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Published on February 20, 2014

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Brochure Pusan National University - Đại học quốc gia Pusan


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History 04 President Message 05 Vision 06 PNU Campus 08 PNU Power 07 Graduate Schools 27 Institute for Research & Industry Cooperation 40 Information Technology Center / Museum 41 Research Institutes 42 Dormitory 44 the Hall of TRUTH Organization Chart 10 Numbers of Students, Faculty and Staff 11 Colleges 12 Office of International Services 45 the Cradle of FREEDOM the Birthplace of SERVICE Library 39 University Hospitals 46 Global Collaboration Research Centers 47 Academic Collaboration Partners 50 Global PNU Project 48 Global Studies Program (GSP) / PNU-KU Joint Lecture Program 52 Korean Language Courses / PNU Summer School 53 Busan Campus 54 Yangsan Campus / Ami Campus 56 First irst United Best Only Miryang Campus 57 Fantastic City BUSAN 58 Harmonized

History / President Message You, organized 1945 Oct. 1945 Founding Committee for Pusan National University May. 1946  Pusan National College founded with two faculties : Our Dream! Humanities and Fisheries Sep. 1946 The 1st Matriculation held 1950 1990 Mar. 1952 The 1st Commencement held Sep. 1953  Pusan National University established with six colleges : Liberal Art & Law, Business, Pharmacy, Engineering, and Medicine Nov. 1953 Apr. 1954 Nov. 1956 Apr. 1966 Mar. 1972 Inauguration of the 1st President, Dr. Yoon In Koo Graduate School founded PNU Hospital opened Central Library opened PNU High School established Apr. 1992 PNU Foundation established Nov. 1997  Designated as superior university in education reform 2000 Mar. 2006 Integrated with Miryang National University Ranked among the Top 5 in the Second-Phase Apr. 2006  Brain Korea 21 project Mar. 2008 School of Korean Medicine opened Feb. 2009 The construction of Yangsan Campus completed Mar. 2009 School of Law opened 2010 Sep. 2010  School of Business, College of Economics and International Trade, and Graduate School of Economics and International Trade established Pusan National University marks its 67th anniversary this year. PNU has contributed to the development of the country and the region by educating the nation’s most capable talents, based on the core values of truth, freedom and service. The development of PNU goes hand in hand with the development of Busan, and the honor of PNU is the pride of the residents of Busan. As one of Korea’s leading national universities, PNU must meet the needs of the time. PNU has laid the foundation that will enable it to become a forwardlooking university that is realizing its true vision, by establishing PNU Vision 2030. In order to build a creative knowledge community, PNU is focusing on developing itself by setting the goals of developing multi-faceted and creative graduates, leading convergence studies and realizing the spirit of sharing and donation. PNU is focusing on developing local talents by continuously pursuing initiatives for its development. PNU aims to become the central university of the southeastern part of Korea by developing creative elites, global experts, service leaders and experts with open minds. In three years, PNU will be marking its 70th anniversary. The preparatory committee will be established this year to prepare for the 70th anniversary, and PNU will pave the way for future development of universities. We will do our utmost to turn PNU into a university where students can have dreams, develop dreams and realize their dreams, under the slogan, “You, Our Dream!” President of PNU Jan. 2012  Inauguration of the 19th President, Dr. Kim Ki Seob nited 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 04 05

Vision / PNU Power ONE PNU! Excellence in Harmony The Era’s Leading University, PNU PNU Power PNU VISION 2030 A Community of Creative Intellectuals, Global Excellence · No. 1 for foreign enterprise employment among regional universities in Korea [2010]  · Ranked Top 5 among university research centers as evaluated by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology [2011] ■ Interdisciplinary Creative Human Resources Education ■ Leading Convergence Research ■ Charity and Sharing in Deed ■ Global Professionals ■ Volunteering Intellects ■ Open-minded Intellectuals Globally-renowned University 2021~2030 · Ranked No. 1 among national universities in Korea, 9th among domestic universities, 63th among asian university according to Chosun Ilbo & QS Asian University Rankings [2012] · No. 1 for number of papers per professor among national universities in Korea [2012] Creative Intellectuals ■ Maturing Stage Development Stage · No. 1 national university that provides field-oriented vocational training [2012] Hub University of Asia · No. 1 for number of alumni executives in domestic top 10 corporate groups among  regional universities [2012] 2017~2020  Development of an academic system that encourages ■ convergence and collaboration between disciplines  trengthening of global research competencies S ■  egional and international leadership R ■  Administrative and financial innovations and reinforcement of Founding Stage No.1 National University in Korea 2012~2016 ■ infrastructure est 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 06 07

PNU Campus Development Regional-specific Campus BUSAN campus • epresentative PNU campus, with a long history and R tradition • armonization of basic, applied and human sciences H knowledge • irthplace of converged and integrated education B YANGSAN campus • ew hub for converged and integrated N  pharmaceutical research • reation of synergies between education and C research facilities of medicine and bio science; and medical facilities • evelopment of collaborative healthcare D PNU Multi-campus AMI campus system fusing oriental and western medicine • rban medical center U MIRYANG campus • ocalized campus and specialization of L agricultural science • eader in research and education on L  agricultural science and natural resources • ey public healthcare organization of the K southeastern region • peration of general hospital equipped O  with a state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and governmentdesignated centers dedicated to specific diseases Busan Campus The early bird calling for daybreak, the essence of sober truth Yangsan Campus New Mecca of challenges, creativity, medicine and convergence research Miryang Campus Center of bio-resources engineering and Eco-green Campus Ami Campus Center of advanced medical infrastructure and medical studies in Southeast Korea nly 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 08 09

