Breaking through silos - From multi to true crossplatform using the cloud

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Information about Breaking through silos - From multi to true crossplatform using the cloud

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: bertelmonster2k



Today, the growing platform fragmentation has become one of a game developer's key concern.

Engines such as Unity have gained strong popularity as a viable assistance in addressing the issue.

However, they only solve part of the equation: regardless of the supported platforms, games often tend to live in silos, either per device or per platform. The reality shows that most of us have multiple devices on which we play the same games - and also that our friends don't necessarily own the same devices as we do. All the same, being able to play with them regardless of the device used, is crucial in making a game more fun through social means.

Breaking Through Silos Going from Multiplatform to Cross-Platform using the Cloud. Philip Rangel, Lead Architect

It is a complex world MULTI *.*

Multi Platform Mobile PC & Browser TV

Multi Controller • Resolution, CPU, GPU Touch & Gyro Keyboard & Mouse Controller

Multi SDK • C++, C#, AS3, Java, JavaScript, LUA

Multi App Store • Individual Guidelines and APIs (Billing)


Evolution of the „Cloud“ You are on your own! Iron Scale fast and patch (fast)! Scale fast and convenient! Relax! Infrastructure Platform Backend aaS aaS aaS

Photon Cloud


Photon Cloud Realtime: Realtime Multiplayer. Turnbased: Turnbased Multiplayer. Chat: Turnkey chat. Unity Networking: Convenient Unity Multiplayer. 11


Cloud Stats • Global Regions: US, EU, Singapore, Japan (soon Korea, China) • 90k+ CCUs • 1.2 Petabyte/month • 4m+ messages per sec • Top tier devs: Indies, 22cans, Msft, Glu, Madfinger, etc.

Core Game Logic Connect > Matchmaking > Gameplay ---> Advertisement ---> Other stuff ;) ---> Analytics ---> ---> Push Notifications ---> ---> Social (Leaderboards etc) ---> ---> In App Purchase --->


Connect > Matchmaking > Gameplay • Connect closest Region US, Europe, Asia (Singapore), Japan • Authentication with facebook SDK, Steam SDK, Parse SDK, PHP ... • Session from Facebook/Steam/Parse/PHP can be verified by Photon Cloud

Connect > Matchmaking > Gameplay Sample „facebook“ flow is: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Establish facebook session (facebook SDK) Inject session token into Photon GameClient Choose a region (EU, US, JP, Asia, …) Connect to Photon Cloud Session token gets verified

Connect > Matchmaking > Gameplay AccessToken from Facebook SDK: Inject into Photon SDK:

Connect > Matchmaking > Gameplay • List-Lobby for list of games • Multiple lobbies e.g. to separate games by type • Join a random room, with optional filtering (e.g. Map=de_dust) • Find friends • SQL-Lobby for flexible queries

Connect > Matchmaking > Gameplay

Connect > Matchmaking > Gameplay • Rooms with players • Events: Join, Leave, ... , Custom • Properties for players and room 2 1 Room Properties Map: Snow“ State: „ahd72...“ name: „r2d2“ max: 4 3 Event Cache ... Events ... 4 Player Properties State: 18 Name: „Peter“

Connect > Matchmaking > Gameplay Events • Properties • Join, Leave, … • Custom Raise Events • Reliable/Unreliable • Cached Events • Interest Groups

Connect > Matchmaking > Gameplay • Game Properties are used to store – State of the Board – Player in Turn – Player Scores

Webhooks • HTTP/JSON callbacks for core events – Room: create, close, load – Player: join, leave – Data: events, properties • Webhooks give you complete control

Setting up Webhooks • Base URL • Entry point for each callback


Webhook GameClose • Called when last player disconnects from game (important: disconnect != abandon) • Game state is handed in as byte[] containing – Player Properties – Room Properties – Cached events • Restored when GameLoad is called


WebRPC • HTTP/JSON callbacks for functions – Input: Parameters – Output: Return values • Freedom to write a custom API – GetGameList, GetPlayerSkill, LoadLevel, ... • Translation from Binary to JSON and back is done automagically

WebRPC - GetGameList Client: YOUR Server:

Azure Websites + Table + Blob • Azure Websites perfect for Webhooks – WebAPI == RESTful APIs (HTTP + JSON) – Global – RAD with Visual Studio: Deploy, Debug • Azure Table Storage • Azure Blob Storage

Azure Websites (WAWS) • Managed Service for your Web based applications • Develop locally and deploy from VS • Options: – Scale: free, shared, standard (w. auto scale) – Staged deploy – Backup – Monitoring w. Alerts – WebJobs

Table vs Blob Storage • Where do we save? – Game State: Azure Blob Storage – Game List: Azure Table Storage • One Partition per User • One Row per Game • Why Azure Storage? – ‘cheap’ fast data store – its save (High Available & Geo Redundant) – … & it scales!

Azure Blob & Table Storage • What is Azure Blob Storage? – Like Amazon S3 – Rest API: Uploading blobs per HTTP • What is Azure Table Storage? – ‘Like’ Google BigTable or AmazonDynamo – Data in Rows & Columns, but Schemaless – ‘Better’ Key/Value store – ONE INDEX only: PartitionKey + RowKey – Rest API: CRUD using JSON per HTTP

Azure Blob Storage • • • • • Install-Package WindowsAzure.Storage (VS) Create blob client Get container reference Get BlockBlob reference Upload:

Azure Table Storage • • • • Install-Package WindowsAzure.Storage (VS) Create table client Get Table reference Insert your Entity

Memory Game 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Register & request Early Access Download Unity Memory Demo Pull photon.waws.turnbased.webhooks


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