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Information about Breakeven Analysis

Published on August 13, 2013

Author: oconnellsobm


Breakeven Analysis O'Connells OBM Cost Description Fixed Costs ($) Variable Costs (%) KEY Enter data here Formula no go area Variable Costs Variable Costs Variable Costs Enter data here but not always Materials 20% Direct Labour (includes Super and payroll tax) 20% OTHER DIRECT COSTS 2% Fixed Costs Accounting & Business Consulting #$ Advertising #$ Bank Fees + Borrowing charges #$ Depreciation #$ Directors wages + super #$ Rent #$ Insurance #$ Interest Paid #$ Motor vehicle #$ Printing & Stationery #$ Rates #$ Wages # Admin #$ Other #$ Other #$ Principal portion of debt payment # Total Fixed Costs $ Total Variable Costs 42% Breakeven Sales level = $ Breakeven sales level is calculated as: Total Fixed Expenses/ ((100%# Total Variable Exp%)/100%) This downloadable tool/calculator/information does not give business, accounting, taxation, investment or financial planning advice. It is intended to provide information in a summary form and is general in nature. The contents do not constitute business, accounting, taxation, investment or financial planning advice and should not be relied upon as such. Formal business, accounting, taxation, investment or financial planning advice should be sought in particular matters. O'Connells OBM Pty Ltd accepts no liability in respect of this information and any person acting solely on the information contained within does so entirely at their own risk.

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