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Published on December 17, 2008

Author: mcchristiansen8


Slide1:  A Jewish man’s relationship with His Bride to be … Slide2:  He would approach the girl of his choice with a legally binding contract - a covenant. Slide3:  Jesus approaches us and, if we accept, He makes a covenant with us. Slide4:  The contract would include the price that man was willing to pay for his bride. Slide5:  The more he would pay, the more it would show his love for his bride. Slide6:  Jesus paid the highest price for us, sacrificing His own life, shedding His own blood. Slide7:  The contract was sealed when the man and woman would drink a cup of wine together. Slide8:  At Passover, Jesus had His disciples drink of the wine that symbolized His shed blood. Slide9:  And eat of the unleavened bread, symbol of His body. Slide10:  Jesus said “Do this in remembrance of Me, until I return.” Slide11:  Then the man would give some form of blessing, symbolizing that the covenant relationship between the two had been established. Slide12:  At this time they were considered married. Slide13:  The man would then leave the girl at her home and would depart to go to his home, usually his father’s house. Slide14:  There He would prepare a bridal chamber for the honeymoon. Slide15:  Jesus left to return to His father’s house to prepare a place for us. Slide16:  When the father said all was ready, the groom would return for his bride. Slide17:  Jesus said only the Father knows when He will return. Slide18:  While the groom was away, the bride prepared herself for their marriage. Slide19:  She would keep herself veiled in public. Slide20:  A symbol that she belonged to another and was set apart and bought with a price. Slide21:  His bride was to keep herself pure. Slide22:  Custom was, that she was to have an oil lamp ready for her departure, in case the groom came for her at night. Slide23:  We are to be ready with Holy Fire burning within us, ready for Jesus to return for us. Slide24:  When the time came, the groom arrived. Slide25:  He would leave his father’s house, along with his best man and other attendants, in a torchlite procession . . . Slide26:  Since it was often night when He would go to fetch his bride. Slide27:  Jesus will descend from heaven and the Bride will meet Him in the air. Slide28:  Since the bride did not know the exact timing of the groom’s coming . . . Slide29:  The groom’s arrival was preceded by a loud shout Slide30:  to give her a few minutes to arise, trim her lamp, and gather her things. Slide31:  Then the groom would bring her back, veiled, to his father’s house and the place he had prepared for her. Slide32:  The Bride and Groom would enter the Father’s house to begin the wedding party! Slide33:  At the father’s house, the wedding party and guests would escort the couple to the wedding chamber. Slide34:  The wedding party & guests would then celebrate the wedding feast for the next 7 days. Slide35:  The Bride and Groom would honeymoon in their bridal chamber for those 7 days. Slide36:  Jesus’ bride remains with Him during the time of the Great Tribulation on earth. Slide37:  When the marriage week was over, the bride and groom would emerge. The bride’s face would be unveiled so all could see her face. Slide38:  After the marriage supper, the bride and groom would depart for their own dwelling place. Slide39:  Jesus will return with His bride to the earth to rule and reign. Slide40:  The election of the bride was before the foundation of the world in the Messiah. Slide41:  Jesus’ Tabernacle (dwelling place) is rising right now, in the hearts of those who believe & love Him . . . Slide42:  There is a sound of freedom from His faithful & most beloved bride. Slide43:  May His love fill and reign in our hearts . . . Slide44:  And may we make ourselves ready as we eagerly wait for His return.

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