Organization chart / Numbers of Students, Faculty and Staff | Organization Chart | | Numbers of Students, Faculty and Staff | Vice President for General Academic Affairs Vice President for External Affairs Vice President for Medical Affairs PRESIDENT Head Offices Office of Academic Affairs Educational Affairs The Council of Deans University Council Office of Student Affairs Office of Planning and Finance Office of General Administration Organization Planning and Evaluation total 145,023 Bachelor Master 36,670 188,112 6,419 Doctor Campus and Financial Planning General Affairs Finance and Budget Office of Admissions - The Graduate School, 5 Professional Graduate Schools, and 6 Special Graduate Schools Office of International Affairs Office of R&D Planning Affairs Colleges/Division - 108 Research Institutes Alumni Student Welfare Facilities - 13 Colleges and 1 Independent Division - Library and 54 Supporting Facilities Academic Affairs Colleges - 9 Corporate and Other Organizations total Enrolled Students College of Humanities College of Social Sciences Undergraduate College of Natural Sciences 20,549 (Bachelor's Degree) Master's Degree The Graduate School 27,936 Doctoral Degree 2,969 1,519 College of Engineering Professional Graduate Schools College of Education The Graduate School 1,295 64 Special Graduate Schools 1,540 College of Economics and International Trade Library School of Business Supporting Facilities 54 College of Pharmacy Institute for Research & Industry Cooperation Professional Graduate Schools College of Human Ecology College of Arts Office of General Education College of Nursing Information Technology Center College of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Mirae HRDC(Human Resources Development Center) College of Natural Resources and Life Science Division Center for Education Accreditation Archives Leaders in Industry_university Cooperation Graduate Schools Division of Sport Science(Independent Division) Professors Tenure-track Faculty Endowed Professor total 1,174 60 Emeritus Professor Distinguished Professor 335 6 Adjunct Professor Others 1,955 129 251 General Graduate School Professional Graduate Schools Graduate School of International Studies School of Medicine Research Institutes 108 School of Dentistry Corporate and Other Organizations 9 School of Korean Medicine School of Law Special Graduate Schools Graduate School of Management Graduate School of Economics and International Trade Graduate School of Public Administration Graduate School of Education armonized Administrative Staff & Teaching Assistants Administrative Staff 562 Teaching Assistants total 761 199 Graduate School of Industry Graduate School of Environment 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 10 11

College of Humanities College of Humanities The College of Humanities was founded with the name of the School of Humanities in 1946. Through the long and prosperous history of more than 60 years, the College has been developed to have many basic humane study fields such as language, literature, and philosophy, among many, and also enriched to have the Center for Korean Studies, the Institute of Humanities, and the Institute of Jeompil-jae. The analysis of data on college information conducted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2012 showed that PNU’s College of Humanities holds the foremost place among all the colleges at fouryear universities in Korea in terms of the number of the research papers per every faculty member published in the academic periodicals authorized by the Korea Research Foundation or in SCI journals (1.57). Today, the College of Humanities at PNU is not only cultivating new scholastic methodologies with the top tier faculty and state-of-the-art education environment, but is also developing those advantages into a solid theoretical basis.  Departments Korean Language and Literature I Chinese Language and Literature I Japanese Language and Literature I English Language and Literature I French Language and Literature I German Language and Literature I Russian Language and Literature I Korean Literature in Chinese Characters I Language and Information I History I Philosophy I Archaeology TEL. 051-510-1504~5 13 Colleges(School) 1 Independent Division 97 Departments(Majors) 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 12 13

College of Social Sciences College of Natural Sciences College of Natural Sciences The College of Natural Sciences provides education covering profound theories in the pure and basic sciences, as well as pragmatic applications, and performs researches in the related fields. With outstanding faculty members and state-of-the-art research equipment, the college fosters well qualified scientists of the future, who upon their graduation will have jobs in industry, research institutes and universities. not only in Busan, Ulsan, and south Gyeongsang Province, but also across the nation. The College has shown its superb education and research capabilities by producing globally recognized research outcome in the fields of natural science and also by hosting many outstanding projects. Departments Mathematics I Statistics I Physics I Chemistry I Biological Sciences I Microbiology I Molecular Biology I Geological Sciences I Oceanography I Atmospheric Sciences TEL. 051-510-1764~5 Departments Public Administration I Political Science and Diplomacy I Social Welfare I Sociology I Psychology I Library, Archive and Information Studies I Communication College of Social Sciences TEL. 051-510-1552, 1554~5 The College of Social Sciences aims to equip students with the insights and capabilities that they need to actively and rationally respond to the social environment by exploring overall social phenomena. The college not only teaches theories, but also allows students to pursue empirical research (experiments, field study, and survey), to strike an optimal balance between theory and practice. In addition, the college contributes to the development of social sciences through joint research with the Institute of Social Science Research. 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 14 15

College of Engineering College of Education College of Engineering College of Engineering PNU is the largest college in Korea - it has about 10,000 students, and 224 faculty members. The College cultivates core human resources required by Korea’s backbone industries such as machinery, shipbuilding, and semiconductors. The employment rate is over 80%, mostly in major companies. Departments Mechanical Engineering I Polymer Science and Engineering I Organic Material Science and Engineering I Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering I Materials Science and Engineering I Electronics Engineering I Electrical Engineering I Computer Science and Engineering I Architecture I Architectural Engineering I Urban Engineering I Aerospace Engineering I Industrial Engineering I Civil and Environmental Engineering (Civil Engineering Major, Environmental Engineering Major) I Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering 42 research centers including Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre, IFAM Joint Research Center, Global Core Research Center, Engineering Research Center are being pursued with the support of the government and industry under which 63 million US dollars per year have been granted to develop core technologies with international cooperation. In addition, a total of 15 million US dollars per year in scholarship and tuition support is provided to students for stable University life, helping them to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Through these efforts, College of Engineering PNU is developing into a renowned engineering college that is Departments leading technological innovation and is continuously reaching out to the world. Korean Language Education I English Language Education I German Language Education I French Language Education I Education I Early Childhood Education I Special Education I Social Studies Education I History Education I Geography Education I Ethics Education I Mathematics Education I Physics Education I Chemistry Education I Biology Education I Earth Science Education I Physical Education TEL. 051-510-1405~9 College of Education TEL. 051-510-1605~7 The College of Education focuses not only on the pursuit of academic exploration in the major field and modern education, but also on enhancing the qualifications and character of students as educators. The college operates an Education Support Center, which is equipped with an e-Lecture studio, an e-Learning room, an education media design lab, a multimedia ht room, a language practice room, a class behavior analysis room, and many TE other state-of-the-art devices. Affiliated institutions include the In-Service Teacher Training Institute, the Research Institute for Science Education, and PNU High School. 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 16 17

