BrightGen's Salesforce Summer 19 Release Webinar

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Information about BrightGen's Salesforce Summer 19 Release Webinar

Published on June 6, 2019

Author: brightgenss


1. Salesforce Release Webinar Summer '19 Highlights

2. Your Presenters 2 Keir Bowden CTO Salesforce MVP @bob_buzzard Clive Platt Head of Service Management

3. Agenda ☑ Fond farewells ☑ General ☑ Sales Cloud ☑ Service Cloud ☑ Analytics ☑ Communities ☑ Mobile ☑ Customisation ☑ Beta Features new

4. Fond Farewells

5. Fond farewells 5 • Customizable forecasting retires Summer 20 • Migrate to collaborative forecasts • Original territory management retires Summer 20 • Migrate to Enterprise Territory Management • IE 11 extended support for LEX ends Dec 31 2020 • Einstein Discovery Classic retiring in Spring '20 • Legacy B2B Marketing Analytics App retiring Feb 2020 • Switch to new B2B Marketing Analytics App:

6. Fond farewells 6 • IDE retiring October 2019 • Reports small formula editor has retired • Community builder support retired for IE11 • Process visualizer retiring June 2019 • Swing Flow UI (aka Desktop Flow Builder) retiring June 2019 • Cloud flow designer retiring Winter 20

7. Field History Retention - Last Call! 7 • Field history data not guaranteed available after 18 months (UI) / 24 months (API) unless: • Org creation date < June 2011 • Purchased Field Audit Trail add-on

8. General

9. Browser Support ☑ Lightning Experience IE11 Most recent stable Edge/Chrome/Firefox Safari 12.x+ ☑ Classic IE11 Most recent stable Edge/Chrome/Firefox Safari 12.x+ ☑ Einstein Analytics Edge IE11 Most recent stable Chrome/Firefox No support for Safari

10. Turn On Lightning Experience ☑ Critical update Winter 20 ☑ All Users with Lightning Experience permission Standard Profiles Custom Profiles Permission Sets ☑ Switched to Lightning Experience on a weekly basis Can switch back ☑ Admin "gentle reminders" Can turn off ☑ Can't disable LEX after enabling Users can still switch

11. Lightning Experience Transition Assistant

12. Transition Phases

13. Activity View Admin defines org default Users can switch

14. Related List Quick Filter ☑ Cannot save ☑ Cannot share

15. ☑ Help menu search results filtered by edition ☑ Additional Entries in More Resources Trailhead link Salesforce Support link ☑ Open Salesforce Help from Help Menu And from footer of search results Help

16. LEX Other ☑ Retain record context switching Classic -> LEX If exists, otherwise Home page ☑ Utility Bar Items are right aligned ☑ Search results aligned with nav bar items ☑ LEX header hidden when printing ☑ 5 Recent Items in Navigation Bar dropdown

17. ☑ Survey licenses no longer needed - send free, pay for responses ◆ 300 free responses per org ◆ Buy add on response pack ☑ Send customised emails to launch survey Can include survey question ☑ Generate Survey Invitations for Leads ☑ Character Limits Increased ◆ Question 1,000 characters (was 255) ◆ Response 4,000 characters Surveys

18. Sales Cloud

19. ☑ Segment data to get better forecast predictions E.g. by Region or Product Line ☑ Opportunity Score value 'hidden' If reps have limited access ☑ Global Predictive Models Aggregates trends across Salesforce customers Gathering data, not building yet Anonymised Can opt out Einstein

20. ☑ Smart email matching is retired Did not exit Beta ☑ Simplified setup and configuration ☑ Improved sync filters ☑ Test sync functionality in sandbox ☑ Can restrict sharing of activities All users in the company Only Einstein Activity Capture users Einstein Activity Capture

21. ☑ Custom fields (1) ☑ Validation rules ☑ Apex triggers ☑ Layouts ☑ Custom buttons (2) ☑ Not process builder/workflow Customizable Product Schedules

22. ☑ Wrap text (1) ☑ Adjust column widths (2) ☑ Does not persist ☑ Actions (3) Edit Delete Change Owner Collaborative Forecasting

23. ☑ You have to enable ☑ Virtual confetti ☑ LEX and mobile ☑ When path hits stage ☑ Control frequency Celebration

