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Published on October 18, 2016

Author: Braineet


1. - © Braineet 2016 - The collaborative innovation solution with your customers. 1

2. - © Braineet 2016 - Our number one job is to listen. Our customers are constantly generating ideas. They have most of the answers we seek because they care about our products. Richard Girardot, former Nespresso’s CEO 2 “ ”

3. - © Braineet 2016 - Problem: you are missing significant ROI in your customer experience improvement process 3 Customer ideas Decision process Execution Your customers don’t prioritize their needs, you don’t identify trends by segment. Turning selected ideas into projects and executing them quickly is complicated within the organization. Very few customers are sharing ideas with you, via too many channels, scarcely made for this. Your selection process is not optimized and consumes too much resources. You execute projects slower and at higher costs than planned. You are losing 90% of your customers’ intelligence.

4. - © Braineet 2016 - Solution: Braineet answers your needs 4 Customer ideas Decision process Execution

5. - © Braineet 2016 - An optimized and intuitive customer ideation interface  Simple: innovative ideas shared in one sentence  Collaborative: ideas are voted and enriched by customers themselves  Interactive: you assess ideas and work on them with your customers What makes us different  More ideas, of higher quality  Valuable insight and resource time  A trust-based relation with your customers What you gain with Braineet 5 Customer ideas

6. - © Braineet 2016 - Get solutions to all your business questions Long-term innovation User experience New target segment Marketing New product Communication 6 Customer ideas

7. - © Braineet 2016 - Capture your customer ideas wherever they are On and our mobile appsOn your integrated Braineet on your sites 7  You capture other customers and prospects through Braineet’s multibrand power.  You capture your active customers through an integrated platform made for this. Customer ideas

8. - © Braineet 2016 - A structured analysis to make the right decisions  Complete: all metrics you need, and only these  Actionable: these metrics all lead to concrete operating decisions  Customized: matching your vision of the world, your segmentation What makes us different  Full and clear real-time picture  Fast and optimized decisions  Resource time What you gain with Braineet 8 Decision process

9. - © Braineet 2016 - An extremely efficient selection process  Prioritized:you review ideas already ranked by your co-workers  Labelled: divisions assess and manage ideas thanks to a series of progress labels  Collaborative: you ask for your internal experts’ opinion in one click depending on the topics What makes us different  You minimize the risks of your future innovations  You gain time and efficiency in the selection process  You leverage experts before project execution What you gain with Braineet 9 Decision process

10. - © Braineet 2016 - A precise segmentation to sharpen your decisions  Sliced & diced: display results depending on multi- criteria : divisions, country, responsibilities  Balanced: analyze your target segment’s thoughts, but also what they are no convinced by  Customized: build and track all the specific segments you’re interested in What makes us different  You work with the segments you’re used to  You understand what is thinking each segment  You limit the risks of unwanted innovations What you gain with Braineet 10 Decision process

11. - © Braineet 2016 - Quantified and actionable semantic analysis  Reliable: quantified and real-time analysis of all your idea challenges’ trends  Concrete: identification of concrete actions to pursue within each of these trends  Customized: build and test your own list of key words by challenge What makes us different  You identify convergences in co-workers needs  You validate your intuition on your strategic key words  You deduce a series of concrete actions What you gain with Braineet 11 Decision process

12. - © Braineet 2016 - A seamless and reliable execution  Integrated: you manage all your projects through your Braineet back-office  Visual: you assign tasks by projects and easily track their progress  Collaborative: employees share information and work together on the different projects What makes us different  Better and faster project execution  Full overview of the company projects  More transparency with your teams What you gain with Braineet 12 Execution

13. - © Braineet 2016 - A complete and simple interface to help your teams  Managerial: you build your projects teams and assign different roles  Clear: you follow every team member’s activity on the project  Efficient: task reminders and identification of potential blocking points What makes us different  Real team work  Simplicity and time saved for everyone  Share of information and efficiency What you gain with Braineet 13 Execution

14. - © Braineet 2016 - 3 types of benefits with Braineet, all generating ROI  Lasting positive relation  Loyal and engaged customers  Innovative image with prospects  Employees listening to customers  Ownership from project leaders  Continuing innovation culture  Quick wins  New Business  Innovation cycle’s acceleration Continuing Innovation Customer relation Employee engagement 14 1 2 3

15. - © Braineet 2016 - An almost instantaneous set-up 15 1. Formulating your idea challenges: we help your divisions to formulate your challenges and planned them in time. 2. Technical set-up: we integrate your “plug and play” personalized platform with your colors on your sites. 3. Communication and launch: we activate together various communication channels to shed light on this very positive initiative. 1 2 3

16. - © Braineet 2016 - A complete subscription for an unlimited use Integration on your sites SSO access Customization Mobile application Unlimited idea challenges Idea Management Space Decision Process Space Execution Space Restrictive access PUBLIC PRIVATE Benefit from all features And from our dedicated team  Skilled: Braineet team is composed of ex- strategy consultants, key account managers and multi-device product developers  Experienced: we have been working with every type of organizations in every type of industries  Reliable: we are very reactive and we accompany your every step of the way 16 &                 

17. - © Braineet 2016 - Innovate (also) with your colleagues with Private Braineet  Complete: you manage your whole innovation cycle in one place  Easy-to-use: Braineet has been made for all generations at all responsibility levels  Used: Braineet is used more often and in the long- run by employees, notably thanks to mobile  Customized: you adapt the solution to your needs and are accompanied by Braineet team What makes us different  A culture of continuing internal innovation  Shared best practices across divisions  Valued and loyal talents What you gain with Braineet 17

18. - © Braineet 2016 - Braineet brings us tremendous value: we discuss live with our contributors, strengthen our relation with them and listen to their ideas to make them happen. Capucine Becquart, Innovation Manager at Auchan 18 “ ” Our clients generate significant ROI thanks to Braineet

19. - © Braineet 2016 - You too, start innovating now with Braineet Contact us. 19 Jonathan Livescault CEO +33 (0)6 62 64 21 04

20. - © Braineet 2016 - Bring your ideas to life. 20

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