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Published on September 15, 2008

Author: balarat

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Slide 1: Independent Women of America Present Slide 2: “Bridge To Nowhere” By John McCain Based on a true story Slide 3: Fellow Americans, Democrats are saying “McCain MORE the SAME”, but let me assure you that we will not be the same : IT WILL BE MUCH WORSE Slide 4: And to understand that we are not the same let me spell it out now: Do we look the same? He is 62- Me 72. For 8 years he tried to stop immigrants from coming in, but after 4 years I’ll need to stop them from leaving, because it will not be the same- IT WILL BE MUCH WORSE” Slide 5: O, maybe they are the same? Vice President Vice President 1.He is an old, bald guy- She is "Miss Wasilla”, “ The Hottest VP from the Coolest State” 2. He has connection with Exxon- She works for British Petroleum Slide 6: 3. He sometimes likes shooting people, but never displays them - She likes shooting beautiful animals and always trophies them around. Slide 7: He tried to mislead the public- She always speaks the truth: “Yeah, I have furs on my wall, but I don't wear furs.”- Vogue They are not the same but he ‘loved’ her. "I thought her appearance … was superb.“- he said Slide 8: Fellow Americans, we are also not the same as Democrats and I will prove to you: Who can make quicker and better decisions? Democrats took months to make a decision on their VP, they appointed a special VP committee.. On the other hand, I just picked up the magazine my wife had left and I made my decision: “…She is exactly who I need; she's exactly who this country needs…” Dayton, Ohio. Slide 9: When I was reading the “Vogue”, I realized that people today are reading more about celebrities than about economy. And I decided: Let’s get somebody from the Beauty Pageants, who can run the campaign not on issues, but on herself. And there she was: Miss Wasilla: Woman for Women; Beauty Queen for the Men; and Celebrity for the Press . As my dear friend, the President, had said, “Mission accomplished.” Slide 10: Also, if somebody tries to criticize me on issues I can send my “Pit bull with lipstick” against them and I’ll have nothing to worry about. Because I know from my military experience that the best defense is offense. Find the difference Slide 11: Isn’t it better a decision than the Democrats’, who found somebody with experience but will spend their time explaining why we don’t have experience? But in the end who needs experience to be a Vice president, as my VP once said: “It is not rocket science…” Alaska. If you can shoot animals, and have connection with oil companies you are overqualified for the job. What do you think the current VP was doing for eight years? Just shooting and drilling. And she got not only his endorsement but also the support of the Barbarians. Slide 12: Maybe she doesn’t have too much experience, but she is a reformer . And who can be a better reformer than my VP, with a record which speaks for itself: “While she was Mayor in Wasilla, City Hall was extensively remodeled and her office redecorated more than once.” A.S. Reformer is what we need, I said to myself. And if in five years she could reform City Hall from this to this to this there will be no problem in four years to transform Washington from this Slide 13: But what is more important in these defining moments, when our nation is at war: That when he talks, he can talk tougher : But when she speaks others listen to her because she knows how to talk: Slide 14: As Dave Dittman, who worked for her gubernatorial campaign said, "The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who crossed Sarah." She has not only reforming ability but also killing capability Slide 15: Dear Americans, because this election is not about who will be a better President but who will look better as President, we decided not give you long speeches, and developed a simple political campaign . First : We adopted her Alaska campaign, as described by one magazine: “She sold voters on the one product that mattered; herself”, but here she will give you some discount because of the bad economy. Second: She will take all voters: not on the issues but on the 3 a.m. call Slide 16: We are also not the same on the issues 1. Economy 2. Heath care and social security 3. Housing market 4. Rising food prices 5. Gas prices 6. Environment 7. Family Value 8. Ethics and corruption 9. Future and Hope 10. Change Slide 17: Economy: I don’t know what exactly Democrats are talking about the economy , because "The issue of economics is something that I've really never understood as well as I should. ..But I would like to have someone I'm close to that really is a good strong economist…. “- McCain; Baltimore Sun Slide 18: Also "I've got Greenspan's book” to read but you should understand that it is not the same as VOGUE Slide 19: But if my VP cannot give you some answers about economy I will ask my staffers (they know not just about my houses) and they will get back to you.. I am John McCain and will approve their message Fellow Americans, if you still cannot find solution to your economic problems, my advice will be just write a book like I did – “Economics”, by John McCain – because when you don’t understand something, it’s better to write about it. http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid1185304443/bctid1726720229 Slide 20: Health care and social security Democrats are promising you “.. accessible health care for every single American..” And they are