excellence in quality, execution and accountability to uphold our reputation of creating exemplary products. Wherever we do business around the world, our employees proactively embody our Code of Conduct and everything it represents. Marco de Liguoro di Presicce, Director, Corporate Legal Affairs Integrity “The foundation of corporate integrity is personal integrity. Across the globe, we apply the most rigorous standards of ethics in our business practices. Everything we do sends a message about who we are and what we value. I am proud to work in a company that enjoys a strong reputation as a thought-leader in Compliance. Our compliance culture guides the actions and decisions we take in our daily lives and challenges us to always aim higher.” 7

Total rewards WORKING HERE, YOU’LL ENJOY YOUR LIFE BOTH IN AND OUT OF THE OFFICE – AND MAKE A WORLDWIDE IMPACT WHILE YOU’RE AT IT. Reward Tra Pe Benefits Being part of our team is a rewarding experience. More than a million people each year count on us to provide unique solutions to the medical community. Whatever career area fits your skills, the work you’ll do supports our ability to save lives through technology. It’s an important responsibility, which is why we offer our employees a competitive salary and benefits package. Our goal is to aggressively reward our top performers. Our Total Rewards include a base compensation, short- and long-term incentives and benefits in kind. Compensation At SORIN GROUP, we care about our employees and understand that paychecks count. So, we continuously assess compensation market trends to ensure our competitive stance. Also, because open communication is important to us, we provide market data on an ongoing basis and at your request. Megan Olen, Industrial Quality Manager Service “I believe that our customer relationships are strong because we work to meet individual needs. For example, we make customized tubing sets to fit each perfusionist’s preference.” 8 Paying you for a “job well done” is at the cornerstone of what SORIN stands for. We are about being creative, taking risks and achieving tremendous goals; and we’re about rewarding our employees correspondingly. If you join us as a manager, be prepared to use your best judgment and make important decisions on your own when rewarding your teams.

ding nsparency rformance Maria Elkallab, Support Engineer Support “There’s a very good atmosphere between coworkers. I like my job. I’m treated with respect and valued for the person I am.” Olivier Carbonaro, Core Team Leader Jude Cadet, Director, Clinical Affairs Innovation Pride confronting market players who are much bigger than us. Still with fewer resources, we create extremely innovative products. That creates a sense of pride for us and gives the company a dynamic image.” work brings state-of-the-art products to doctors and specialists, helping them save lives.” “We are clearly smaller than the “I take pride in knowing that my daily 9

Professional development HOW WILL YOU GROW? AT SORIN GROUP, WE PROVIDE MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO HELP YOU ADVANCE YOUR CAREER AND ACHIEVE YOUR GREATEST POTENTIAL. Performance Management Program Our Performance Management Program is an ongoing process between managers and their teams to: • Align employees’ individual objectives to business goals • Assess individual contributions and reward performance • Identify development priorities and action plans This process includes 5 steps: GOAL SETTING What is expected from me? MID-YEAR PERFORMANCE REVIEW YEAR-END PERFORMANCE REVIEW DEVELOPMENT PLAN How am I performing? What did I deliver? What are my strengths and areas of development? Identification of Employee Potential Talent Grow Opp PAY AND RECOGNITION How will I be rewarded? In order to prepare our employees for career advancement, we use a process to identify each employee’s potential and increase awareness of strengths and areas to be further developed. This process includes 4 steps: PRESCREENING SUCCESSION PLANNING DEVELOPMENT PLANNING Identify ‘promotable’ individuals 10 ASSESSMENT OF ‘POTENTIAL’ Make promotion decisions using factors predictive of future potential (competencybased assessments and stakeholder input) Identify likely successors for each employee with potential Design individual development plans for accelerated assessment and development in preparation for future roles