College of Economics and International Trade School of Business School of Business The School of Business, rooted in the University’s education ideology of Truth, Liberty, and Service, has the goal of training students to become global business leaders, to develop expertise in various areas in business, and using latest business paradigm to lead organizations to fast adapt to changing environment and achieve competitive edge. The School of Business is a leading business education institution representing 8 million people of Busan and Gyeongnam province. Our aim is to expand current offering of courses taught in English to the entire curriculum. The School, in addition, boasts highly qualified faculty providing finest quality education to students and delivering outstanding research in their respective areas. The School of Business has maintained its excellent reputation since it was established in 1948. The School was selected as the central university for the expert development project for finance, futures, and insurance among NURI projects in 2005, and the graduate program of the School was selected for the Phase 2 BK 21 Project in 2007. The School has produced multitudes of leaders in diverse sectors of society. Many graduates serve at large corporations, financial organizations, government-invested organizations, and accounting firms, contributing to the high reputation and recognition of the School. Department Business Administration TEL. 051-510-7663~4 Departments International Trade I Economics I Global Studies I Tourism and Convention I Public Policy and Management TEL. 051-510-1654~5 College of Economics and International Trade The College of Economics and International Trade was established in September, 2010 from the former College of Commerce in the wake of rapid changes in the global economic environment. The purpose for the creation of this college was to raise creative and competitive global leaders and to foster development of the nation’s professionals. The former Departments of Economics and of International Trade were merged into a new college which also includes the Department of Public Policy and management, the Department of Tourism and Convention, and the Department of Global Studies. The College strives to create qualified student bodies with global decision-making skills and the ability to respond creatively by offering students both theoretical and practical knowledge through close partnerships between Departments. In an era of endless competition, through double majoring and minoring between closely related Departments, the students of the College of Economics and International Trade are becoming the globally competitive future leaders, who are essential to our country and the world. 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 18 19

College of Pharmacy College of Human Ecology College of Human Ecology The College of Human Ecology fosters future experts in the field of Child Development & Family Studies, Clothing & Textiles, Food Science & Nutrition, and Housing and Interior Design. Each of these majors aims to enhance human life, family welfare, the living environment, health, and quality of life from a human ecology perspective, by considering the dynamic interaction between humans and their living environment. Affiliated institutions include the Kimchi Research Institute, the only one of its kind established in a national university, the Korean Traditional Costume Research Institute, and the Research Institute of Ecology for the Elderly. Departments Child Development and Family Studies I Clothing and Textiles I Food Science and Nutrition I Housing and Interior Design TEL. 051-510-1712~5 Departments Pharmacy (Pharmacy Major, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Major) College of Pharmacy TEL. 051-510-1684~6 The mission of College of Pharmacy is to educate future pharmacists to equip with professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for competent professionals to deliver patient-centered pharmaceutical care, in a variety setting of profession of pharmacy. The College offers a comprehensive array of professional and graduate academic programs to prepare its graduates to contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical and clinical sciences through innovation and collaboration in pharmacy practice, research, education, and public services. Affiliated institutions to the College, including the Research institute for Drug Development, the Attached Herbary, and the Laboratory Animal Center, have contributed greatly to advancing pharmaceutical-related research by creating and maintaining competitive research programs. Continuing Pharmacy Education Center (CPEC), newly established affiliated institution since 2010, provides lifelong postgraduate education for practicing pharmacists to help them keep up-to-date on their knowledge and skills as drug therapy managers. 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 20 21

College of Arts College of Nursing College of Nursing Since its establishment, the College of Nursing has made continuous efforts to develop as a cradle for professional nurses, through quantitative as well as qualitative growth, by improving the education and research environment, developing new curriculum and education methodology, securing renowned faculty, and strengthening its graduate programs. On the strength of these continued efforts, the College of Nursing has contributed to enhancing the welfare of community by nurturing world class instructors, faculty, researchers, and clinical experts in the field of nursing. Department Nursing TEL. 051-510-8305~7 Departments Music I Korean Music I Fine Arts I Plastic Arts I Design I Dance I Art Culture and Image TEL. 051-510-1732, 1734~5 College of Arts The College of Arts aims to develop arts experts with a refined sensibility who can express themselves creatively in whichever field of profession their talents are required. Departments under the College include the Department of Music, the Department of Korean Music, the Department of Dance, the Department of Fine Arts, the Department of Formative Arts, the Department of Design, and the Department of Art Culture and Image. The College curriculum helps students to have a sound grasp of theory and provides opportunities to apply it in practice. Activities at the College also create opportunities to develop leadership abilities by participating in group projects and performances. In other words, the College’s goal is to foster individuals who will lead arts and culture in our nation and the world. 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 22 23

College of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology College of Natural Resources and Life Sciences College of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology The College of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is the first college in Korea to be established to specialize in ‘nano’ fields, to foster outstanding professionals in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Nanoscience and nanotechnology is a core component of technological development of today and considered to be vital in terms of ensuring our technological competitiveness with advanced countries, as it can be utilized in various value added, state of the art industries. In light of this, to foster superb talented individuals that are armed with global competitiveness, PNU Departments Nanomaterials Engineering I Nanomechatronics Engineering I Applied Nanoscience I Nanofusion Engineering TEL. 051-510-2795~6, 055-350-5270 has established the ‘Nano Camp’ a world class research base, at its Busan Campus. The Nano Camp offers cutting edge nano experiment classes, nano specialized education, and more, helping students to build on the expertise that they have gained through the professional and systematic education system. Departments Plant Bioscience I Horticultural Bioscience I Animal Science I Food Science and Technology I Life Science and Environmental Chemistry I Biomaterials Science I Bio-Industrial Machinery Engineering I Applied IT and Engineering I Bioenvironmental Energy I Landscape Architecture I Agricultural Economics TEL. 055-350-5100 College of Natural Resources and Life Sciences The College of Natural Resources & Life Science is a college for environmental studies that aims to enhance quality of life for all of humanity. Recently, it has been developing into an inter disciplinary area of study that is linked with the production, breeding and refining of bio materials; bio-environment; distribution; management; leisure industries; bio materials production industries, and more. In response to this call of the times, the College of Natural Resources & Life Sciences was established at the Miryang Campus in 2006. The college aims to foster the future experts that will lead the field of natural resources & life sciences, both of which are growth engines for the 21st century. The college is focused on providing educational and research activities that converge bio technology(BT), information technology(IT), and nano technology(NT). 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 24 25

