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Published on February 9, 2009

Author: dawnguy


Reptiles : Reptiles By: Brandon prince Crocodilians : Crocodilians Only survivor of Archosauria They date back 245 million years ago They have eyes and a snout that they use to see out of the water without there prey seeing them. They have a nictitating membrane . Valve in the back of there throat that allows them to breath even when there totally submerged. Squamata : Squamata largest order of reptiles with over 6,000 living species. It is composed of three suborders Amphisbaenia, Lacertilia, Serpentes found worldwide but not in Antarctica. have bodies covered in scales chelonians : chelonians Turtles and tortoises 294 different species Date back 200 million years. Live up to 400 years Have a shell for protection. Rhynchocephalia : Rhynchocephalia There is only two species. Only found in new Zealand Species- punctatus and species guntherin Sphenodon is the only living genus.

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