Brainstorming and Outline Workshop

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Information about Brainstorming and Outline Workshop

Published on October 3, 2014

Author: ACCLC



Brainstorming and Outline Workshop includes:

Advantages of planning your writing
How to brainstorm

1. Brainstorming and Outlines (Try Mind Mapping, n.d.)

2. Overview • Learning Objectives • Advantages of planning your writing • How to brainstorm • Choose a topic and practice • Generate an outline • Feedback

3. Presented by: The Learning Curve Assiniboine Community College For appointments, please contact Student Services: Room 235 (Victoria Ave) 204-725-8700 (ext. 6639) This presentation can be viewed and downloaded here:

4. Objectives • Practice brainstorming using XMind™ software • Generate new ideas • Organize, prioritize and structure ideas • Formulate a complete and logical outline

5. Advantages (O'Mealia, 2011)

6. Getting Started Use XMind ™ ("Welcome to Xmind," n.d.)

7. How to Brainstorm Effectively • Place that topic in the center of the page • Record ideas that come to mind • Draw branches from the main topic • Be concise (single words/phrases) • Draw lines between ideas • Look for connections • Have fun with it! (Brain Idea and Problem, 2014)

8. Choose a topic

9. Generate an Outline (Saurette, 2014)

10. References References Brain idea and problem solving [Image]. (2014). Retrieved from How to make a mind map. (n.d.). Retrieved 2014, from Map O'Mealia, S. (2011). How can prewriting strategies benefit students? (Master's thesis, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY). Saurette, M. (2014). Outline [Table; Xmind map]. Try mind mapping [Image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from gif?w=640 Welcome to xmind. (n.d.). Retrieved 2014, from

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