Division of Sport Science TEL. 051-510-3745 Division of Sport Science The Division of Sport Science was launched in 2006 to advance globalization and promote healthy lifestyles in the 21st century. The Division develops the outstanding sports experts and researchers who strive to significantly contribute to establishment of a healthier society through scientific exploration in the field of sport science. As a leading national university in Korea, the Division of Sport Science has established an inter-disciplinary research system in collaboration with PNU Yangsan Hospital and PNU Korean Medicine Hospital. With these diverse efforts, the Division develops various physical activity programs to prevent diseases and promote fitness and wellness and performs a number of cutting-edge researches in sport science field. The Division also strives to enhance the health and well-being of the elderly and children in our community based on these researches. Furthermore, the Division leads and promotes the health society in the Southeast Korea by providing instructors in sports programs and introducing healthy lifestyles to its residents. 1 General Graduate School 5 Professional Graduate Schools 6 Special Graduate Schools

General Graduate School Natural Sciences General Graduate School Master’s & Doctoral Programs · Mathematics · Statistics · Physics · Chemistry · Biological Sciences · Earth Sciences · Earth Environmental System · Mathematics Education · Science Education · Pharmacy · Pharmaceutical Manufacturing · Housing and Interior Design · Clothing & Textiles · Food Science & Nutrition · Nursing Master’s only · Plant Bioscience · Horticultural Bioscience · Animal Science · Food Science & Technology · Life Science and Environmental Biochemistry Doctoral only · Natural Resources and Life Science · Food Biomaterials Science · Applied Bioresources & Life Science Master’s & Doctoral Programs · Mechanical Engineering · Civil and Environmental Engineering · Chemistry Engineering · Polymer Science and Engineering · Organic Material Science and Engineering · Materials Science and Engineering · Electronics and Electrical Engineering · Computer Engineering · Architectural Engineering · Architecture · Urban Engineering · Industrial Engineering · Aerospace Engineering · Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering · Nano Fusion Technology · Applied IT and Engineering · Architecture Landscape · Cogno-Mechatronics Engineering Master’s only The goal of the General Graduate School is to further study existing academic theories and to expand the · Biomaterials Engineering · Bio-Industrial Machinery Engineering · Bioenvironmental Energy applications of these theories. The General Graduate School also aims at educating young professionals and reeducating experts to become respectful and creative leaders in the related fields. Graduate programs offered by the School are closely related with the undergraduate programs offered by each college providing opportunities to explore more deeply into the topics dealt with at the undergraduate level. 87 Master’s programs and 79 Doctoral programs are currently available across all disciplines. Academic Area Master's Degree Doctoral Degree Humanities·Social Sciences 34 31 Natural Sciences 20 18 Engineering 21 19 Medicine 3 3 Arts·Physical 9 8 total 87 79 Humanities · Social Sciences Master’s & Doctoral Programs Master’s only · Korean Language & Literature · Chinese Language & Literature · Japanese Language & Literature · English Language & Literature · French Language & Literature · German Language & Literature · Korean Literature in Chinese Characters · Linguistics · History · Philosophy · Archaeology · Public Administration · Political Science & Diplomacy · Social Welfare · Sociology · Psychology · Russian Language and Literature · Law Engineering Doctoral only · Library, Archive & Information Studies · Communication · Korean Language Education · Foreign Language Education · Education · Early Childhood Education · Special Education · Social Science Education · National Ethics · International Trade · Economics · Business · Public Policy and Management · Child Development & Family Studies · Tourism & Convention · Agricultural Economics ·Biosystems Engineering Medicine Master’s & Doctoral Programs · Medicine · Dentistry · Korean Medicine Master’s & Doctoral Programs · Physical Education · Music · Korean Music · Fine Arts · Plastic Arts · Design · Sport Science Master’s only · Dance · Art Culture and Image Doctoral only · Art Culture Arts · Physical • Interdisciplinary Programs - 32 Master’s Programs, 28 Doctoral Programs • University-Research Institution Cooperative Programs - Numerous Master’s Programs in affiliation with 4 Institutions - Numerous Doctoral Programs in affiliation with 5 Institutions • University-Industry Cooperative Programs - 3 Master’s Programs, 2 Doctoral Programs 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 28 29

Graduate School of International Studies School of Medicine Professional Graduate Schools The School of Medicine was launched in 2006 as a professional graduate school School of Medicine that would be equipped to take the lead in the development of state-of-theart medical technologies and life sciences. Formerly known as the College of Medicine, the School has stopped providing undergraduate programs and is now solely focused on the graduate level education and professional medical training. The School fosters excellent medical professionals of fine character, who are passionate about new research in the medical and life sciences. The two prime facilities - Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital, equipped with cutting edge equipment and located in Yangsan Campus, which will develop into the healthcare hub in the Southeast region of Korea, and Pusan National University Hospital, which will soon be fully renovated - will help PNU to take another great stride. TEL. 051-510-8004~7 Graduate School of International Studies The Graduate School of International Studies aims to foster the type of capable international experts that the era of globalization requires. The master’s program includes five majors: International Trade, International/Area Studies, International Logistics and Port Management, European Union Studies, and Korean Studies. To nurture international experts, the curriculum optimally balances theory and practice. The PhD program, launched in 2006, offers four majors: International Trade, International/Area Studies, International Logistics and Port Management, and European Union Studies (Korean studies is only available at the master’s level). TEL. 051-510-1116, 1118, 1663 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 30 31

School of Dentistry School of Korean Medicine School of Korean Medicine PNU's School of Korean Medicine is the only Korean medicine institution established in a national university in Korea. The school has launched Korean Medicine (Masters), Korean Medical Science (Masters, Ph.D.) and Multi-degree programs (Master of Korean Medicine+Ph.D.) majors. The school has moved away from the traditional way of studying Korean medicine, towards one based on clinical tests, and is nurturing professional researchers in the field through an inter-disciplinary approach. PNU will develop as a center for the research of Korean medicine by establishing a Korean medicine cluster involving the PNU Affiliated Korean Medicine Hospital, National Clinical Research Center for Korean Medicine and Industry-Academia Cluster at its Yangsan Campus. TEL. 051-510-8403~5 The School of Dentistry aims to be an educational hub of nurturing dentists who deeply respect the dignity of human life as a health care provider and devote their practices to improve the community's oral health. In 1981, we School of Dentistry started as a college of dentistry and since 2003 have produced so far well trained and competent dental graduates for the entrance of undergraduate students from a various major field of study backgrounds. Taking the opportunity of moving into Yang-San City in 2009, great improvement of pre-clinical practice and expansion of facilities for basic/clinical research have been achieved. On the other hand, active clinical training is ongoing at the general student(predoctoral) clinic built in the dental hospital. We encourage our students to take responsibility serving as a leader in various fields and to make their contribution to our community and human societies. TEL. 051-510-8206~9 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 32 33

