Bridging The Data Gap With Social

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Information about Bridging The Data Gap With Social

Published on June 15, 2018

Author: whitedotnet


1. #SMX @hannahjthorpe SEO & Social : A Match Made in Marketing Heaven BRIDGING THE DATA GAP WITH SOCIAL

2. #SMX @hannahjthorpe What’s the hardest thing about SEO?

3. #SMX @hannahjthorpe Effecting change Clients Specialisms Content ideas Breaking down silos Customers Competition Attribution Technical changes Faceted Navigation Building links HTTPS CRO

4. #SMX @hannahjthorpe CONSTANT CHANGE

5. #SMX @hannahjthorpe Think. Do. Modernise. Create. Improve. Business-centric digital marketing:

6. #SMX @hannahjthorpe What’s been the biggest change in search?

7. #SMX @hannahjthorpe What types of change have we seen? Algorithm Updates New Technology Increased Competition Penguin Panda Hummingbird Rank Brain HTTPS AMP PWAs Reduced brand loyalty Low barriers to entry

8. #SMX @hannahjthorpe Panda Penguin Keyword Planner Rank Brain AMP Local Search LOSS OF DATA

9. #SMX @hannahjthorpe + =DATA KNOWLEDGE MONEY


11. #SMX @hannahjthorpe NOTPROVIDED #insight

12. #SMX @hannahjthorpe KEYWORDPLANNER Do we really trust this data? Keyword groupings

13. #SMX @hannahjthorpe PRIVACYLEGISLATION Stricter controls No storing emails and individual data

14. #SMX @hannahjthorpe All of this means: We focus on the audience & the customers; analysing behaviour rather than just numbers.

15. #SMX @hannahjthorpe Meanwhile in ‘social’… More data More cross-platform sharing More adoption of technologies

16. #SMX @hannahjthorpe Problem 1: How are people finding my content? It’s harder to know what keywords are driving visits to the site We can see related posts, use of hashtags, popularity of topics across social channels More natural sounding language and user-generated to help us understand our customers

17. #SMX @hannahjthorpe Problem 2: What content should I be making? Search volumes used to tell us which keywords we should be targeting Social activity on certain themes, plus searching forums and Q & A sites Content is better targeted for users, rather than robots

18. #SMX @hannahjthorpe Problem 3: How do I find the right people? If you can’t collect data on the audience, it makes targeting them again and grouping them difficult Social encourages you to know your audience and who is engaging - audience matching, retargeting We can use small budgets on social to ensure that an initial seed list see our content

19. #SMX @hannahjthorpe KEY TAKEAWAYS: SEO is becoming harder and you can no longer trust all of the data. Social data tends to be more accurate. Integrating these two channels further in your strategy will help both perform better.


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