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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: akashcm



Building brands beyond media advertising Akash C.Mathapati Asst Professor – Marketing Area Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Guidelines for building brands without advertising • Clarify the brand identity, values & position – Foundation of effective brand-building program - fastrack • Find the sweet spot – Elements that are central to their lives & self-concepts - Nike • Find a driving idea – Central concept which helps build brand-building program • Involve the customer – Actively engage the customer • Surround the customer – Work on reinforcing programs – NikeTown Akash C.Mathapati

Guidelines for building brands without advertising • Break out of clutter – Unusual promotion program • Link the brand building to the brand – Make brand centre-piece of communication - • Achieve authenticity & substance – Genuine feeling to the brand & makes desired association – Apple • Stretch the brand building program – Provide reminder of the program, media exposure Akash C.Mathapati

Transforming the Media Landscape Mid 15th century - printing press -1800 - telegraph/telephone -1850 - recorded media - music film -1900 - transmission of sound, film -Late 20th century - the internet Akash C.Mathapati

Implications • All media converge on one channel • Everyone - the former audience become potential producers – the greatest expansion of creative capacity in history • It’s not just that people can now speak directly back to business – but that they can speak to each other in public about businesses. Akash C.Mathapati

Social Media • Social media is an umbrella medium that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction & the construction of words, pictures & audio Akash C.Mathapati

What Is Social Media???? A Conversation Based Online Akash C.Mathapati

Social Media Landscape Akash C.Mathapati

How it differs from Traditional Media… Traditional Media Social Media Customer Collaborator Prof media outlets User generated content Static content VS Evolving content Campaign Commitment Monologue/Push Dialogue/Pull Akash C.Mathapati

Akash C.Mathapati

Social Media Landscape • 93% of Social Media users believe companies should have a Social Media Presence • 56% feel a Stronger Connection to brands who use social media Akash C.Mathapati

How People Use Social Media The way people use Social Media can be broken down into 3 different categories Akash C.Mathapati

Creating Content Blogs/Wikis Video editing/uploading – YouTube/Dailymotion Twitter New ways to create content popping up regularly Akash C.Mathapati

Make Connections Building online personalities through social network profiles i.e. Bebo/Facebook Can chat to friends, piers or brands Can seek out new contacts through links with current connections Can publish & expose any content they have developed to friends Akash C.Mathapati

Make Recommendations Have the opportunity to give their views on a product & rate the product i.e. ebay/tripadvisor Can answer peoples requests on reviews of different products Can make comments on peoples Social Network profiles/ content Can amend Wiki’s with new updates Akash C.Mathapati

The Reason To Use Social Media Create Awareness Encourage Trial Inspire Loyalty Create Ambassadors • Develop greater market share • Build Your Brand Reputation • Increase Sales • Promote Brand advocates •Encourage current advocates to talk about the product •Promote current volunteers/donators into Brand Advocates Akash C.Mathapati

How Does Social Media deliver ??? • It helps develop a relationship with your customers through dialogue – Customers want and expect to receive answers they pose to the brand – Opportunity to defend your brand to defectors • Drive Brand Advocacy Akash C.Mathapati

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