Brilliant Startup Ideas For On Demand App Development

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Published on June 11, 2019

Author: Innofied


1. Be The Next Uber – Brilliant Startup Ideas For On Demand App Development

2. Introduction You’ve been working hard the entire week. The beauty regimen you followed has gone for a toss and there ain’t no time to visit the gym for slimming your waistline. The crazy traffic when you return has left you with no time for laundry! Phew! There’s a lot to do. So you write off yourself and wonder if there are vetted services right at your doorstep to solve all these issues!

3. Online World is an Ever Changing Realm This is not just your story. Most millennials face issues like this. We live on a tight schedule where we jump between our work and personal life. It becomes difficult to manage our health, fitness, laundry and everything else. And we seriously wish for getting things done with a single tap!

4. Apps like UrbanCLap, Glam app etc. understood this pain and came with the idea of service on demand. From laundry to salon, courier to food delivery – they have introduced apps for almost everything. Owing to the major chunk of smartphone users, on demand service providers have targeted service apps to meet a wide array of requirements. That’s an important reason why businesses from different niche want to create an on demand app.

5. But, to rule the market, new-age startupreneurs have to make a clear deal between consumer and service provider. It can be a plumbing service, flower boutique, or a cleaning business, you can only boost your revenues when your customers are satisfied. When customers are giving you such huge traction, you have to step out and understand how better connectivity and effortless service can ‘sell’ your service more. And guess what can help you sway your customers to favor your brand? Mobile apps.

6. Now Is The Time To Make Most Of It! For 3 reasons : ● The geographical distribution of on-demand services is still not equal. While Uber may be ruling the market but there are places where it has not yet reached. ● There are industries who have the scope to flourish but have not yet fully approached the digital technologies. ● Innovation: On-demand industries have paved the way for many innovations, 20 years back who would have thought that you could book your taxi with a mobile phone and your taxi will be able to find your house.

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8. When Uber has touched almost every sector, why leave out plumbing service? Pete, my friend, understood this and went for mobile app development for plumbing business! He could then locate more customers and respond quickly to emergency requests. He thought to create an on demand app for plumbing and it did all the magic. Lesser paperwork, clear track on customer service and accurate ETAs made Pete complete more jobs every day. So it seems, Uber for plumbers is the best bet for plumbing companies and even for individuals.

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10. Spa and salon owners always face the hassles of overbooking and underbooking. Apps can bring management to streamline the work and connect customers with the services. A professionally designed on-demand beauty app development can reduce your hassles. Technology-driven app management will tailor your inventories and appointment bookings easily. Your users can have bookings done ‘on-the-go’!

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12. Millennials today care about their health and fitness after their family. And they want everything at their fingertips! About 88 percent rise in the health and fitness app industry is because of millennials. This implies that this industry is undoubtedly one of the best service industry to dig in. If you have a gym or your provide fitness service, go for health and fitness app developers who can help you go live. Leading app on demand mobile app development companies can make your app presence in just 7 days!

13. Keep in mind that the best features are included in your app. In customer/user app can have features like ● Option to choose their trainer ● Appoint even at last minute from anywhere and anytime ● Get fitness and health training at home ● Share feedbacks with social media integration Admin app can have features like ● Receive bulk request from customers all over your area ● Send personalized push notifications to customers ● Notify customers about an appointment in real time

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15. Well, on-demand laundry app development can serve you the best. This gives your brick and mortar store a virtual visibility that helps you be proactive. Gone are those days when customers preferred waiting outside laundries to get their clothes washed. All they want is a simpler approach to get things done. And laundry apps are the best in this category. This preference gave rise to Uber for laundry app, a startup niche being loved by young professionals.

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17. Courier or pick up/delivery services no more follow the traditional norms of doing business. They now provide online tracking facilities to their customers with tracking IDs and delivery notification. But, it is all done manually! You have to enter your data for every single package. That’s where your customer finds it time-consuming. Don’t you think that’s taking up a lot of your time, which can be used for a better business management? Well, a mobile app for courier service can save your life. It eliminates you and your company from depending on doubtful goods management and tracking system. But how?

18. A single app can give you: ● on-time notifications on shipments alternatives ● glance over the package delivery map ● real time package tracking You can target both iOS and Android users and along with that, you can have cross-platform app development for a complete user experience. Get your asset courier business automated with the best mobile app for courier service developers.

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20. One of the most laborious tasks of planning a trip is finding the right hotel. Which has now been made easy by apps like trivago, Airbnb and few others? I find a huge scope in this corner, you can either start it with small 2-3 stars hotels or can straight jump into luxury hotels. Your choice. But remember to have thorough on-ground research before partnering with any hotel.

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22. The product you are selling may be incomprehensible to several users. The process of using a particular technology you are selling needs explanation. This is when infographics come to use. Wondering what infographics are? These are image descriptions of any data. Apart from explaining something that is unperceivable, infographics make the web page appear more interactive.

23. Chris Lamontagne, the head of Gett, a successful food app that lets customers book for food delivery, transportation and on-demand services says for aspiring startupreneurs, this dilemma is common. They are creative, have a vision and still, they lack the expertise to stand the cut throat competition. Mobile marketing or specifically mobile apps have helped them get a grip over the market. App for food delivery will give your drowning fast food business a lift. More customers from all over the place- all yours! .

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25. Electrical failures are common in every household. For a quick solution, residents contact local electricians who are mostly ‘unavailable’ or have a high charge for emergency service. That’s a pain in the rear for most people. But apps are found to be a better way to connect with these kinds of services. Millennials find it convenient to get things done at their fingertips. If you too are an electrician and providing service, you can tap the market be being on app. Mobile apps can boost your revenues by providing you an unbundled supply of customers! Urbanclap is a remarkable name worth mentioning which provides electrical services on the go.

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27. Busy Millennials or baby boomers, cleaning up their house in their busy schedule is just difficult, plain and simple. They don’t want to settle for apps to have their pizza delivery. Anything on demand is what they dream of. That’s a big reason why about $4.8 billion dollars is invested by on demand industries that include health, e-commerce, transport, household services, cleaning and everything else. Entrepreneurs want to create an on demand app for their cleaning business.

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29. Getting rid of notorious pests is a need. But it often becomes difficult to handle those pesky, ugly and tiny-miny creatures So, it’s definitely one of those hot sectors where pest control mobile app can be an overnight hit. You can create an on demand app for pest control and provide your service at your convenience. Get more service requests, manage appointments and billings on the go. Make sure you are talking about the features with a reliable pest control app development company.

30. You have just read half of the business ideas on app based platform. There are more ideas coming up, stay tuned to the page. And if you want to know the details of each of them, you can check it out on our page or just visit our website.

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