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Published on December 29, 2007

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Slide1:  Robert C. Leib Special Assistant for BRAC/Education Office of the County Executive Anne Arundel County, Maryland 410-222-1227 Fort Meade Growth, BRAC and Anne Arundel County Opportunities and Impacts February 26, 2007 Presentation Outline:  Presentation Outline BRAC is Regional! Fort Meade History and Background What will be the growth at Fort Meade? Who currently resides on Fort George G. Meade and who will be relocating to it? What is the time frame of the Fort Meade BRAC? How is Anne Arundel County preparing for BRAC opportunities and impacts? Questions and/or comments Slide3:  We Live, Work and Play in a Region. BRAC is REGIONAL Transportation Utilities Public Safety HL Security Work Retail Housing Commuting Socializing Recreation Higher Education Slide4:  Fort George G. Meade Proudly Serving the Nation Since 1917 As a Mobilization & Training Base for 4,000,000 men in World War II As a POW Camp during World War II As the Cold War home of Armored Cavalry and Capital Defenders Slide5:  Still Relevant Today: Home of the 4th largest workforce among Army installations in the U.S. A preeminent intelligence and information center A joint installation embracing all services and several Federal Agencies Fort George G. Meade Proudly Serving the Nation Since 1917 Who Currently Works, Patronizes or Resides on Fort Meade?:  Who Currently Works, Patronizes or Resides on Fort Meade? Service members: 10,564 Civilian employees: 21,129 Contractors: 5,853 Family members: 22,278 Retirees: 48,694 Total People: 108,518 What Is the Total Projected Growth at Fort Meade Over the Next 5 Years?:  What Is the Total Projected Growth at Fort Meade Over the Next 5 Years? Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC): 5,800 National Security Agency: 5,000 plus Other Organizations Outside of the BRAC Process: 2,000 plus Enhanced Use Lease: 9,000 Total Growth: Approximately 22,000 Who Is Relocating to Fort Meade Under BRAC?:  Who Is Relocating to Fort Meade Under BRAC? Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA): 4097 Personnel/Positions Defense Media & Publications Activities 669 Personnel/Positions Defense Military Department Adjudication Activities 951 Personnel/Positions DISA: A Combat Support Agency:  DISA: A Combat Support Agency Global DoD network – voice, data, video Imagine, design, build, provision, sustain the Global Information Grid (GIG) Combat support data centers 16 in CONUS; one each in Europe and the Pacific Logistics, finance, transportation, command and control Major joint acquisitions Net-Centric Enterprise Services Net-Enabled Command Capability GIG Bandwidth Expansion Systems development and support Global command and control, combat support, messaging Force provider to the JTF Global Network Operations DISA field offices with each Combatant Commander Presidential / White House support $6 billion (appropriated and reimbursable) 6600 people DOHA’S and CAF’S:  DOHA’S and CAF’S Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA): Western Hearing Office, Woodland Hills, CA Personal Security Division, Columbus, OH Headquarters: Arlington, VA Arizona Office, Phoenix, AZ Boston Hearing Office, Natick, MA. Air Force Central Adjudication Facility (CAF), Washington, DC Navy CAF, Washington, DC National Security Agency CAF, Linthicum, MD Washington Headquarters Service CAF, Arlington, VA Defense Intelligence Agency CAF, Washington, DC Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office, Columbus, OH Joint Staff CAF, Washington, DC Defense Media Agencies:  Defense Media Agencies Soldiers Media Center: (Alexandria, Fort Belvoir, and Crystal City, VA) Naval Media Center: Anacostia Annex, DC Air Force News Service, Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX (includes Army and Air Force Hometown News) Armed Forces Information Service: Crystal City, VA 46 99 115 260 Slide12:  BRAC Military and GS Growth; Employees and Families Regional/ Local Planning Actions State Planning Actions Federal Planning Actions Construction Schedule (tentative) Unit Moves 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 DISA Adjudication Media DISA Adjudication Media BRAC Law Driven Actions DBED Study Hiring Phased Moving by BRAC Related Employees What is the Fort Meade BRAC Schedule (Estimated-Not Confirmed!) Fort George G. Meade Regional Growth Management Committee Anne Arundel County BRAC Task Force 20 28 -98 8 37 1821 (*Gain of Fort Meade Military and GS Related Students) DoD Report on Assistance to Local Educational Agencies for Defense Dependents Education (November 7, 2006) This does not include growth associated with Defense Contractors or NSA! Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) Driven Growth What is the Impact of BRAC on the Region?:  What is the Impact of BRAC on the Region? $400M in new construction on Fort Meade 1 million square feet for DISA 250,000 square feet for Security Clearance 186,000 square feet for Media Additional $1B in annual economic impact Salaries: $375M Contracts: $550M Other: $75M Increases total Fort Meade economic impact to $5B annually How Many People Coming to Anne Arundel County as a result of BRAC?:  How Many People Coming to Anne Arundel County as a result of BRAC? 10,679 new households projected for Fort Meade Region 2009 – 2015 Anne Arundel County projected to receive 4,456 new households 3,829 projected new homeowners 627 projected new home renters Where Will New People Live? :  Where Will New People Live? Marc Rail-Line as it extends north to BWI and the Laurel Area 400-700 households projected with greatest concentration in Russet of 100 –150 households Waugh Chapel Road Corridor from Piney Orchard into and including Crofton 400 – 700 households projected Mountain Road and Fort Small Wood Road Corridors (including Tanyard Cove and Tanyard Springs) - 200 – 400 households projected Annapolis Peninsula, Broadneck Peninsula, Glen Burnie, and far Northern Anne Arundel County near Brooklyn 200 – 400 households projected Areas along Chesapeake Bay including Deale & Shady Side Near 200 households projected Rest of County Fewer than 200 households projected Source: Maryland BRAC Report, December 28, 2006, Maryland Department of Planning Additional Facts and Estimates on Growth of Fort Meade:  Additional Facts and Estimates on Growth of Fort Meade Less than 12% of the positions are military $85,000 is average pay per position; The DISA average is $93,000 Conservative estimate of new jobs (direct, indirect and induced) across Maryland over the next 6 years is 40,000 to 60,000. Estimated 2.260* BRAC related new jobs for Howard County Total regional personnel growth estimates run from 35,000 to 120,000 Contactor jobs generally equal 1.5 to 2.0 times the number of direct jobs Anticipated construction of additional 21 million GSF of buildings and parking structures to provide working space for 49,000 personnel over 50 years (FT Meade Comprehensive Master Plan) BRAC and County Planning:  BRAC and County Planning Current Regional and County Planning BRAC Transportation Requirements BRAC Community Requirements BRAC Workforce Development Requirements BRAC Housing Requirements BRAC actions are not linear:  BRAC actions are not linear State Planning Regional Planning D O D F U N D S AAC Planning Community Needs Business Development Resources BRAC Success BRAC BRAC Challenge Community plans Slide19:  Business Development BRAC Families’ Needs State Planning County Planning HC Community Needs DOD Funds Political Support Regional Planning Improve Quality of Life Culture and Values BRAC Guidance BRAC Success BRAC actions must be aligned with county planning and available resources BRAC Challenge Anne Arundel County BRAC IMPLEMENTATION:  Anne Arundel County BRAC IMPLEMENTATION ACTIVITIES *1. OEA Grant Application Process & Implementation: BRAC Coordinator, GMC, EDC, P & Z, DBED, Howard County, City of Laurel *2. Community/Stakeholder Presentations on BRAC: BRAC Coordinator, EDC, P & Z *3. Regional Initiatives > EDC w/BRAC Coordinator: A. Marketing – Website, Relocation Guide, Open Houses/Events B. Business Development > Contractor Outreach C. Workforce Development > DLLR, DBED, AAWDC D. Overall Support of Fort Meade > Work w/Administration, Fort Meade Alliance and DBED *4. Coordination w/Planning Partners: BRAC Coordinator & P & Z w/CTC, MDOT, BMC, MDE E C U T I V E County Executive Special Assistant for BRAC Anne Arundel County BRAC Task Force

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