Brain Anatomy and Ultimate Reality

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Information about Brain Anatomy and Ultimate Reality

Published on July 13, 2016

Author: priska05


Mind Power Techniques That Boost Self Esteem: Mind Power Techniques That Boost Self Esteem Many people have little regard for their own skills and capabilities. Some cannot even realize that there are many potential abilities within them just waiting to be activated to serve as solutions to any given problem or keys to actualize their long-held dreams. The reason why this happens is caused by having a low self-esteem. Slide2: The human mind is nothing but a dissipation of energy, which takes place inside the human body. This dissipation of energy is the result of the duality that ultimately reigns supreme within every single individual on the face of this earth. People symbolize the two poles of this duality as being the 'head' and the 'heart'. Through the ages, the head has been attributed the power of shrewd and calculating intellect, while the heart remains content with being attributed as emotive, caring and sacrificing. In the midst of these two metaphorical enigmas, the will of the discerning individual dies a slow death. What exactly is the human mind? Slide3: The human mind is one of the most highly regarded and misunderstood phenomena in the whole world. Every day we see thousands of people around us swear by the power that the human mind bestows upon them and the way it helps them shape their destiny, but rarely do they cognize the truth behind that simple word; rarely do people make an honest endeavor to realize the truth behind the human mind. What exactly is the human mind? Is it indeed so virtuous? The answers to those questions are hidden in the many intricate folds of human existence. Simply put the answers to those questions are hidden within the individual who asks them. Slide4: Brain Health Kit The point of the question remains the same. As an individual lives through life, he realizes that he has a divided will pertaining to every single question that is asked of him. He realizes that the duality within himself endures beyond time and if he does not surpass it with the sheer force of his will, it will lead him to his doom. The duality which reigns supreme in every single human being is essentially a dissipation of energy that takes place owing to a person's will being diverted between the instinct and the intellect. The instinct which always relates itself to the baser and more primal facet of human existence constantly relishes at the prospect of gratification.

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