School of law Graduate School of Managemen / Graduate School of Economics and International Trade Special Graduate Schools Graduate School of Management The MBA programs at the Pusan National University emphasize the theoretical and practical study of the business administration, with the aim of producing business professionals who can easily adjust to the rapidly changing international business environment. The general MBA at the PNU school of Management is a business major program, and there are two special MBA programs designed to provide an practical knowledge in business: the Samsung-MBA program and the Techno-MBA program. The Advanced Management program(AMP) is a program designed with the flexibility and leadership you need as a business executive. TEL. 051-510-1652, 1362 School of law Graduate School of Economics and International Trade Through legal education, the School of Law aims to uphold human rights and With the changes in the global paradigm, the country and industry demanded new maintain a just and democratic society, by producing internationally competitive human resource. To full the global demand, the graduate school of economics and legal professionals who can contribute to the local community through various international trade opened 'Global policy major", which is composed of (1) economy fields of specialization, including finance, marine transportation and commerce. The commerce track, (2) public policy track, and (3) tourism & convention track. "Global School of Law also aims to develop the next generation of legal scholars who can policy major" opened corequisite and elective courses across tracks, so synergy contribute to the development of legal studies based on their own creative spirit. effect across the field can be maximized. The graduate school places its focus on The PNU School of Law first opened its door in 2009 by admitting 120 students and the strengthening competitive power, so alumnus can be the global leader in this became one of the most prestigious law schools in Korea. global age. TEL. 051-510-1654~5 TEL. 051-510-1574~5 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 34 35

Graduate School of Public Administration / Graduate School of Education Graduate School of Public Administration Graduate School of Industry / Graduate School of Environment Graduate School of Industry The Graduate School of Industry has contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of industries and vitalizing the local economy by enhancing the creative and The Graduate School of Public Administration aims to foster and re-educate independent development capacities of managers and technicians working in the field. professional managers at public institutions who are essential to the development of The school offers coursework on 13 majors, including Mechanical Engineering, the nation and local communities, through research and the provision of a theoretical Electrical & Electronic Communications Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material and practical education in political sciences and related studies. Established in 1971, Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Architecture, the Graduate School of Public Administration offers two graduate majors in the Organic Material Science and Engineering, Polymer Science and Engineering, Naval Department of Public Administration and the Department of Social Welfare. Open Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Landscape Architecture, lectures include the CEO course. and Horticulture Science. Open lectures include the Industrial CEO Course. TEL. 051-510-1372~3 TEL. 051-510-1391~2 Graduate School of Education The Graduate School of Education aims to develop creative and active educational experts, as well as provide professional development for educators already employed in the field. Graduates of the School will contribute to the development of the nation and humanity by research and teaching the theories and practices related to education and scholarship required by modern society. The school has programs in 33 majors, including education administration. TEL. 051-510-1382~3 Graduate School of Environment The Graduate School of Environment is a professional institute that both nurtures and re-educates the managers that are needed to protect and restore the environment that has become degraded due to policies that valued industrial development, and to enable green growth, which refers to the simultaneous development of industry and conservation of the natural environment. The school includes the Department of Environmental Engineering, the Department of Environmental Science, and the Department of Urban Planning. TEL. 051-510-1391~2 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 36 37

Library Library The Library is comprised of six Subject Libraries, including Literature & Arts Library, Humanities & Social Sciences Library, Science & Engineering Library(in the main library building), the second library(preservation stacks, reading room), law library in Busan campus, Medicine & Life Science Library in Yangsan campus, Nano & Life Science Library in Miryang campus. The Library has a collection consisting of more than 2,160,000 books, more than 5,300 serials, 42 WEB DB, 33 e-Journals and more than 32,000 domestic and foreign e-books. The Library operates specialized reference and information service rooms such as Old Literatures, iCOMMONS, North Korea Collection, Foreign Research Information Center, and various specialized collections including UN/EU/IMF Collection, Map Collection, Bibliotherapy Collection, and collection for job application. The Library aims to provide customized services to specific needs including information service for research and learning activity, library instruction service, reader's advisory service, SCI service, subject libguides service, and bibliotherapy program for undergraduates and employees. Library / Institute for Research & Industry Cooperation / Information Technology Center / Museum Librar y #1 Librar y # 2 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 38 39

Institute for Research & Industry Cooperation Institute for Research & Industry Cooperation Information Technology Center / Museum Information Technology Center Museum The Institute for Research and Industry Cooperation at Pusan National University aims The Information Technology Center plays a leading role in the PNU museum is a two story building that displays various to support collaboration between industry and academia. The Institute has the goal of informatization of the university through the Smart-Campus artifacts from the Paleolithic Age to the Joseon Dynasty making Pusan National University a research hub for the southeast industrial belt by and cloud computing technology with the high speed and period, especially Gaya in the second floor. It was established stimulating and activating industrial-academic collaboration through partnerships with the quality intrastructure. with the purpose of contributing to academic research and central government, local governments, and industries. It also aims to contribute to the Especially, it services the PNU Integrated Data Center (PNU- social education, as well as to the development of local development of the University and the local community by nurturing future experts in the IDC) for the integrated management of information resources culture. Since the opening in 1964, the museum has helped related fields. and constructs server/client virtualization environment students and the general public to appreciate the ancient and connected to the PNU-IDC. traditional cultures of Korea, and has continuously conducted It services a Smartphone Application/Web, Student Portal surveys and excavations of the cultural properties in Busan System for one-stop student support at any time and from and Gyeongsangnam-do as a research institution of ancient any location, the Online Certificate Issuance System, the cultures. The Institute is actively working on a wide range of internal and external projects, including • roviding support for the participation of professors in industrial-academic collaboration, p • upporting the efficient operation of government-invested initiatives, s •mproving the planning function of the administrative offices of each institute and center i by operating them in an integrated way, • timulating technology transfer, s • ttracting government-invested businesses, a • nd developing an industrial-academic-research cluster for the Southeastern region. a Educational Statistics System, Integrated Information System that supports efficient administration and school affairs, the Homepage Management system for the professor and the organization of PNU, web mail system and internet disk system. It also operates Information Security Education Center and a high-tech classroom and electronic information reading room. 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 40 41

