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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: ashitsarkar


Presentation made at All India Bramho Conference, Bangalore. 28-30 Dec 2007 NOW for all knowledge seekers…:  Presentation made at All India Bramho Conference, Bangalore. 28-30 Dec 2007 NOW for all knowledge seekers… “DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF BRAHMO FAITH” - Ashis Basu, Mumbai Who are we?:  Who are we? Like all Brahmos, when I was very young, we lived in a society where most of my friends were Hindus, a few were Christians, Muslims and Sikhs. The query:  The query I asked my elders, Who are we? What do Brahmos believe in? How are we different from my friends? The only reply I received was: “We don’t believe in idols”. What do we believe in?:  What do we believe in? “Fine, and what else? Are we any different from other believers?” – I asked Born in a 5th generation Brahmo family, I expected more information. Sadly, I did not get any. The Same Story with you?:  The Same Story with you? The reason I am saying this, is that my family was not unique. Most of us who are present here today were born in Brahmo families. One would expect that those born in Brahmo families would know about their own beliefs. I believe that, sadly, that it is not the case among most Brahmo families. My Search:  My Search Many great teachers started their search when they were young. I have to confess that I did not start searching for answers till much later. For several decades, I was occupied in my work and led a very non-religious life. In fact, I was known as a “Maghotsav Brahmo”. It was only when I was asked to conduct Upasana at Khar Samaj in Mumbai some years ago, that I had to search for material for the Upasanas. The Result:  The Result That is when I realised that the Principles of Brahmo Samaj were unique and different from other religious beliefs. In today’s world, where hatred and violence are ever increasing, it is necessary to know and promote these beliefs. What’s so relevant and special today?:  What’s so relevant and special today? This is what I want to share with my friends today. You can then explain to your children and discuss with your neighbours. Also you will not be embarrassed to call yourselves BRAHMOS To do that, let me raise a few questions that I believe are very relevant today Do we know ourselves?:  Do we know ourselves? Do we know the beliefs of Bramho Samaj? How many of us have been influenced by thinking of the giants of Bramho Samaj? Some other questions:  Some other questions On this occasion, it is also relevant to ask, Are our beliefs similar to all other religions? Or are they different? If so, how are these different? What is unique about Brahmo beliefs?” I will try to discuss this today. 1 BRAHMOS DON’T DISCRIMINATE:  1 BRAHMOS DON’T DISCRIMINATE Can a GOD who gives us air to breathe, rain to quench our thirst and food to live, be partial towards some? Are we not all God’s children? We believe that all people are our brothers and we love all HIS creations. We do not believe in differences of caste, creed or gender. In fact, we are actively against such discrimination. Hindu-Muslim-Christan-Sikh, Brahman-Kshatriya-Sudra, man or woman, everyone is equal. 2 NO SPECIAL TIME, PLACE OR PERSON:  2 NO SPECIAL TIME, PLACE OR PERSON Brahmos do not believe that there is a special place, or a special hour or be led by a special person to pray to HIM. We have complete flexibility with regard to where, when and how we want to seek HIS help. 3 NO UNIQUE HOLY BOOK:  3 NO UNIQUE HOLY BOOK Maharshi Devendranath’s‘Brahma Dharma’ is a very significant book for us. But unlike the Bible or Koran, it is not the only scripture that we refer to. In addition to “Brahma Dharma”, we respect all scriptures where proof of HIS existence is available. How can true beliefs be found in a single book written by a mortal being? No other religion shows this respect. 4 Why punishment?:  4 Why punishment? Many people go on fasts, undertake difficult journeys to Tirupati-Mecca-Vatican, to get “Moksha”. God has so easily given us light-air-water-food for our physical sustenance. Can HE make it so difficult to get spiritual sustenance, which is much more important? No, it is not possible. We don’t accept that there is any need to do any severe sacrifices to reach HIM. 5 Sanyas:  5 Sanyas Our intense desire to live in society and family is GOD’s gift. HE has given us the capability to live in friendship, and love with all Obviously HE wants us to enjoy these innocent pleasures. Why should one withdraw from it and become a sanyasi? For those who cannot control their desires, becoming a Sanyasi may be dangerous. And those who can control their desires while living in society, why become a Sanyasi? 6 Freedom from Rituals:  6 Freedom from Rituals Some tend to mix up external rituals with belief in GOD. Brahmos do not believe in any outwardly show of rigid rituals. Knowledge and faith tempered with correct reasoning and helping others is true worship of God. How we live is important, not external rituals 7 What Pilgrimage?:  7 What Pilgrimage? Brahmos don’t have any need to go on pilgrimage. When everything is GOD’s ceation, is there any place HE does not exist? This Universe is HIS body This world is HIS temple, Our soul is HIS best abode Where is the need to face exreme hardship to see a rock or idol? Find HIM inside you. 8 Punishment for sinners?:  8 Punishment for sinners? Some believe that sinners need to go through some intense physical torture. While some others believe that sins can be overcome by making a donation – “bribing God”. But we don’t believe in any such need for punishment. If we do something wrong out of ignorance or desire, we must atone for it, make sure that we do not repeat it and sincerely pray for forgiveness. GOD will then forgive us and give us solace. There is no need to “bribe” HIM or inflict pain on ourselves. 9 Hate Neighbour & Hate God:  9 Hate Neighbour & Hate God Promote simple human values – Teach a Hindu to be a good Hindu, – Teach a Muslim to be a good Muslim, – Teach a Christian to be a good Christian, – Teach a Sikh to be a good Sikh In other words, teach others to be good human beings. Can we love God and hate our neighbour??? 3 Important Mantras – Bhakti, Yukti & Shakti:  3 Important Mantras – Bhakti, Yukti & Shakti Briefly, we can say that Bramhos follow 3 Mantras 2. YUKTI - Constantly Question those beliefs 3. SHAKTI - Powerfully promote our beliefs 1. BHAKTI - Belief in all great Teachers & Scriptures Concluding:  Concluding I hope I have been able to very briefly highlight the special features of Bramho belief. If it helps anyone to explain to their children and neighbours, Prevents you from embarassment to be a Brahmo, in fact proud to be one I will consider my presentation was of some use. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

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