24. ☑ All contacts from account prepopulated ☑ Select from list and add role ☑ Separate dialogs to add and edit Opportunity Contact Roles

25. ☑ Add images to emails in LEX Have to upload/link No copy/paste ☑ Reps choose which email tool opens when clicking on address Salesforce composer Installed email application ☑ Mark email fields as read only in global actions ☑ Clearer bounced email messages Email

26. ☑ Enhanced Letterheads Standardise header and footer template information Create in rich text editor or paste custom HTML Add merge fields, images and links ☑ Add images to email templates Same rules as emails ☑ Existing letterheads renamed 'Classic Letterheads' in Setup ☑ See entire email template in Sales Console ☑ Agents can no longer use Save/Save As to create email templates Ensures templates stay on brand Email Templates

27. ☑ Tasks ◆ 'My teams tasks' filter on list view ◆ Reps choose to receive emails when assigned tasks ◆ Share task list views ☑ Events ◆ Filter and search events in list views ◆ Repeat field available on Quick Actions Activities

28. ☑ Pricing Guidance ◆ Based on historic deals and pricing trends ◆ CPQ+ license to receive guidance ◆ EinsteinAnalyticsPlus license to create guidance ☑ Large Scale Amendments/Renewal Quoting Service ◆ Up to 2000 related records without timeouts or errors ☑ Renew/Co-Terminate Contracts from Opportunities/Accounts in LEX ☑ Hide and Lock Quote Fields ◆ Page Security JavaScript Plugin CPQ

29. ☑ Einstein Campaign Insights GA ☑ Behavior Scoring with Workflows/Process Builder ◆ Use in rule criteria ☑ View Engagement Activities in Related Lists ☑ Use Quick Filters on Pardot Views ◆ All related lists in Pardot Lightning Experience Pardot

30. ☑ Requires Connected Campaigns ☑ Admin enables ☑ Add component to page in App Builder Pardot Engagement History Dashboard

31. Service Cloud

32. ☑ Intelligently transfer Bot sessions Override default queue/channel id Create rule actions to route to specialized queues ☑ Set up Bots faster Exact match keywords in dialog intents Ignores capitalisation Doesn't overlook spaces/punctuation Don't need 20 utterances/Einstein ☑ Each Bot now has User and Profile Standard - Basic Chatbot User profile Assign custom profile to access features Bots

33. Bot Dialog Map ☑ Read Only

34. ☑ Actions and Recommendations Component Einstein Next Best Action Quick Actions Expanded support - Products, Orders, Custom Objects Reorder List ☑ Einstein Case Classification Optimize Button removed Einstein

35. ☑ LiveMessage renamed Messaging Search for either in setup ☑ Apple Business Chat Support ☑ Hide Sensitive Data Define Sensitive Data Rules Use JavaScript Regular Expression (!) Remove or replace data Enforced on the author ☑ Quick Text support ☑ Encrypt Conversations Messaging

36. ☑ Live Agent renamed Chat Search for either in setup ☑ Improved Conversational Conferencing Warning if agent cannot see other conversations Jump to new messages Load previous comments Return to selected conversation Leave Conversation link (End if only one agent) ☑ Seconds now included in Chat timestamp Chat

37. ☑ Inline Editing for Article Drafts ☑ Enhanced report type relationships Knowledge - Knowledge Versions - Data Categories Knowledge Articles - Knowledge Article Versions/Case Articles Knowledge Article Versions - Case Articles Case - Articles - Knowledge Article Versions ☑ Search Knowledge Articles from any object Add Knowledge Component Suggested articles cases only Some actions (e.g. Insert Article Contents into Email) cases only ☑ Paste images into Article rich text fields Knowledge

38. ☑ Lightning Experience Feature Parity ◆ Restore, Delete and Submit Articles for Translation actions ◆ Send Case emails with community and site article URLs ◆ Manage promoted search terms ◆ Manage Knowledge workflow actions ☑ Create Knowledge Actions and Global Quick Actions ☑ Enhanced Knowledge Lookup Features ◆ Knowledge as parent of master-detail ◆ Cascade Delete ◆ Knowledge to Knowledge lookups ◆ Create article from lookup dialog Knowledge - Other