Research Institutes Research Institutes Humanities I Russian Center I Institute of Humanities I Institute of Jeompil-jae I Korean Studies Institute I Korean Traditional Costume Research Institute Social Sciences I Research Institute for Economy and Trade I Science Education Institute for the Gifted I Institute for Social Science Research I Research Institute of Futures and Finance I Busan Center for International Finance I Ethical Management Strategy Center I Korean School Counseling and Training Center I PNU EU Center I Research Institute for Management I Educational Research Institute I Labor Research Institute I Research Institute of Ecology for the Elderly I Institute of Law Studies I Research Institute of Social Education I Research Institute for Social Criticality I Women’s Studies Center I Center for Japanese Studies I Institute of Chinese Studies I Research Center for Geography of Korea Natural Sciences I Research Institute for Basic Sciences I  and Industry Convergence Research Life  Institute I Institute of Environmental Studies I Center for Proteome Biophysics I Agricultural Products and Food Quality Control  Center I Extreme Physics Institute  I Chemistry Institute for Functional Materials  I Kimchi Research Institute  I Micro Biological Resource Research Institute  I Center for Innovative Bio-Physio Sensor  Technology I nstitute of Mathematical Sciences I I  esearch Institute for Genetic Engineering R I Research Center for Dielectric and Advanced  Matter Physics (RCDAMP) I Geologic Hazard and Industrial Resources  Research Institute I Statistic Research Institute  I nstitute for Plastic Information and Energy I Materials I  esearch Institute for Marine Biotechnology R I  arine Research Institute M I Nuclear science research institute  I BIT(Bio Information Technology) Research Institute  Engineering I Research Institute of Mechanical Technology  I The Ship and Offshore Research Institute  I Trouble Analysis and Reliability Research Center  I Engineering Education Base Center  I Engineering Education Innovation Center  I Mechanical Engineering and Technology Research  Information Center I Pusan Educational Center for Computer-Aided  Machine Design I Education Center of Semiconductor Design  I PNU-ETRI Open R&D Center  I Renewable Energy Utilization Technology Center  I Engineering Research Center for Innovative Technology on Advanced Forming I Supercomputing Center  I Smart Electric Machinery Research Center  I Global Core Research Center for Ships and  Offshore Plants (GCRC-SOP) I Center for Advanced Air-conditioning,  Refrigeration & Energy I Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Technology  Center I Special Environment Navigation/Localization  National Robotics Research Center I Research Institute for Future Wind Energy  Technology (WETech-FUTURE) I National Core Research Center for Hybrid  Materials Solution I Korea Nanobiotechnology Center  I Clean Coal Center  I Rolls-Royce University Technology Center  I ITU ASP-CoE PNU  I LG Electronics Smart Control Center  I Architecture Science and Technology Institute  I Research Institute for Optical Mechatronics  I Green Land and Water Management Research  Institute I Crystal Research Institute  I Urban Affairs Research Institute  I Research Institute of Logistics Innovation and  Networking I Parts Material Research Institute  I Institute for Advanced Materials Technology  I Research Institute of High-Technology Materials  and Processes for Footwear I Nuclear Safety and Disaster Prevention  Research Institute I Engineering Research Center for Net Shape  and Die Manufacturing I Research Institute of Computers, Information  and Communication I Institute for Environmental Technology and  Industry I LG Electronics PDP Technology Research  Center I PNU-IFAM Joint Research Center  I PNU-IGB International Research Institute  I PNU-IPK Joint Research Institute  Medicine and Pharmacy I Medical Research Institute  I Longevity Life Science and Technology Institute  I Pusan National University-Vatech Center  I Molecular Inflammation Research Center for  Aging Intervention I Research Center for Asbestos-Related  Diseases I Convergence Stem Cell Research Center  I Medical Research Center for Ischemic Tissue  Regeneration I Research Institute of Nursing Science  I Research Institute for Oral Biotechnology  I Research Institute for Drug Development  I Cancer Research Center  I Research Institute for Health Services  Management I Institute of Translational Dental Sciences  I Research Institute for Korean Medicine and  Science I Institute for Cancer Biological Therapeutics  I Research Institute for Environmental Health  Arts and Physical I Asian Arts Research Institute  I Cinema Research Institute  I Music Research Institute  I Formative Arts Research Institute  I Research Institute of Physical Education and  Sports Science 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 42 43

Dormitory / Office of International Services Dormitory PNU dormitory provides a unique opportunity to live in an environment that fosters academic excellence, while encouraging cross-cultural understanding, cooperation and friendship. PNU’s 8 residence halls(4 in Busan, 3 in Miryang, and 1 in Yangsan) house 4,458 students(16.2% of the whole enrollments) in total, and help students’ campus life to be more enjoyable. About 500 residents are international students who have come from 35 different countries creating an atmosphere of international community within and around the residential areas. Facilities Campus Furnishings & Amenities Buildings Number of Maximum Total Area Room Size Rooms Occupants (m²) (m²) Remarks desks, chairs, bookshelves, wardrobes, beds, telephones, LAN internet connection, fire extinguishers Jilli Hall (Ga) 155 310 3,788.08 11.40 Jilli Hall (Na) 155 310 3,788.08 11.40 Jilli Hall (Da) 155 310 3,788.08 11.40 Jilli Hall Management - - 1,612.50 - Jayoo Hall (A) 147 294 3,186.00 11.40 Jayoo Hall (B) 147 294 3,186.00 11.40 Jayoo Hall Management - - 1,550.00 - Woongbee Hall (A) 173 304 7,538.86 22.40 Woongbee Hall (B) 378 756 22,116.14 22.40 Hyowonjae Busan Residence rooms  155 310 3,470.00 11.40 5 floors, double occupancy, male and female, students preparing for national exams only 8 floors, double occupancy, male only dormitory office, dining hall, gym Reading rooms 6 rooms in Jayoo Hall, 6 rooms in Hyowonjae Amenities TVs, water coolers, vending machines, snack bar(Jilli Hall), laundry rooms, sports rooms 5 floors, double occupancy, female only Student lounges dormitory office, dining hall, gym Heating system 24 rooms in Jilli Hall, 20 rooms in Jayoo Hall, 5 rooms in Hyowonjae central heating & hot water 9(A)/11(B) floors, double occupancy, male and female, private bathroom *available for married couple Office of International Services Maehwa Hall 21 126 2,523.00 75.50 6 floors, double occupancy, female only Bima Hall 50 300 5,813.00 79.60 13 floors, double occupancy, male only 21.60 7 floors, double occupancy, female only 21.60 7 floors, double occupancy, male only dormitory office, dining hall, gym registration, giving orientation about campus life, and 7(A)/7(B) floors, double occupancy, male and female, private bathroom *available for married couple issues. The building where the office is located on its 2nd Miryang Cheonghak Hall (A) 84 168 17,549.00 Cheonghak Hall (B) 60 150 Haenglim Hall Management Yangsan - - 24.00 Haenglim Hall (A) 232 413 22.47 Haenglim Hall (B) 232 413 22.47 2,144 4,458 Total 79,908.74 - The Office of International Services provides a one stop service to all of the international students and researchers on campus in regard to their stay at PNU. The services include providing admission information, inviting exchange students, arranging housing, assisting counseling students about academic and non-academic floor is a place of natural and architectural beauty, fitting in its surroundings. On the 1st floor of this building, the Global Lounge is placed for sharing cultures and information, studying, and friendship between domestic and international students. 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 44 45

