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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: akashcm


Brand Identity Akash C.Mathapati Asst Professor – Marketing Area Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

The Virgin Brand Identity • Richard Branson’s instincts in choosing new business ventures, his strategic vision, the quality & entrepreneurial drive of the management teams & venture partners that runs virgin’s business Akash C.Mathapati

Service Quality • In 1997, virgin was named the best transatlantic carrier for the 7th consecutive year • The best business class for the 9 th consecutive year • Virgin measures well against such outstanding service-oriented airlines as British Airways, Ansett and Singapore Airlines Akash C.Mathapati

Innovation • Virgin’s philosophy on innovation is simple: be first and dazzle customers • It pioneered sleeper seats in 1986 • Virgin has pushed innovation like no other airlines • 3% of revenues are allocated to new service quality innovations Akash C.Mathapati

• Fun and Entertainment • Value for Money – Virgin’s Brand Identity also Includes – The Underdog • The company typically entered markets & industries populated by established players Akash C.Mathapati

– The Virgin Personality • • • • Flaunts the rules Had a sense of humor that is outrageous at times Is an underdog, willing to attack the establishment Is competent, always does a high-quality job, and has high standards – Virgin Symbol Akash C.Mathapati

Virgin Symbol Akash C.Mathapati

Stretching the Virgin Brand Akash C.Mathapati

• There are difficulties & risks in stretching a brand, but also significant benefits • Other brands with extended portfolios have demonstrated – Multiple offerings can gain a brand more visibility & awareness – The extensions can potentially add & reinforce key associations – With a strong flexible parent brand, a new name does not have to be established when new products/services are introduced Akash C.Mathapati

Communicating the Brand – The Role of Publicity • It could not compete with british airways in advertising budgets • Although some of the stunts are outrageous, they do not cross the line • Virgin excites, surprises, even shocks, but does not offend • It never deviates from core brand values of quality, innovation & value for money Akash C.Mathapati

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