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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: mikestopforth

Source: slideshare.net


There's a great deal of talk around the platforms (technologies) of social media and how they impact on business but a dire lack of thinking around how the principles, values and behaviours of those platforms impact the modern corporation. This talk was all about that.


@mikestopforth @cerebra

Ravens 28 – 6 49ers


Teman: “I’m quitting advertising” Teman continues: "In bestowing this award on this piece of work, we’re actually exposing a really sad truth. That the advertising industry has become so topheavy with cost and process and approvals and meetings and waste, that the idea of just making a simple image, and deploying it to a simple platform at an opportune moment, is considered at this point to be ground-breaking.”

“If not for corporate bureaucracy, advertising, marketing and branding would be so much awesomer!”

The customer has changed. The employee has changed. Everything has changed except the corporation.

#BrandSchizo (it’s a corporate disease)

The symptoms of #BrandSchizo • Big-Bang Disruption (Harvard Business Review)

The symptoms of #BrandSchizo “That kind of innovation changes the rules. We’re accustomed to seeing mature products wiped out by new technologies and to ever-shorter product life cycles. But now entire product lines—whole markets— are being created or destroyed overnight. Disrupters can come out of nowhere and instantly be everywhere. Once launched, such disruption is hard to fight.”

The symptoms of #BrandSchizo • Big-Bang Disruption (Harvard Business Review) • Innovative start-ups that die when they become corporations

The causes of #BrandSchizo Why is it increasingly difficult for corporations to survive and thrive in the digital era of business?

The causes of #BrandSchizo The corporation’s Industrial Age legacy is butting heads with its Information Age reality!

The causes of #BrandSchizo 1. They can’t scale humanity 2. Profit at the expense of people 3. They are inherently complex, and sometimes internally competitive 4. The GAP!

They can’t scale humanity.

Profit at the expense of people.

They are inherently complex, and sometimes internally competitive!

The GAP between what the corporation promises and what it delivers is the source of all its pain.

One final ugly truth…

Thank you! @mikestopforth @cerebra

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