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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: lakshmitharun


PowerPoint Presentation: Braille Bracelet For Independent Train Travel BY LAKSHMI THARUN VENKATSAI PowerPoint Presentation: The Metro Dot is a bracelet type transportation card in Braille for the visually impaired. It relays information like your subway station and how many more stations to go before your stop arrives. The bracelet transmits vibrations to let the user know when to get off the train. The interface uses EAP (Electro Active Polymer) to make a 3 dimensional pattern with electronic signals. The electronic signals are sent to the surface raising the constant magnet to make a Braille pattern on the silicon rubber surface. Through this technical method, information such as the subway destination and how many stops are left can be alerted. PowerPoint Presentation: The destination and train travel information are transmitted to the subway through the rail tracks, used as a conductor, sent from the TCC (Train Control Computer) in between stations. The Metro Dot is able to provide station location information by catching a series of electronic signals that are being sent to the subway’s receiver antenna PowerPoint Presentation: TECHNOLOGY AND MATERIAL USED PowerPoint Presentation: HOW DOES IT WORK PowerPoint Presentation: REFERENCES [1] [2] Manipulator mechanism with object detection using machine vision system. MIHIR, A. PATEL, B. PAVAN, S. PATEL, C. ANANT & H. JAIN International Journal of Mechanical Engineering (IJME) Vol.1, Issue 1 Aug 2012 66-72 © IASET [3] Design and Development of Object Recognition and Sorting Robot for Material Handling in Packaging and Logistic Industries. [4]Lab-Volt Ltd., Introduction to robotics manual, 1st edition ISBN 2-89289-721-1, Canada, 2004, pp. 1-2–1-3. [

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