Talent Management Programs for Leaders Each year, we invest in the assessment and development of our leaders through our Talent Management Programs, which include: • Acceleration of personal development; providing leaders valuable feedback and validated data on their work behavior • Customization of development opportunities and coaching to best meet leaders’ needs • In-depth and objective information provided to management teams for use in the overall talent and performance management processes JOB PROFILING 360° ASSESSMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTERS (OPTIONAL) INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT PLANS TRAINING, COACHING AND DEVELOPMENT REVIEW PROGRESS Clearly state what is expected from Leaders (key success drivers) Capture and provide performance feedback from multiple sources Provide further assessment and development of skills through high impact business simulations, ability testing, and individualized coaching Determine ways to enhance areas of strength and upgrade areas needing improvement Develop new skills through coaching and/or training, including participating in the SORIN University Link development plans to the performance management program Conduct performance comparison with key success drivers wing ortunities Review progress vs. development plans SORIN GROUP University We’re known across the globe as a company that embraces change and adapts quickly. Staying ahead of a fast-paced industry is the key to delivering revolutionary products and services to physicians and their patients. Here, you’ll gain a wide variety of training and development programs – all designed to keep you at the top of your field. You’ll also have access to our very own SORIN GROUP University, featuring various e-learning and instructor-led courses. Shelby Peralta, Vice President Human Resources Quality “SORIN employees believe in their products so they strive for quality. At SORIN, quality is not a department or a single person that says you need to do it. Quality is a culture. This is SORIN.” 11

Thierry Conreux, Electronic Development Engineer Strengths “Today, what I really like the most is what our products are used for. Every day, we can say that we are saving lives. And there are very few jobs that can say that.” 1 out of 3 mechanical heart valve implants in the world are performed with a SORIN GROUP heart valve. Mitroflow™ aortic pericardial valve: 30 years of clinical experience. Maura Trombali, Operator Sense “Our job is vital! You are not just producing a piece of plastic but a part that goes into the human body: the heart.” 12

Elena Ronchetti, Sales Area Manager Empowerment “The company gives independence and responsibility to those who work for it. Even though there are rules, and rightly so, each person is responsible for what they do and they can do it in an independent way, playing a first-person role.” SonR™ The only hemodynamic cardiac mod namic resynchronization therapy (CRT) optimization system providing optimized timing at rest and exercise for improved CRT response in heart failure patients. Reply™ Up to 12 years of longevity in the world’s smallest dual chamber pacemaker. Micah McFeaters, Engineering Technical Specialist Stability “I’m thankful that I work for a strong company. Every day when I wake up, I think ‘What can I do to make a difference today?’” 13

What gets you going? W It’s probably knowing that people around the world are counting on you. That’s what happens when the work you do saves lives in more than 80 countries. All of a sudden, going to work takes on a whole new meaning. You’re no longer waking up each morning just for yourself – you think about the far-reaching impact you’re making every day. Combine that with advancement opportunities, great benefits and company-wide support, and you have plenty of reasons to wake up your talent and get going. Disciplined Selection At SORIN GROUP, we know that the speed and quality of hiring is the key to our success. That’s why we use a rigorous process to source and select the best candidates. When we have an open position, we pay close attention to the quality of the job description and success profile. We carefully evaluate and select talent against the job description and success profile. Our collaborative selection teams always meet after the interview to share viewpoints and overall assessments with the hiring manager to ensure selection of the best candidate. SUCCESS PROFILE SOURCING PRESELECTION INTERVIEWS HIRING DECISION INDUCTION PERIOD Describe role and responsibilities Determine sourcing strategy Pre-select the best candidate vs. success profile Explain role Integrate feedback from interviewers Provide key onboarding activities for new employees Clarify what is expected from the role 14 Assess candidates vs. success profile Make fact-based decisions, including consideration of reference checks

ake up your talent Ready to apply? GREAT! YOU’RE ABOUT TO TAKE AN IMPORTANT STEP TOWARD A MEANINGFUL CAREER. SORIN GROUP IS WAITING FOR YOU. TO APPLY, SEE BELOW. Visit It’s an easy way to find opportunities by category, location or keyword. For more information, scan the QR code and apply now. 15

SORIN GROUP Via Benigno Crespi 17 20159 Milano Italia SORIN GROUP Corporate Communication - Photo credits: SORIN GROUP –

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