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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: orenf



Talent management:

Social, Mobile, Intelligent, Learning-centric, Engaging

SABA Brings SMILE to the workplace Name Title Date 1 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

SABA CLOUD A COMPREHENSIVE TALENT MANAGEMENT SUITE Recruiting@Work Learning@Work Collaboration@Work Performance@Work Planning@Work 2 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc. Succession@Work

WHAT’S REQUIRED FOR TODAY’S WORKPLACE? A NEXT-GENERATION PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM Social Engaging Mobile 3 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc. Intelligent Learning

SOCIAL 4 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

SOCIAL SUPPORT 100% OF THE WAYS PEOPLE DEVELOP  Supports 100% of how people learn and develop  Enhances formal learning processes  Leverages networked content and expertise  Drive continuous learning and development from your peers 5 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

SOCIAL CAPABILITIES & COLLABORATION Impressions Video Channels Recommendations Rewards Follow others 6 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

SOCIAL – COMMUNICATE with PEERS/EXPERTS Activity Stream Discussions Chat 7 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

COLLABORATION - GROUPS / COMMUNITIES  Improve communication, collaboration, content and engagement  Enable users to learn from their peers and subject-matter experts 8 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

COLLABORATION – Share – Bookmark – Tag – Flag 9 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

MOBILE 10 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

MOBILE BYOD TO THE WORKPLACE  Best-in-class mobile learning  Synchronized online and offline learning  Native mobile for apple and android devices  Network, connect, share, and participate on the go  One touch virtual classroom experience  Mobile Security 11 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

MOBILE – LEARNING ANYWHERE  Online and Offline 4:00 pm Kathy starts sales training at work 12 | 5:30 pm Kathy finishes her training on train ©2013 Saba Software, Inc. 7:00 pm With Internet connectivity, Kathy uploads her progress and is officially certified

MOBILE – SABA COLLABORATION SOLUTIONS  Anywhere, Anytime  Easy to Use  Highly Interactive  VoIP  HD Video  IT Friendly  Unified  iOS and Android 13 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc. 13

MOBILE – SECURITY & DATA PROTECTION  Make sure the content stays no longer than necessary on a mobile device  Downloaded content is encrypted (using data protection APIs on iOS and RSA 128 on Android). 14 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

INTELLIGENT 15 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

INTELLIGENT A SYSTEM THAT GETS SMARTER ABOUT YOU  Patent pending machine learning helps Saba get smarter about you  Saba sends you the right people, content and ideas, automatically  Smart Search get’s smarter the more it is used  The Intelligent Mentor (TIM) – provides personalized career development recommendations 16 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

INTELLIGENT – UNIFIED SEARCH  Our smart search helps to find whatever you are looking for 17 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

INTELLIGENT - RECOMMENDATIONS  The Intelligent Mentor, TIM! - Saba’s Patent-pending Recommendations Engine  Uses a powerful blend of Machine Learning and Collective Intelligence to provide personalized recommendations. Also encourages users to update their profiles and keep them current to get the best possible recommendations. 18 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

TIM: THE INTELLIGENT MENTOR 19 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

LEARNING 20 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

LEARNING TURBO-CHARGING TALENT MANAGEMENT Learning +  Succession = Stronger Talent Pipeline  Performance = Better Engagement  Onboarding = Faster Time to Productivity  Planning = Organizational Agility Clear Business Impacts   52% improvement in operating income  | 46% more likely to be first to market with new products / services  21 17% more likely to have greater market share 3.9x EPS ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

LEARNING – MY PLAN  All your learnings, their progress and due date at a glance ... and even more 22 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

LEARNING – TALENT MANAGEMENT  Plan succession and develop careers with Saba‘s talent suite 23 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

LEARNING - Workspaces  Provide information on workspaces about e.g. your company / new topics etc. 24 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

LEARNING - eCOMMERCE  Create your own storefront to sell courses internally & externally 25 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

LEARNING – VIRTUAL CLASSROOM  Work virtual together in breakout rooms and present your results Polls Emoticons Chat Recording 26 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc. Breakout rooms

ENGAGING 27 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

ENGAGING FUN, ADDICTIVE, PERSONALIZED  People-Centric user experience drives engagement and adoption  Innovative new concepts like PQ, Impressions, and Sentiments transform tired old processes  Personalized, relevant and useful for getting work done and growing in your career  Better connections and engagement between employees 28 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

ENGAGING - IMPRESSIONS  Receive impressions, leave impressions, rate rock stars 29 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

ENGAGING – ROCK STARS  Nominated rock stars fill your talent pool 30 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

ENGAGING – DNA* – PQ** SCORE  Check out your online influence *DNA = Dynamic Network Analysis **PQ = Personal Quotient 31 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

ENGAGING – BRANDING CAPABILITLIES  Design your home page to your needs  Today available in 19 languages See here User Interface branding examples 32 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

Thank You 33 | ©2013 Saba Software, Inc.

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