BRANDING trends and friends in 2009

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Published on February 22, 2009

Author: BrandMover



Brand management trends and tools for top performance. Adding SEO, CRM, Social media, Mobile and Local services to the mix creates a whole new layer to the business management workflow.

© 2009 | BrandMover

Give a brand a customer and you feed him for a day. © 2009 | BrandMover

Teach a brand to fish and you feed him for a Lifetime. © 2009 | BrandMover

you can SHARE & SELL anything to anyone anywhere anytime almost FREE © 2009 | BrandMover


a rich BRANDING harvest We all are more DEMANDING and INVOLVED individually, socially, nationally and globally We should be FLEXIBLE & RESPONSIBLE to all economy, technology, eco, society CHANGES © 2009 | BrandMover

real-world EXPERIENCE The recession helps us to turn BACK TO THE ROOTS real values, real (offline) relationships, organic life. Semantic metadata, ROMANTIC poetry, NATURAL joy less TV, more vitamins, instant, FRESH, green, FREE mashed, customized, limited, hand made, eco… TOUCH it, SMELL it, TASTE it. © 2009 | BrandMover

Don't look for misery and recession ARTS flourish. SPIRITS are lifting NATURAL selection’s going on The weak will fade away, the strong will survive AWD ahead, uphill. © 2009 | BrandMover

where is YOUR BRAND today? Is it still AT THE TOP? © 2009 | BrandMover

A BRAND NEW BUSINESS MANAGEMENT LAYER Strategic Planning, BI Stakeholder Relationships Quality Management EM Knowledge & Innovation Information Systems Corporate Ethics Enterprise Management Enterprise Risk mng Social Responsibility Communications Research & Strategy Marketing Communication Event Management CRM Leads management Opportunity management Conversion Management Marketing, Sales & Support Management Sales Channels Sales Process Customer Support Trends & Research Web Systems & Services Content Management Social Media Optimization Search Engine Optimization Search Marketing, PPC DBM Local, Global & Mobile Links, Popularity, Authority Blogs and Microblogging Digital Brand Management Reputation Management Ranking & Top positioning Web Analytics, Scorecard Production Process Inventory & Infrastructure Project Management Materials Management Quality Control & Inspection Industrial Designs SCM Disaster Management Purchase Process Transport Management Supply Chain Management Energy Management Environment Management Outsourced Processes Financial Accounting Cash & Investments Enterprise Costs FM Investors & Lenders Accounts Receivables Accounts Payables Financial Management & Legal Compliance Tax Management Dashboards & Reports Legal Compliances Manpower Planning Compensation Management Security Systems HR Human Resources Training & Development Assignments & Performance Work Environment © 2009 | BrandMover

SEO rulz! HUGE SEO awareness and COMPETITION increase. Almost any marketer tries to LEVERAGE SEO. Companies recognize the NEED and VALUE of DEDICATED STAFF to implement SEO. Their smart outsourcing or in-house moves will DRIVE BRAND SUCCESS. If you aren’t found on Google, you’re not being found. © 2009 | BrandMover

SEO consultants are BOOKED UP for 2009 We were never so busy Tools and scams are everywhere, but it is HOW YOU USE DATA that really matters. © 2009 | BrandMover

CONTENT is still the king It's not only pages & links: videos, news, articles, blogs, wikis, images, tags & more HD VIDEO is the number one tactic that marketers will be focusing on. If you’re not doing it, your competition will. LOCAL & MOBILE search are more enjoyable, productive and popular than ever before. © 2009 | BrandMover

a new 361’ CRM engine In such tough times, CRM strategies focus on the hottest OPPORTUNITIES, IMPACT and flexibility What’s the website DOING for your business? What's the TCO and ROI? Any BAILOUT plan? CONVERSIONS are what should be tracked ADAPT to the changing SOCIAL CONSUMER CONNECT the brand with the COMMUNITIES UNLOCK your customer DATA to create VALUE © 2009 | BrandMover

software > services > SaaS Software and services enjoy solid growth hardware spending is expected to decline. Meet the consolidated SOCIAL ENTERPRISE. Move to the CLOUDS for top brand PERFORMANCE. OpenSource gets a boost. The choice is yours: iPhone, Office ondemand, Google Apps, Sforce When SaaS and datacenters are $10-$20/m, Facebook and Twitter are business models, there’s no better time to digitize our skills We can instantly take our business on the road. © 2009 | BrandMover

the COMMUNITY SOCIAL MEDIA is not ‘cheap entertainment’ Adding it to the brand's media mix can’t afford to loose sight of WHO THEY ARE to KNOW our offline and online friends and track the online success METRICS With limited budgets, companies LISTEN to millions suggestions, reviews, complaints Looking luxurious seems emotionally wrong in 2009 © 2009 | BrandMover

IDENTITY = value Getting creative with new fiction and alphanumerical brand names is trendy Market research & psychographics try to get inside consumers’ heads. In 2009, THE CUSTOMERS ARE brand advisors, designers, advertisers, CREATING products, concepts and ads SHARING ideas in blogs and social networks. The sky is the limit. © 2009 | BrandMover

INNOVATION continues Empowered by GPS and GeoIP, brands target consumers in the right place, at the right time DESIGN keeps products and services FRESH improving SUSTAINABILITY & DIFFERENTIATION making the world a BETTER place Get the FIRST-MOVER advantage! Walking along a coffee, you get a coupon for a free donut to your latte. © 2009 | BrandMover

advertising = PERFORMANCE Brands compete on PRICE, EXPERIENCE SERVICE, QUALITY and brand CONSISTENCY. A global advertising growth of 15% is expected, 45% rise in video ads 20% growth in SEARCH marketing REVISE operations and REMAIN competitive GROW at the expense of competitors. PERFORMANCE-based ads holding up much better than banner ads. Tired of keywords price inflation? Go ORGANIC! © 2009 | BrandMover

MOBILE | MoSoSo GPS leads a seismic SHIFT for MOBILE phones: COOL applications for LOCATION-based technology SMARTphones SCAN product's barcodes in the shop COMPARE prices on the web and scan visit cards on the fair to import LEADS in your CRM QUALITY over Quantity in relationships: REAL-WORLD, MoSoSo interactions - polite and RESPONSIBLE Reduced social NOISE, SANITIZED friends lists, Scam IMMUNITY In your area there are people who have or know something you need. © 2009 | BrandMover

Questions? Think positive. No more excuses! Let‘s do it! © 2009 | BrandMover

Thank YOU! See you at the top! BrandMover 22.2.2009 © © 2009 | BrandMover

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