the ones who talk about understanding economics. But too many healthy people will destroy Social Security. What we will offer is health care which will help social security. Instead of health care for every one we can offer health care for NO one. Then people will die faster and fewer will collect social security, and then finally we can privatize it and create another Fortune 500 company. This is why our health plan is economically more sensible than the Democrats’ . Also Democrats are promising you to give you: “the same kind of coverage that a member of the Congress has …” Look at me and tell me, Does it look good? Slide 21: Housing market I am hearing that some people are facing foreclosure problems and that the Democrats’ are arguing that I don’t get it. But I want to tell them I’ve got it and I developed a 3-point program for solving this problem. First: If you are facing foreclosure instead of “whining” just get a divorce and find a millionaire. Second: If your house is foreclosed then move to another one, then to the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and then seventh … Slide 22: Third: But if you still cannot solve your problem then just run for President and you should be given a house without a mortgage Housing market Sold: Not for foreclosure Slide 23: Rising food prices For solving this problem I always look for an answer to someone I am close to and is a good executive – my VP; and I am asking you, fellow Americans, to do the same: If your food prices are rising it’s not because the economy is in a bad shape or you are making less money, but because you are not eating the right food: Moose stew.. When Vogue Magazine asked my VP from Alaska what her favorite meal was, she replied she didn’t settle on pizza or Mexican. "Moose stew…” Switch from McDonald’s burger and pizza and you will never have the same problem with your food prices. Slide 24: High Gas Prizes Every time I am looking out of my private jet's window I am thinking: I cannot understand these Americans; they are complaining gas prices are high and still driving their cars. They don’t get it. Leave the car and buy a jet like me. Did you ever hear me or my wife complain about high gas prices? Slide 25: But then my VP, who has more experience than I, advised me that this could be a solution in the long run, but now we should introduce immediately her plan for reducing the pain of high gas prices with three simple solutions: First: Implement new transport system: Iron Dog snowmobile Second: End America’s dependence on foreign oil from hostile countries of Middle East and their Sheikhs and establish dependence on more friendly nations like Alaska -- and its Breathy Queen. Third: Drill wherever you find some place to drill. “The polar bear should be removed from the endangered species list because its protected status will hamper drilling for oil and gas in Alaska. the state's Republican Governor has demanded.” Slide 26: But fellow Americans, how can you even compare the lives of thousands of bears to a couple of million dollars in a CEO’s bonuses and the commission which my VP can get –working only part time? After I realized this, I completely changed my position from "When America set aside the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), we called it a refuge for a reason”, to we should drill “.. not only the offshore areas of the East Coast and the Florida coast and the West Coast. We also need to be looking at the Alaska areas as well," If she supports drilling in ANWR, I also will support it. Not only because she is my best economic adviser but also because it is much easier to fight a few bears than the Congress in this country. Slide 27: Fellow Americans, you should understand that, just like every War for Oil, this will not be the easy task it seems. We also need to fight some insurgents there. But I will assure you that, with this Commander-in-Chief, we will prevail. Our VP won victory over insurgent in Alaska Slide 28: Environment Republican presidential candidate John McCain takes part in a round-table discussion of environmental issues at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center in North Bend on Tuesday. Fellow Americans, Democrats are insinuating that there is some disagreement on this issue in our party. But let me tell you this: This is not the truth. We had some misunderstanding about this in the past but, after I was briefed by my VP, I fully understand the issue and now we are not only on the same ticket but also on the same page. Let me tell you how it happened: “On a trip to Alaska, I heard about a national park visitor’s center that was built to offer a picture-perfect view of a large glacier. Problem is, the glacier is gone.” First I thought that glacier melted because of the Hottest Alaska Governor but my VP explained to me: Glacier is gone not because of “scientists’ prediction that the global warming will eliminate the where the bears live in the summer, which is unreliable” she said, but because we have destroyed it after we eliminated the insurgents – the bears. Slide 29: And then she continued: But we are building a new environmental park: An Oil Field With this executive decision we doubled the tourist Industry in Alaska, because now more people are coming for oil than before for this glacier. And at the end, when people are going to the gas pump, do they ask how many insurgent bears were killed or how much they are paying? Let Democrats talk about the environment, but we will start working on environment – we will start drilling. This