39. ☑ Mark Routing Skills as Additional Additional skills dropped after specific time Get to best available agent quickly ☑ Change queues/skills for agents in Supervisor Enable in Supervisor Settings ☑ Prompt before logging agents out of other tabs Avoid accidentally ending conversations ☑ Route Work Items based on Skills via Flow No need to write apex Routing

40. Cases ☑ See files attached to emails In Case -> Files related list ☑ Attach files to Case related email easily Add multiple files at once Avoid duplicates ☑ View case milestones in LEX

41. ☑ Conditional instructions in macros Only executed if expression evaluates to true ☑ Quick Text search includes body Previously only title Agent Productivity

42. Analytics

43. ☑ Summary or matrix report ☑ Up to 5 formatting rules ☑ Up to 3 bins per rule ☑ Apply standard or custom colours Conditional Formatting GA

44. ☑ Tabular, Summary or Matrix report ☑ Alphanumeric and special characters ☑ Headers and fields highlighted ☑ Only searches records rendered ☑ Matrix searches summary only Not detail rows Report Table Search

45. Formulas in Fields Pane

46. Reports - Other ☑ Create Historical Tracking Reports in LEX ◆ Feature parity ☑ Export Joined Reports with Formatting ◆ Preserves layout for spreadsheet ◆ Always exported as .xlsx ☑ Report rows sized to fit content ◆ Long text area fields show line breaks ◆ Images display in full

47. ☑ Sort components by Groups and Measures Was label and value Report Grouping option for dashboards < Summer 19 ☑ Two level sorting E.g by stage then sum of amount, or average age then record count ☑ Subtotals on First Level Groups in Lightning Tables Previously only on second level groups ☑ Resize Columns in Lightning Tables Dashboards

48. ☑ Notifications when report conditions are met Email contains summary of conditions met OR Summary plus the whole report ☑ Improved Dashboard Charts, showing Display Units Decimal Places Values on Line Charts Small Groups combined into "Others" Palettes Themes ☑ Improved Dashboard Tables, showing Groupings (previously showed No Data when groupings present) Themes Subscriptions

49. Einstein Analytics Connection Mode

50. ☑ Fields added to data sync appear when editing recipe Previously didn't appear if added after recipe created ☑ Differentiate between null and empty string in recipe preview Null displayed as 'null' Empty strings blank ☑ Simplified Monitor Einstein Analytics

51. Einstein Analytics ☑ Concurrent Dataflow Runs 2 x for Einstein Analytics Plus platform license ☑ Filter template picker by tag or industry No need to scroll ☑ Apply filter to lens or step in dashboard in Explorer ☑ Add custom formulas with fewer clicks ☑ Sort on Dimensions via clicks Previously required SAQL ☑ Debug steps with dashboard inspector

52. Einstein Discovery ☑ Avoid bias with protected fields Declare values to be excluded from models Notified of problematic correlations ☑ Discovery stories now in full copy sandboxes ☑ Refine stories with setup wizard ☑ Display predictions in LEX Record Pages Use Einstein Predictions component ☑ Smart Bucketing Learning algorithm can suggest different ranges ☑ Gain insights from smaller data sets

53. Communities

54. ☑ Streamline User Creation and Management Create/disable/view external users from contact detail page No need to go to setup ☑ Quick actions Case quick actions now appear in communities Create mass quick actions in communities Global quick actions in communities ☑ Customizable User Settings component Change labels ☑ Custom Lightning Community can use pages from other templates Regardless of the community template Any out of the box page from the standard page options Communities

55. ☑ Wave Dashboard component renamed Einstein Analytics Dashboard ☑ Deflection tracking component available for more templates ☑ Create and publish communities via Chatter Rest API Retrieve list of available templates Create Lightning/Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce communities Publish Lightning Communities ☑ Record Lists Allow users to pin lists Control display option - Kanban, Table or user chooses Communities

56. ☑ External users have minimal object permissions ☑ External Access Levels for more objects External access level defaults to Private ☑ Critical Updates ◆ enable external org-wide defaults in orgs with communities ◆ disable API enabled permission for standard and cloned External Profiles ☑ Limits Changes Total roles now 50k (was 5k) Max person account users owned 50k (was 10k) Communities - Sharing

