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Published on March 4, 2009

Author: Dr.Chen



The study of brain health in TCM enjoy long history. A general view of the brain gives a better solution for prevention or recovery. Dr. Wenrong Chen share here with years study and clinical practice for brain disease treatment.

Brain Health by Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. Wenrong Chen Nov.2008

3 Pillars of Brain Health Fitness of Brain 健脑 Look of the Brain Special organ in TCM Nutrition for the Brain 补脑 Treatment for the Brain 醒脑   therapeutic recovery A whole-body approach to Brain Health [1]

Fitness of brain Brain disease Look of brain top list in TCM pathology 1.36 kg with 100 billion neurons Wind storm at the top a trillion connections/ cubic cm 8400 thoughts per blink Brain Health by WHO Special organ in TCM Leading course of disability   and death Ocean of marrow All yang meridian meetup the Qi is clear Associated with other organs Brain and kidney [2]

Fitness of brain Label of brain fitness -- Dome of the brain--skull hands shell and shield development of the soft spot quot;smart hands of prompt 25-35 days in womb mindquot; hair loss in mid age signal of brain disorder head injury, headache, migraine, numbness   drop chop sticks vertigo, stroke Massage palm for the brain Support column -- neck Artery supply Lessen vibration Link internal organs by meridians Connect arms and hands [3]

Fitness of brain Windows of the brain--eyes signals: size of the pupil duplicated vision, blur vision eye motion during sleep non-rapid eye movements HIV affect optical   Meditation with gazing Radio of the brain -- ears deafness tinnitus ear affection Meditation with hearing [4]

Fitness of brain Entrance of virus and toxin Pipe of the brain--nose oxygen supply sinus- headache Nasosinusitis (leaking of brain) Gallbladder transfer heat to brain Apply medicine through nose   Meditation with exhale Speaker of the brain -- tongue speech and brain flavor test for concussion tongue diagnosis in TCM Meditation and tongue [5]

Fitness of brain Performance of the brain--body watch the step touch test Stress and Sleep numbness and weakness osteo- health stroke and pyrolysis   obesity and brain damage Exercise for brain Power of the brain -- mind psychology health memory focus and reaction emotion control clarity [6]

Fitness of brain Internal organs and brain health Lung upper warmer fill the brain leads all vessels, pump the blood circulation open at nose immunity system   cold-flu and lung failure smoking stroke in fall Exercise lung for brain -- Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation Large Intestine Herbs: Baihe, Xingren, Pipa worry depress the lung - emotion health [7]

Fitness of brain Internal organs and brain health Spleen middle warmer support the brain nutrition, control the blood circulation open at mouth appetite   foundation for stroke recovery muscle of the body Exercise for brain -- avoid obesity Stomach - eat 70% Herbs: Muxiang, Shanzha, Dazao Over thinking hurt the spleen [8]

Fitness of brain Internal organs and brain health Heart cardiac health and the brain artery, hyper-tension, high cholesterol and blood circulation open at tongue - yin of the heart need good sleep lunch break for the heart   heart and stroke memory problem shows the deficiency of heart qi mind of the heart - unity of heart and brain in TCM Small intestine - drinking for cleansing Herbs: CardioQi entertain the heart and pericardium renew cells of cardiac muscle - walk, Tai chi [9]

Fitness of brain Internal organs and brain health Kidney prenatal pillar of life governor meridian development and brain growth open at ear - hearing disorder 3-5pm - time for memory   5-7pm - avoid exhausting work winter for kidney recovery infertility and brain health Bladder, spinal health for the brain Herbs: Moonlit, Dihuang Wan Treat the foot for kidney and brain horror injury the kidney [10]

Fitness of brain Internal organs and brain health Liver wind and stroke, headache mood controller and mental health stress open at eye   detoxing night work hurts spring time for liver recovery tendons and stroke smoking and drinking hormonal disorder and liver- teenagers and menopause Gallbladder Herbs: Moonlit, MenoYin anger and irritation [11]

Alternative therapy for brain health Acupuncture Alzheimer Stroke and head injury seizure, epilepsy,convulsion etc. Parkinson's symptom Headache, vertigo ADHD Deafness, tinnitus Autism Vision problem Physiotherapy of Ultrasound Sinus Cardiovascular & liver Insomnia Stress Weight loss Quit smoking Herbal medicine Tuina Preventive is key for Brain health [12]

Keynote Lifestyle Stress management diet for health exercise and walk Stop smoking Taichi, meditation good sleep Heart & stroke Avoid obesity Foot bath watch blood health Reflexology family history Think theCare for your brain [13]

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