Breastfeeding - Spiritual Importance and Benefits

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Information about Breastfeeding - Spiritual Importance and Benefits
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Published on February 12, 2013

Author: georgistanev96



Breastfeeding is the single most important act to satisfy nutritional and spiritual needs of the baby and has great impact on its overall well-being.

Breastfeeding - Spiritual Importance and BenefitsDuring pregnancy mother and embryo are physically and spiritually one - heart to heart,soul to soul. Baby evolves shielded inside the womb and the future mother has time toget prepared and establish a profound spiritual bond of love with the little one. Helpful inthis case would be a true spiritual practice such as Love Prayer to God. Even after thebaby is born and the umbilical cord discontinued the little one still totally depends uponthe mom - for food, safety, love and care.Early separation from the mother is something practiced widely by young mothers in themodern Western world, without being aware of the full price such separation has.Material well-being and careers are put before well-being of the small children. Manymothers return to their full time jobs, as early as few weeks after the birth, just becausethey need money to pay for the inappropriate life style established earlier - mortgagesfor big houses, new cars etc., or go back to their careers pursuing higher social statusand recognition. Such early separation may cause deep emotional trauma in the baby:being less love worthy or abandoned. This kind of traumas are extremely difficult to cureand the healing may take thousands of years if at all. On the other side, according to theLaw of Karma, mothers may likely experience the same in their future incarnations. Trulyloving mothers extend direct physical connection and keep their babies near their heartsas long as needed.Breastfeeding is the single most important act to satisfy nutritional and spiritual needs of the newbornThis natural process of closeness is of utmost importance for the spiritual well-being ofthe baby and will shape its communicative behavior and sexual conduct as adult. Duringbreastfeeding spiritual heart of the mother is more open and baby is also drinking inlove. The exchange of love creates feeling of happiness and joy within both: mother andbaby. Thus breast milk pumped and stored in the fridge for later use has "zero" lovecontent.Mothers milk is the best food for babies because it: • is a perfect combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, supplements and fluids They are easily digested and absorbed to fulfill the very intense growth and development needs of the newborn baby and the little child. No formula milk could substitute the unique ingredients of human milk because formulas are made from processed cow milk - the proteins of cow milk are different and hard to digest and some babies have tummy problems or develop allergic reaction and health problems for years. • reduces the risk of allergies such as atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma, and may protect the child from chronic stomach problems; • promotes significantly the growth and maturation of the babys digestive system, which is not accomplished until around 6 months of age; • carries immune factors which protect the baby from many different infections: gastrointestinal infections, respiratory infection, meningitis, ear infections and urinary tract infections; • contains the fatty acids essential for the development of the babys nervous

system and vision.Breastfeeding is also the most convenient method of feeding: mothers milk comesalways fresh, delicious, naturally clean and warm. There is no preparation and it isalways available and free.Lactation is beneficial for the mother too. The act of breastfeeding stimulates therecovery of the womb and reduces the risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancerand endometrial carcinoma. Breastfeeding mother is a happy mother, giving plenty oflove and the best nourishment to her baby and enjoys emotional and hormonal balanceand happy family life. Happy baby grows strong and healthy and is like a sunshine for the whole family.Author Resource: Georgi Stanev is webmaster at a family website dedicated to sharehappy life recipes and offer free for download God wallpapers as well as God Cards -Prayers and Love.

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