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Published on July 18, 2009

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Agent Wildfire's presentation on social media, buzz, word of mouth and community - Sean Moffitt - 10 Love Principles

Brand Communities, Word of Mouth & Buzz …for lovers A Presentation By: Sean Moffitt President & Chief Evangelist Agent Wildfire Inc. © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Social Media is like Young Love:  it’s fresh, it’s new, it preoccupies us and everybody wants it occasionally clumsy, nonsensical and not well understood  amazing! sometimes turns into lifelong companionship, exciting experiences or great memories – a joy to behold and experience  ouch! oftentimes turns into a short term crush or bad breakup © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Social Media – The Pretty Girl/Hunky Guy at the Ball  it’s maturing/ growing  it gets attention  it’s new, well-dressed  it’s connected  we like to spend time with it  it provides plus, plus benefits  and it can be cheap © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Social media are the flowers, perfume and love notes… © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Agent Wildfire tackles 3 types of real love Buzz = Word of Mouth= Community = Flirting Dating Moving In Together © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

There’s a new currency on how to build business “Something you Buy” “Something you Trust” “Something you Want” “Something you’re “Something you “Something you Prefer” Participate In” Attracted To ” © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc. 6

Business and marketing are lagging their customers at the rules and tools of playing this new game 71% of marketers are less/only equally familiar with the use of social media tools than their customers Question: How familiar are you with the tools of social media? Source: com.motion Poll © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

On social media/word of mouth: - 79% optimistic, 67% expect growth - Delivering awareness/buzz/publicity is #1 - Biggest growth expected: - Social Networks - Social Media - Mobile marketing - Customer generated content - Influencer marketing - Brand communities/networks Source: Agent Wildfire - 2009 Buzz Report © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

The 10 Love Principles of Good Social Media © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

i) FOCUS – “Why are we doing this/what are we doing?” Social/member need > Company need Objectives/Strategy > Technology © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

2) LANGUAGE “do I like this/can I identify with this?” “It doesn’t matter what you say, if I don’t like the way you’re saying it” James Cherkoff, Collaborate Marketing © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

3) OUTREACH “who’s involved/where can I find you?” • Some of these people are not like the others • Be everywhere © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Outreach – Not Everyone is Equal Visual © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Outreach - The Community Tentacles Interesting- Social ness Targeted Conversation Findability Collaboration Content Engine Visual Community Offline Portal Aggregation Direct Blog/RSS Multimedia Grassroots Updates Outreach Badging © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

4) INCENTIVES & MOTIVATIONS “what’s in it for me?” ● Explicit ● Extrinsic ● Intrinsic © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

5) RULES “what can/can’t I do here?” • Experience Facilitation • Legal & Ethical Concerns • Employee Policies and Training • Ownership © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

6) TOOLS & PLATFORM “how and where does it work?” ● 5 considerations ● 2 Cs/3 Ss ● The 11 Cs © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Tools – The 11 Cs of Social Media/Community - Communication/Content,photo,video - Competition i.e. rewards, contests, status - Customization i.e. widgets, avatars, profiles - Conversation i.e. blogs, forums, comment - Connection i.e. messaging, integration, feeds - Community i.e. networks, groups, teams - Categorization i.e. tagging, levels, lists - Collective Wisdom i.e. rating, ranking, voting - Co-Creation/Collaboration i.e. CGM, ideas, - Contextual Extensions i.e. mobile, offline, IM - Culture building i.e. engagement, causes © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

7) COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT “who will lead the conversation?” © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

How to Avoid This… © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Community/Brand Evangelists - Tasks © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

8) WHY PEOPLE TALK “think different, be different, make me an offer” © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

36 Reasons Why People Buzz It’s because It’s because of It’s because of of them what you provide who you are #1 - Passionate about the #11 – Social Currency #26 - Innovative topic #12 – Brand Experience(s) #27 –Remarkable/ #2 - Logo Lovers #13 – Fame Outrageous #3 – Knowledge Seekers #14 – VIP Treatment/Customization #28 – The Best at What #4 - Social Brokers You Do #15 – Scarcity #5 – Altruism #29 – Authentic #16 – Influence #6 – Involved/Committed #30 – Liberating/ Problem #17 – Intimacy Solving #7 – Seeking Feedback #18 – Visibility #31 - Edgy #8 – Ego-driven #19 – Tight Boundaries #32 – Trustworthy #9 – Reciprocity Dealers #20 – Rallying Cause #33 – Likable #10 – Self-Expression #21 – Rewards #34 – Easy to Talk About #22 – Expertise #35 – Ritualistic #23 – Bite-Sized Participation #36 - Sensory #24 – Network Effects #25 – Memes © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

9) METRICS, MEASUREMENT, INSIGHTS & ROI “what do we measure and look for?” © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Measurement by Community Objective © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

10) THE BIGGEST SINS “Don’t be that person” © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Source: Agent Wildfire - 2009 Buzz Report © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Hospitality – Running - Nike Plus Finance - PEMCO My Starbucks Idea B-to-B - Intuit Quickbooks Community Automotive - Ford Fiesta Method – People Against Dirty Tech – Dell Ideastorm eCommerce – eBay Fashion - Threadless Powersellers © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

2 Types of Programs Custom Build Influencers Brand Community/ Campaign/Insights WOM/Social Media Program Program © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

© 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

Inquire: info (at) Phone: 416-255-4500 URL: Join: Blog: Explore: The Buzz Report (e-newsletter) Signup at Learn: Executive, WOM Seminars © 2009 Agent Wildfire Inc.

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