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Published on June 20, 2016

Author: AproGift


1. 5 Absolutely Brilliant Ideas for using Mypoolin Mypoolin

2. 1) I’m going to Pump You Up! A bunch of friends wanted to get jacked. They needed to learn how. So they started a pool and purchased a subscription of for their house. It was easy, it was awesome. They’ll be ripped soon. Learn More: Pool on MyPoolin

3. 2) IIT Hoodies Students at IIT Bombay pooled in money together and custom made their awesome winter hoodies. They added a quarter of their batch on Mypoolin, used our chat like crazy and collected money, all in one day! Lightning fast these IIT guys! Learn More: Pool on MyPoolin

4. 3) FIFA 16 Some friends wanted to play FIFA 16. The only problem? They didn’t have it. So they used Mypoolin and bought FIFA 16. The best part is they only paid 400 per person!

5. 4) Aint no mountain high enough! Our buddies at Nirvana Nomads conquered the daunting Himalayan peaks in a 4 day trekking expedition for a group of 12. They collected funds on Mypoolin and forgot all money related hassles the entire trip. Way to go gang!!!

6. Wait… I thought there were supposed to be 5 Pools??! You… you & your friends will now create the 5th awesome idea! Start a Pool on MyPoolin and explore the craziness yourself

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