Bright, Fun Ideas For Maintaining a Healthy Weight in the New Year

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Published on January 12, 2016

Author: DrLoriGoreGreen


1. B R I G H T, F U N I D E A S F O R M A I N TA I N I N G A H E A LT H Y W E I G H T I N T H E N E W Y E A R D R . L O R I G O R E - G R E E N

2. The deliciously creamy desserts and savory dishes consumed during the holiday season stay with us well after the moment it touches our lips. Unfortunately, this influx of sugary and/or salty items translate to weight gained. The good news? There are a number of fun and simple ways to shed those new pounds, which should encourage you to maintain a healthy weight in the new year and years to come!

3. Zumba and Hula Hoops Zumba is a fun, Latin-inspired aerobic workout that's gained popularity over the last decade. It incorporates elements of hip hop, soca, reggaeton, flamenco, mambo and so much more. Many swear by it, but others enjoy other activities, such as yoga, hula hoop sessions, skating, frisbee, kickboxing, badminton, swimming and trekking. These exciting activities can be adjusted to different limitations or skill levels, and they burn hundreds of calories.

4. Brighten Up Your Diet Perhaps you’re feeling sluggish and underfed after devouring a salty or sweet snack? It’s not a secret that processed and packaged foods are filled with empty calories and other things you don’t necessarily want in your body. Instead, try leafy greens and other fresh foods. Access to organic food may or may not available depending on your location or your economic situation, but most individuals should live in fair proximity to a market, facilitating the purchase of brussels sprouts, collard greens, kale, grapefruit, pears, sweet potatoes, passion fruit, papaya, grapefruit and dates. There are plenty of delicious choices!

5. Buddy Up! For every individual experiencing difficulty losing weight, there are countless others struggling with the same issue. Why not work together to lose weight. Finding a partner who wants to weight loss as much as you do isn’t just fun, it brings accountability into the equation. Collaborative 2-hour treks through the park and partnered trips to the gym sound much more exciting than going it alone. It’s particularly rewarding when you push one another to go a little farther each time.

6. The American-born French chef didn’t just cook, she loved food. The 6-foot tall aficionado loved the smell of food, the taste of food and preparing quality food. If you truly fall in love with food and the preparation of food, you’ll come to create food that truly speaks to your palate, not just your unhealthy cravings. Also, preparing food at home will help you avoid the numerous additives added to restaurant food. When preparing food at home, you’ll know the name of each ingredient going into your dish. Also, you know how much salt and seasoning is added to it. Become Julia Child

7. — D R . L O R I G O R E - G R E E N Know that weight loss isn’t instantaneous, it's a journey. It’s a gradual process. Improving your diet, exercising and eating healthy items regularly will nourish your body, and it will provide you the energy needed to take on the day.

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