University Hospitals Global Collaboration Research Centers University Hospitals Global Collaboration Research Centers Brief History Rolls - Royce & Pusan National University Technology Center 1956 PNU Hospital established as an affiliation to the College of Medicine 1994 Separated from PNU as a legally independent corporate entity 2004 Ami Volunteer Medical Service Group winning the top prize of Asan Award 2006 Ranked first among national universities in public medical service by MHWF PNU 2007  Hospital designated as one of the model hospitals that provide medical information to Rolls-Royce and Pusan National University Technology Center was established in February 2008, in collaboration the public 2008 friendly thermal management technology for the highly efficient energy and power system. PNU - IGB International Research Institute PNU established the PNU-IGB International Research Institute at Miryang Campus in May 2006. It plays a pivotal PNU Yangsan Hospital, Children’s Hospital opened Designated as the institution to host the Injury Treatment Center 2009 PNU Dental Hospital opened 2010 Korean Medicine Hospital opened PNU 2011  Dental Hospital separated from PNU Hospital as a legally independent corporate entity with Rolls-Royce, the world-leading power system manufacturer. The Center is developing the environmentally Yeongnam Regional Rehabilitation Hospital opened role in redrawing the future industrial map for the Miryang area, and is being operated with the goal of eventually developing it into an R&D hub in Northeast Asia for advanced bio materials and BNT. PNU - IFAM Joint Research Center The PNU-IFAM Joint Research Center was established in May 2006 in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research of Germany. The Center facilitates collaborative international research on machine parts and materials as a customized international joint research center that supports a strategic industry in Busan. • Pusan National University Hospital • Pusan National University Dental Hospital 051-240-7000 PNU - IPK International Joint Research Institute 055-360-5114 The PNU-IPK International Joint Research Institute was established in April 2008 in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology(IPK) of Germany. Our purpose is to supply overseas advanced remanufacturing technology into the country and promote remanufacturing industry. • Pusan National University Yangsan • Pusan National University  Hospital Korean Medicine Hospital 1577-7512 055-360-5555 • Pusan National University Children's Hospital • Yeongnam Regional Rehabilitation Hospital 1577-7512 1577-7512 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 46 47

Global PNU Project Global PNU Project Academic Exchanges with Pusan National University has established academic cooperation agreements with 277 universities·institutions in 41 countries·regions and is promoting vigorous exchanges with them. As part of its drive to boost such international exchanges, PNU continues to establish an advanced international exchange system, has dramatically increased the number of foreign faculty members, is expanding student exchange programs, and is developing double-major programs that include English lectures. 277 41 universities·institutions in countries·regions in the world Foreign faculty members 62 International industryuniversity cooperation MOU 25 Courses conducted in foreign languages _ 402 per semester Students sending abroad for study, internship, volunteer and other activities _ 934 per year 948 Hosting excellent foreign students (with 19 institutions in 9 countries) Double-Major in International Studies: GSP Making English score a graduation requirement (Global Studies Program) -  ll courses are conducted in English A (Native-speaking faculty members) -  Conferment of Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies -  pportunity for studying overseas during summer/ O winter vacation Global Lounge and International Services Center 2013 PUSAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 48 49

