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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: BraveNewTalent



As one of the world's largest global security and aerospace companies, more than one third of Lockheed Martin employees have served in the military. Lockheed Martin is committed to supporting the 1.2 military veterans returning from service and transitioning into the civilian workforce, and selected BraveNewTalent to launch their Military Connect community. Read our solution brief to learn more.

Enablement Communities in Action: Lockheed Martin Military Connect T he Lockheed Martin Corporation is one of the world’s largest global security and aerospace companies with business units that focus on aeronautics and space systems to information technology products and cybersecurity services. Lockheed Martin has a very special relationship with the US Military; the Department of Defense is its largest customer. Given its close relationship it should come as no surprise that nearly one third of Lockheed Martin’s global workforce have personally served in the military and an even greater percentage have a first degree connection to someone that has served. As a company Lockheed Martin has invested a lot of resources into supporting veterans transitioning into civilian jobs; think of any large public initiative and Lockheed Martin is likely a sponsor or partner. The Challenge Transitioning from military service to civilian employment isn’t easy and every day a growing number of veterans find themselves joining the ranks of the long term unemployed. Nearly 44% of veterans who have served in the military post 9/11 report challenges with re-entry into civilian life, including finding and sustaining employment according to the Pew Research Center. In the three previous years, 647,000 veterans retired from military service, and in the next two, an additional 557,000 will separate based on projections by the US Veteran Affairs Administration. That’s 1.2M people reentering the US workforce – 528,000 of which will find the transition difficult. While Lockheed Martin participates in many public initiatives that help match veterans with military skills to civilian employment opportunities and funds its own military relations team, they still felt there wasn’t enough focus on supporting veterans in various stages of transition with enterprise vetted guidance that could work at the scale the problem presents. Quick Facts • 1.2 million U.S. military veterans reentering the workforce • Veterans require guided transition assistance • Lockheed Martin workforce of 116,000 • 35% of workforce has military service background

The Solution Military Connect is Lockheed Martin’s response. An online community initiative that has as its sole goal the support of veterans in transition, regardless of their interest in Lockheed Martin as an employer. Military Connect is a community for veterans that is managed by veterans and supports veterans planning for transition, in transition, and post transition with peer networking opportunities, access to career advisers and a social learning community pre-loaded with thousands of articles curated from across the Internet that offer valuable guidance. Veterans shouldn’t struggle to discover great guidance relevant to them. Launching in 2014, the Military Connect community will pull together a wide range of community stakeholders including employees of Lockheed Martin that have transitioned from the military, hiring managers and career advisors, trusted community partners and coaches, inspirational community leaders and most importantly veterans at all stages in transition. While aimed at supporting the veterans that have recently rejoined the workforce or that plan to rejoin the workforce in the next two years, this is a community that will benefit many generations of US Veterans.

How BraveNewTalent Powers Military Connect BraveNewTalent was selected by Lockheed Martin to power the Military Connect community and other online talent communities for a number of reasons. Those highlighted here are reasons specific to enablement communities: Community Model – True community environments allow participating members to discover and interact with one another based common interests discovered through community interaction. Many community environments focus on creating a relationship between the community and the member, leaving peer interaction out the equation. The BraveNewTalent community model will allow veterans to support one another, share what they are learning, offer guidance and form one-to-one and one-to-few mentor relationships with other veterans in like or different stages of transition. Content Focus – Enablement communities are about getting the right information in front of someone at the right time to enable them to perform better. This is a specific activity, and in this case, the focus is transitioning to civilian employment. The BraveNewTalent focus on content sharing (versus activity updating) is a key distinction. Our content model enables Lockheed Martin to curate thousands of pieces of content and tag the content as being relevant to specific stages of transition, common activities in transition, essential lessons, and specific skills classifications. The dynamic content tagging system enables Lockheed Martin to create new content organization schemas as needed. community stakeholders without having to manage each element of the community manually. Communications – Communications, including one-to-one, one-to-many, one-to-segment, and oneto-all, play a vital role in driving community activity. BraveNewTalent’s communication tools enable Lockheed Martin to pull interaction into the community by messaging any faction of its community without the hassle found in other mass-messaging platforms. Members of Lockheed’s community will receive messages, both in the community environment and via e-mail, which are configurable in their individual settings. Members of Lockheed Martin communities will also receive a weekly digest of trending content from the communities they belong to. Network of Communities – Military Connect is just one of several online communities Lockheed Martin will be leveraging BraveNewTalent to deliver. Our platform structure is actually that of a network of communities that enables members to participate in a wide range of communities hosted by one or more organizations. Members experience a consistent environment and are afforded a common view into all of their communities via their dashboard, while organizations benefit from creating a linked hierarchy of communities. The network of communities is a design element of BraveNewTalent aimed at reducing the effect of scarcity of attention. Contact Us BraveNewTalent 1020 Kearny Street Personalized Member Experience – In line with modern social environments, the BraveNewTalent member experience is unique to each member, based on their set interests within the community. Content tagging and member segmentation can be used by Lockheed Martin to deliver different and contextuallyrelevant member experiences to a wide range of San Francisco, CA 94133 +1 415 738 8000 @bravenewtalent

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