"Bread without Butter" (revised): A possible solution to dangerous windows or balconies

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Published on November 30, 2016

Author: MomtazAlsolh

Source: slideshare.net

1. "Bread without Butter" (revised): A possible solution to dangerous windows or balconies

2. http://glo.bo/1QTN5Xz I believe that this is an excellent solution for someone who has children and that lives in a building or tower and that is concerned with the dangerous windows or balconies and this until a better solution is thought of. I also believe that an urgent meeting is required to discuss other viable options. Developers, Contractors, Architects, Designers, Consulting Engineers, Civil Defense and Municipalities should show interest and organize the same. Until everyone starts taking the appropriate action and this in order to prevent any children (or adults) from falling from windows or balconies, I would like to suggest the following necessities: 1) It is suggested that in any new constructions, balcony handrails should have a minimum height of 1.5 meters.

3. 2) All sliding windows in any type of buildings should have barriers (the height of the barriers should be only 50 % of the height of the window opening to allow anyone to escape in case of fire) to protect children from climbing on furniture and from falling through the windows. It is suggested to keep all sorts of furniture (or any items) away from any window openings. It goes without saying that constant supervision of parents is a must and children (under the age of 13 years old) should never be left alone at home. 3) All tower windows that open in a way where one can see downwards should be protected by such a net (as the one shown in the above video) until a better solution or a permanent and functional solution is found. 4) All Contractors, Architects, Designers and Consulting Engineers with the help of the Civil Defense and Municipality Departments are requested to find proper solutions to any buildings that could cause the death of any child (or even adult). This is a moral obligation other than being an ethical one. Time has come to start thinking about safety in all buildings and towers and to find solutions to existing dangers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For those that care to know where the origins of the title "Bread without Butter" came from: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bread-without-butter-introduction-momtaz-alsolh Important hope: I am still praying to almighty Allah (God) to see the light of the fair and just 2016 Labor Law in all GCC countries. Important reminder: There is a saying that goes like this: “Forgiven is the one that has warned!” Tatashok, the clock is ticking (Tatashok is a name that I have created to combine the names of two of the largest bus manufacturers in India). I will do what is necessary to ban your cheap buses that come

4. without air-conditioning. The owners of these bus manufacturing companies are inhuman. The day shall come when almighty Allah (God) shall punish you for having allowed the suffering of millions of Laborers (and Farmers) in the GCC region and elsewhere around the world as well. Laborers (and farmers) come from all religions / races. Take a healthy decision! Yes, it can be done. Do not befriend the devil! ***One could read my previous posts: "Tatashok" & "Poor Transportation" to have a clear picture of what I really mean.

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