Academic Collaboration Partners Academic Collaboration Partners Argentina ▪National University of La Plata Australia ▪Deakin University ▪Griffith University ▪Macquarie University ▪National Korean Studies Centre ▪Queensland University of Technology ▪Swinburne University of Technology ▪The Australian National University ▪The University of Adelaide ▪The University of New South Wales ▪The University of Queensland ▪University of Tasmania ▪University of Technology, Sydney Austria ▪Vienna University of Technology Belgium ▪University of Liege Canada ▪University of Manitoba ▪University of Montreal ▪University of the Fraser Valley Chile ▪La Serena University China(& Hongkong) ▪Beijing Foreign Studies University ▪Beijing Jiaotong University ▪Beijing Language and Culture University ▪Beijing Normal University ▪Beijing University of Chinese Medicine ▪Changchun Scientific Research Center of Applied Chemistry ▪China Academy of Agricultural Sciences ▪China Pharmaceutical University ▪China Ship Scientific Research Center ▪Chinese Academy of Science ▪Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ▪Chongqing University ▪Dalian Maritime University ▪Dalian University of Technology ▪Donghua University ▪East China Normal University ▪East China University of Political Science and Law ▪East China University of Science and Technology ▪Eastern Liaoning University ▪Fudan University ▪Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine ▪Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine ▪Harbin Engineering University ▪Harbin Institute of Technology ▪Heilongjiang University ▪Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ▪Henan Polytechnic University ▪Jiangnan University 277 universities·institutions in 41 countries·regions ▪Jilin Agricultural University ▪Jilin Animation University ▪Jilin University ▪Lingnan University ▪Nanjing Association of Social Sciences ▪Nanjing Audit University ▪Nankai University ▪Northeastern University ▪Ocean University of China ▪Peking University ▪Qingdao University of Science & Technology ▪Renmin University of China ▪Shandong Universirty ▪Shandong Weihai College of Foreign Languages ▪Shanghai Jiao Tong University ▪Shanghai Maritime University ▪Shanghai University ▪Shanghai University of Finance & Economics ▪Shenyang Agricultural University ▪Shenyang Jianzhu University ▪Shenyang Pharmaceutical University ▪Sun Yat-Sen University ▪The Chinese University of Hong Kong ▪The Hong Kong Polytechnic University ▪The University of Hong Kong ▪Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine ▪Tongji University ▪Tsinghua University ▪University of International Business and Economics ▪Weifang University ▪Yanbian University ▪Yanbian University of Science and Technology ▪Yunnan University of Chinese Traditional Medicine ▪Zhejiang University-Institute of Korean Studies ▪Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Costa Rica ▪University of Costa Rica Denmark ▪Risoe DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy ▪Technical University of Denmark Estonia ▪University of Tartu Finland ▪Hanken School of Economics France ▪Blaise Pascal University ▪Paul Sabatier University ▪University of Franche-Comté ▪University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis ▪University of Orleans ▪University of Picardie Jules Verne Germany ▪Baden-Württemberg Agency for International Economics Cooperation ▪Bielefeld University ▪Catholic University of Eichstatt ▪Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research ▪Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg ▪Leibniz University of Hannover ▪Munich University of Applied Sciences ▪Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg ▪Philipps-University Marburg ▪RWTH Aachen University ▪University of Bonn ▪University of Bremen ▪University of Hamburg Hungary ▪Eotvos Lorand University ▪Technical University of Budapest India ▪University of Hyderabad Indonesia ▪EEPIS Robotics Research Center ▪Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya ▪Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology(ITS) ▪University of Indonesia Ireland ▪University of Limerick Italy ▪University of Genova Japan ▪Beppu University ▪Educational Foundation Baekdu Hagwon ▪Fukui University ▪Fukuoka Prefectural Social Education General Center ▪Fukuoka University ▪Gunma University ▪Hirosaki University ▪Hiroshima University ▪Hitotsubashi University ▪Hokkaido University of Education ▪Institute of Aerospace Technology of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency ▪Institute of Physical and Chemical Research(RIKEN) ▪Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ▪Japan College of Social Work ▪Kagoshima University ▪Kanazawa University ▪Keio University ▪Kobe University ▪Kogakuin University ▪Kumamoto University ▪Kyoto Institute of Technology ▪Kyoto University ▪Kyushu Institute of Technology ▪Kyushu Sangyo University ▪Kyushu University ▪Mechanical Engineering Laboratory of the National Institute of Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ▪Mejiro University ▪Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology ▪Nagaoka University of Technology ▪Nagasaki University ▪Nagoya University ▪Naruto University of Education ▪National Museum of Japanese History ▪Niigata University ▪Ochanomiz University ▪Oita University ▪Osaka City University ▪Osaka Prefectural University ▪Osaka University ▪Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University ▪Ritsumeikan University ▪Saga University ▪Shizuoka University ▪Sophia University ▪Sundai College of Business & Foreign Language T ▪ he International Center for the Study of East Asian Development ▪Tohoku University ▪Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology ▪University of Tokyo ▪University of Tsukuba ▪Waseda University ▪Yamagata University ▪Yamaguchi University ▪Yokohama National University Kazakhstan ▪Al-Farabi kazakh National University ▪KIMEP University (Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research) Lithuania ▪Vytautas Magnus University Malaysia ▪University of Malaya Mongolia ▪Mongolia International University ▪National University of Mongolia Nepal ▪Pokhara University Netherlands ▪International Water Association(IWA) ▪Wageningen Agricultural University New Zealand ▪The University of Auckland ▪University of Otago Norway ▪Norwegian University of Science and Technology Pakistan ▪University of Karachi Philippines ▪System Plus College ▪University of St. La Salle ▪University of the Philippines, Los Baños Poland ▪Warsaw University of Life Sciences Romania K ▪ orean-Romanian Advance Technology Training Center ▪The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Russia ▪Far-Eastern National Technical University ▪Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research ▪Institute of the Oriental Studies Science Academy ▪Irkutsk State Technical University ▪Irkutsk State University ▪Korean Cultural Center in Russia ▪Moscow State University ▪North-Eastern Federal University ▪Russkiy Mir Foundation ▪State Rocket Center-Vertical Ltd. Saudi Arabia ▪Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in Korea Singapore ▪Nanyang Technological University ▪National University of Singapore ▪Singapore Management University Taiwan ▪China Medical University ▪Kaosiung Medical University ▪National Chengchi University ▪National Taiwan University Thailand ▪Chulalongkorn University ▪Kasetsart University ▪Prince of Songkla University UK ▪Lloyd's Register Educational Trust ▪Loughborough University ▪Rolls-Royce PLC T ▪ he London School of Economics and Political Science ▪The University of Nottingham ▪The University of Warwick ▪University of Birmingham ▪University of Glasgow ▪University of Leeds ▪University of Newcastle upon Tyne ▪University of Oxford ▪University of Southampton ▪University of Strathclyde Ukraine ▪Kiev Polytechnic Institute USA ▪Argonne National Laboratory ▪Arizona State University ▪Hawaii Pacific University ▪Illinois Institute of Technology ▪Indiana University ▪Miami University ▪Michigan State University ▪Mississippi State University ▪Nova Southeastern University ▪Ohio State University ▪Rutgers University ▪SAF(Study Abroad Foundation) ▪The University of Alabama ▪The University of Kansas ▪The University of Mississippi ▪The University of South Carolina ▪The University of Southern California ▪The University of Utah T ▪ he Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars ▪Thomas Jefferson University ▪Towson State University ▪Truman State University ▪Tulane University ▪University of California, Berkeley ▪University of California, Davis ▪University of California, Irvine ▪University of California, Los Angeles ▪University of California, San Diego ▪University of Dayton ▪University of Florida ▪University of Hawaii at Hilo ▪University of Illinois, Chicago ▪University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign ▪University of Maryland, College Park ▪University of Massachusetts ▪University of Michigan ▪University of

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