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Published on November 22, 2016

Author: dia2000


1. +974 5516 8239 QATAR GREEN LEADERS THE FUTURE IS GRE E N! w w w . Q a t a r G r e e n L e a d e r s . c o m

2. QATAR GREEN LEADERS Applying for: Green Service Provider

3. INTRODUCTION is a Green Building Certification Management & Training Company, dedicated to helping its clients achieve the most feasible LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) / GSAS (Global Sustainability Assessment System) certification. We are a privately-owned Qatari company established in June 2011 and operating from Doha, Qatar. As members of USGBC (United States Green Building Council) & GORD (Gulf Organization for Research & Development) and authorized GSAS Service Providers, QGL is taking advantage of the qualifications & the long track record of its diversified team members to achieve the goals of Sustainability & Green Building. We have developed the tools and methodologies that ensure a seamless integration and the timely compliance with LEED and/or GSAS requirement with the minimum cost implications. Read More Here… Qatar Green Leaders (W.L.L.) QGL, Your partner for Green Building Certification.

4. DELIVERING A WIDE RANGE OF SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES: Green Building Certification Facilitation (with Developers) Green Building Design Management (with Consultants) Green Building Technical Support (with Contractors) Green Project Management (with PMC firms) Sustainability Advisory Sports Venues, Hotels, Art Galleries and Museums. We are part of the current Green Building Movement that is getting more momentum day after day in Qatar as well as worldwide. Our aim is to help in achieving the noble goal of Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV2030), and to contribute to the efforts that could make Qatar the Most Sustainable Community on the Planet! Public Awareness & Knowledge Sharing Sports Venues, Hotels, Art Galleries and Museums. LEED & BIM Training (for the Public)

5. The following diagram illustrates our scope of services in each stage of the building design & construction process:

6. PARTICIPATION IN RESEARCH WORKS A Phd. Degree Thesis plus multiple papers On “Urbanism, Globalization and Culture of Sustainability in Egypt” by Dr. Ahmed El- Tantawy, Department of Architecture, Mansoura University, Egypt. A Masters Degree Thesis On “Green Computing” by Mr. Adam Skillern, at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. Qatar Construction Sites magazine. “A Report on Green Building Trends in 2013, in the GCC and notably in Qatar”, Multiple Articles published on Qatar Construction Sites Magazine: • Green Education Now! – published in December 2013 • Are We Serious about Green? – published in January 2016

7. BUILDING A GREEN CULTURE: Qatar Green Leaders was pioneering in offering Green Training programs and participating in a large number of Green-oriented events and conferences. A Free Seminar offered for public and organization aiming at spreading knowledge to promote Green Building adoption. The Seminar was conducted regularly between years 2012 & 2014. GREEN BUILDING INTRO: Courses were offered for public on a regular basis starting on 2011, helping more than 200 construction professional become LEED Accredited and more than 700 others to be familiar with LEED accreditation. LEED & BIM TRAINING COURSES: “An introduction to GSAS Process” and “GSAS Implementation” are two workshops that are offered exclusively to our clients at the beginning of each project giving them the basic understanding of GSAS. GSAS WORKSHOPS: Professionals from Qatar Green Leaders have participated in many Conferences addressing Sustainability and Green Building. Some of these conferences includes Concepts Middle East, Qatar MEP, Lighting Middle East, Future Interiors, Zak World of Facades Middle East… PUBLIC SPEECHES AND CONFERENCES: The group is intended to provide a platform for interested professionals from construction industry to get together on a regular meet ups to exchange thoughts, ideas and knowledge to promote Sustainability & Green Building in Qatar & GCC. More details here… ESTABLISHING DOHA GREEN BUILDING COMMUNITY GROUP:

8. In-House Green Practices Implementation! • Redefining office hours for all employees to be from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. • Carpooling transportation for 30% of our employees. • Providing nearby Accommodation to 15% of employees. • Providing bicycles as a means of transport for 15% of employees. GENERAL • Switching off all personal computers, servers, lights and office equipment after office hours • Air conditions are always set within the range 23 – 25 degrees in summer and switched off completely in winter! • Maximizing Day Light use during day time. • Retrofitting all office indoor lights with highly efficient LED lamps. • All office equipment is Energy Star rated. GREEN BUILDING INTRO: • Sharing one Water Closet for all employees. • Reducing water flow by adjusting WATER EFFICIENCY • All employees are non-smokers. • No Smoking is allowed within the office for guests. • Utilizing Natural Ventilation during winter by operable windows. INDOOR ENVIRONMENT • Minimizing printing by utilizing advance communication technology • Printing on both sides of paper for all reports • Re-using empty side of paper for scratch • Printing cartridges and toners are re-filled when possible PUBLIC SPEECHES AND CONFERENCES: Not only Qatar Green Leaders is assisting its clients to achieve their sustainability goals, but also its employees are practicing sustainability on individual and organizational levels. We have adopted a sustainability policy that complements our ISO 9001 certification. The policy is published within the company and enforced on all employees and includes the following guidelines:


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