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Information about Bringing all our processes together - Keri Harrowven

Published on October 5, 2016

Author: WedgeBlack


1. Keri Harrowven @KeriHarrowven slide1 Bringing all our business processes together Keri Harrowven Knowledge Manager, Ian Williams Ltd

2. Keri Harrowven @KeriHarrowven slide2 Here’s one I made earlier The Problem The Challenge The Solution The Microsoft factor The one I made earlier!

3. Keri Harrowven @KeriHarrowven slide3 The Problem Rapid business growth New units opening need to maintain the companies high quality of delivery And learn the ‘Ian Williams way’ of doing things But this is what we had…

4. Keri Harrowven @KeriHarrowven slide4 The Problem One giant process flow in Excel 9 pages of landscape A3!

5. Keri Harrowven @KeriHarrowven slide5 The Challenge SharePoint online Image mapping worked well in 2007 No image mapping facility now Oh and bookmarks have also gone…

6. Keri Harrowven @KeriHarrowven slide6 The Solution Visio Web Access web part • All hyperlinks in Visio retained in SharePoint I could build it all myself • No time delay or cost of using a SharePoint developer • And future development is in my own hands

7. Keri Harrowven @KeriHarrowven slide7 The Microsoft Factor Slow page load on flows • Known Microsoft problem – with fix expected mid-July Go live accepting this could mar the UX 10 out of 10 - MS implemented the fix mid- June!

8. Keri Harrowven @KeriHarrowven slide8 The one I made earlier! Live demo – I’m nothing if not brave! Screenshots included for SlideShare

9. Keri Harrowven @KeriHarrowven slide14 Want to know more? Join me at this afternoon’s session Or please get in touch… Email: Twitter: @KeriHarrowven LinkedIn: harrowven-0aa444a

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