57. Mobile

58. Mobile ☑ LEX Feature Parity ◆ Use path with leads ◆ Celebrations ◆ Repeat field on Event quick actions ☑ Supported ◆ Android 6+ (installed app) ◆ iOS 12+ (installed app) ◆ Chrome on Android (mobile app) ◆ Apple Safari on iOS (mobile app) ☑ Push notifications no longer sent to inactive users ☑ Custom notifications from process builder -

59. Customisation

60. ☑ Process Builder ◆ Process that contain warnings will not save ◆ Reference custom metadata type records ☑ Flows ◆ Process JSON returned from web calls ◆ $Flow.InterviewStartTime - time that a flow started ◆ Create flows from templates ◆ Only see usable elements/resources/components ◆ Enhanced builder - undo, redo, duplicate buttons ◆ Each Service Cloud/CRM Content license grants extra ● 50 interviews with UI/month in Enterprise Edition ● 100 interviews with UI/month in Unlimited Edition Process Automation

61. ☑ Authorization Form objects ☑ Classify sensitive data ◆ Contacts, leads, person accounts and users ◆ Record data owner, field usage and sensitivity of any field ◆ Apply a default level to all records ☑ New Individual record fields ◆ Credit score and provider ◆ Influencer score ☑ Data Protection and Privacy enabled in all orgs ◆ Old and new ◆ Can disable Data Protection/Privacy

62. ☑ Hard limit for total objects raised to 2,500 ◆ Created by you ◆ Installed from managed packages ☑ Hard delete custom fields ◆ Deleted fields are removed ◆ Available for recovery for 15 days ◆ If at 75% of org allocation for custom field: ● Deleted fields page shows 'Purge' button ● Click 'Purge' to erase deleted fields Setup

63. ☑ Enhanced Permission Set Component Views ◆ Paginated Apex Class Access ◆ Enable through User Management Settings ☑ OAuth custom scopes ◆ Non-Salesforce scopes ◆ Access to external entity ◆ Using connected app to protect external resources Setup

64. ☑ Increased password complexity - three of: ◆ Number ◆ Uppercase letter ◆ Lowercase letter ◆ Special character ☑ See failed login attempts on user record Setup

65. ☑ Continuations from Lightning Web Components (LWC) and Aura components (Aura) ☑ Configure form factors supported by LWC + Aura ◆ If not supported, will not display ☑ Use LWC in Aura apps ☑ Use LWC in Visualforce (nested in Aura) ☑ Improved validation on save for Aura ◆ May mean you cannot save! Development

66. ☑ Fire platform events from batch Apex ◆ When error/exception occurs ◆ Implement Database.RaisesPlatformEvents interface ◆ Event details phase of job (start/execute/finish) ☑ Metadata type limit raised to 200 / org ◆ Was 100 ◆ System overview shows usage Development

67. ☑ Change events published for more objects ◆ CampaignMember, CampaignMemberStatus and Contract ☑ Process change events in Apex triggers ◆ Executed asynchronously ◆ After transaction completed ◆ after insert trigger only ☑ Choose platform event publishing behaviour ◆ Immediately call executes (current default) ◆ After transaction committed Development

68. ☑ Debug log max size 20Mb ◆ Was 5Mb ◆ 99.99% of logs not truncated ☑ Debug log storage increased to 1,000Mb ◆ Was 250Mb Development

69. ☑ Migrated to oclif (Heroku Open CLI Framework) ◆ Faster ◆ Enables future features, e.g. hooks, autocomplete ☑ force:source:deploy / retrieve / delete GA June 15 ◆ Parameters aligned with force:mdapi commands ◆ Deploy source format to sandbox / production Salesforce CLI

70. Beta Features

71. ☑ Are preview ☑ Are not part of "services" under MSA ☑ Are not supported ☑ May never go live ☑ May be discontinued at any time Beta Features

72. Enhanced Related Lists ☑ 10 columns ☑ Wrap text ☑ Resize and sort columns

73. Prompts

74. Row Level Formulas

75. Row Level Formulas

76. Case Merging

77. Case Merging

78. The End

79. ☑ ☑ Release notes ☑ Webinar recordings ☑ Videos ☑ Trailhead release badge - Release Readiness

80. Questions? Events

81. Thank you Events

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