Environment Park will help us not only to win an election but it will also symbolize the American dream: How with oil you can achieve whatever you want – from being a Beauty Queen to the President. Environmental Park in Alaska Slide 30: This is the dream we believe in. And I looked in her eyes and said to myself: She is not only the Alaska's hottest Governor but the most experienced person I met in my life. If only my dear friend, the President, had known her, we would’ve never had these problems in Iraq. And since then we are on the same ticket Gas prices may have McCain looking at Alaska Gov. for VP- Phoenix Business Journal , July 3, 2008 Slide 31: Family value Fellow Americans, My VP and I are supporting all important family values, because we are "An American family”, like you. And to illustrate this to you I will give you a few examples from my life: Let me tell you I didn’t divorce my first wife because I was having an affair with my second when I was still married, but as my first wife described : “My marriage ended because John McCain didn't want to be 40, he wanted to be 25. You know that happens...it just does.'’ But since I married my beautiful second wife I’ve never looked at another woman : Mr. McCain, 71, and the lobbyist, Vicki Iseman, 40 Slide 32: Family value I also prefer going to the church than to beauty pageants. That’s why, after I saw my wife’s picture in the Vogue , I encouraged her to enter a beauty pageant. "I told her [that] with a little luck, she could be the only woman to serve as both the First Lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.” I just forgot to mention to her that they often features contestants topless: August 05, 2008 I always love and respect my wife: In his 1992 Senate bid, McCain was joined on the campaign trail by his wife, Cindy, as well as campaign aide Doug Cole and consultant Wes Gullett. At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain's hair and said, "You're getting a little thin up there." McCain's face reddened, and he responded, "At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c-nt." Slide 33: Ethics and Corruption Fellow Americans, “America needs leadership devoted to the public interest, not the special interest.” As a first step towards fulfilling this promise, I chose a VP who is under ethics investigation for abusing her office power for personal interest and with connection to British Petroleum. But she has “unfailing integrity, which this government needs.” Let me give you an example: “Although Ms. Palin once that her husband would quit his job at BP if she were elected governor, she later backed away from that.” A. But most of all America needs “..accountability, and common sense” and who has it more than my VP? As one of her friend and colleague share: “During her 6 years as Mayor in Wasila, she increased general government expenditures by over 33%. During those same 6 years the amount of taxes collected by the City increased by 38%. This was during a period of low inflation(1996-2002). She reduced progressive property taxes and increased a regressive sales tax which taxed even food. The tax cuts that she promoted benefited large corporate property owners way more than they benefited residents.” In addition, “She inherited a city with zero debt, but left it with indebtedness of over $22 million -- only $15 mil of which she spent on the construction of multi-use sport complex, which 7 years after she left the office is still in litigation” A.K. Slide 34: As you can see, fellow Americans, we have a solid base to fulfill our promises. In addition to this, I will make use of my long experience of working hard for lobbyists. With this strong value we will not tolerate corruption at any level; and to assure you, let me give you one single example : “McCain named Renzi a co-chairman of his presidential campaign in Arizona on March 21, 2007, months after it was reported in October 2006 that Renzi was under federal investigation. McCain's campaign website currently lists Renzi as a campaign co-chairman. On February 22 he was indicted for "in an alleged scheme to profit from a land deal." You have my promise: I will fight the corruption. Slide 35: Future and Hope For eighteen months Democrats have been talking about Future and Hope. I cannot understand what they are seeing in the future. But let me tell you this from my long experience: When you are 72 not only do you not want to talk about the future but you also don’t want to think about it. Because your only hope can be …that “The day” to be very far way. That’s why I always look to the past. And I am saying: Your future is your past, because there is something always to remember: Maybe that’s why we always will look in different directions. In which one will you look, America? Slide 36: CHANGE Democrats want change. We also want to change some of the players, like President and Vice President, but we will keep the game same. Let me illustrate our Change, because nothing speaks better than the facts. Don’t cry John, you “made an inspired pick”, like my Cheney but with lipstick., Sept 8, 2008. Slide 37: CHANGE Fellow Americans , we don’t know what Democrats could possible change, but let me assure you that we can change the future -making it worse than your past. This is the Change we believe in, America believes in. Let’s come together and make this change though building our Bridge. Bridge between your past and my future: Bridge To Nowhere Slide 38: Will approve this message

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