Bringing an Appropriate Change for the Betterment of Kolkata

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Information about Bringing an Appropriate Change for the Betterment of Kolkata

Published on June 23, 2018

Author: kolkatagives


slide 1: Bringing an Appropriate Change for the Betterment of Kolkata Kolkata a place where people from different countries come here to find joy and numerous opportunities related to career schooling and life. The city even houses tall established companies big time MNCs chartered firms and the real estate developments seems to touch the skies. But at times the city looks that it is missing something which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. The only thing which looks amiss is that small little sweet children are being seen begging on the streets and on the railways stations of Kolkata children who do not get food to fill their little tummies and wear good clothes like all other privileged children. Not only this there are some old people as well are being seen begging for food and money in the streets. This is very sad to look at times due to which some people endeavored on helping these children women and men who did not get proper education food shelter and clothing since their entire lifetime. There are some best NGO schools in Kolkata who are taking up these challenges and they are actually supporting the underprivileged people to get a better living in Kolkata. Schools like mother and child care Future Hope minds and souls Calcutta Rescue CINI India etc. are providing slide 2: their support in making lives of these sweet little children’s live more flexible they are bringing smiles on their faces. This change was required since India got freed from the British rule but there’s always a saying “better late than never” NGOs of Kolkata are giving their best shot in improving quality of lives for each and every children. Even there are some corporate business organizations that are providing CSR funds in Kolkata these corporation knows how to tackle different community issues and other such situations. Each and every effort are being given for improving the overall education system which are being provided to these children who never had the opportunity of studying since their childhood. Organizations who take up CSR activities they know that from this time onwards they will have to spend their own resources without getting any financial gain. But these organizations knows that one day or the other they have to look forward to the responsibilities of improving societies communities and the environment as slide 3: well. Due to which many companies and organizations have already started contributing significant parts of their company revenues towards the organizations who have taken up CSR activities. After all each one of us wants to see our City of Joy in a better place in the upcoming years. Thank you Contact Website: Contact No: + 91 33 4008 2981 / +91 9903273002 E-mail:

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