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Information about Brach activity 2012 13 ima bhavnagar

Published on June 16, 2018

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1. 2012-13 Branch Activity – IMA Bhavnagar

2. Scientific Activity Errors in diagnosis and management of diabetes mellitus Dr. Viral Shah, DM (Endocrinology) Date : 16.10.2012

3. Life cycle of HIV, stages of AIDS and when to suspect HIV? Dr. Pradip Joshi Date : 31.10.2012 Post Exposure Profilaxis Dr. P.R.Jha Date : 31.10.2012

4. How I Manage ST Elevation in First Hour” Dr. Siddharth Mukerjee Date: 02.01.2013 “Recent Trends in CABG” Dr. Swapnadeep Roy Date: 02.01.2013

5. “Mobile and Medicine ” Date : 09.01.2013 Vipassana and Health Profession Dr. Rajendraprasad Chokhani, Date: 27/01/2013

6. Introduction and Implementation of IDSP Dr. H. C. Goradia: Date : 06.02.2013 Prevention and control of Epidemics and Disaster Management Dr. Dinkar Raval: Date : 06.02.2013

7. Recent Advance in Cardiology Dr.Siddharth Mukharji Date : 20.02.2013 Recent Trends in Joint Replacement Surgery Dr.Pravin Kantesaria: Date : 20.02.2013

8. Recent advance in Pediatric Neurology & update in Neuroradiology Dr.Dhaval Solanki, Dr. Chirag Nayak Date : 30.01.2013 Evolution of Neurosurgery Dr.Tanuj Nayar: Date: 06.03.2013

9. Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomayopathy Dr.Brijesh Kanwar: Date: 06.03.2013 Absorbale stent Date: 26.06.2013 .

10. Workshop on campaigning against antibiotic resistance and controlling infection through better hygiene practices in India. Dr. Ashish Pathak Date: 24.03.2013, Time: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

11. Seminar on Stress Managment Stress management in Doctors/ How to modify mode of practice/ to live longer and stress free life/How to relive stress by meditation Dr. Rajesh Teli (Senior Physician, Rajkot), Dr. Anish Chandarana (Interventional cardiologist, CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad), Dr.Maitrey Parikh(Senior Psychiatrist, Ahmedabad), Mr.Suresh Rajgopalan(General Manager-HR, Krishna Hospital, Karamsad) Date: 30.06. 2013

12. Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) Dr.Kamlesh Upadyay Date: 02-08-2013 Pathophysiology of obesity and recent trends in its management Dr. Apurva Vyas 07.08.2013 Minimally invasive cardiac surgery:when and how. Dr. Anil Jain Venous versus arterial grafts Dr Vishal gupta Aortic valve repair surgery: Dr Rajan Modi Date :28.09.2013

13. Social Activity AADHAAR CARD CAMP: IMA Bhavnagar Branch had organize aadhaar enrolment for IMA members. IMA Doctors Health check up Campaign

14. Health Camp for Prisoners of Central Jail Bhavnagar is being jointly organized by BMA, IMA Bhavnagar Branch and on 28.07.2013 from 9.30 to 12.30 at distric jail, Jail road, Bhavnagar.

15. Samarpan Yoga & Meditation 8 days Course in our IMA hall from 13 to 20 Aug. 2013.Its our great pleasure that we could complete the 8 days meditation & Yoga course with Grant Success at IMA hall Bhavnagar. Total 123 IMA members & 20 Others including volunteers attended it.

16. We are proud of our Members of Indian Medical Association - Bhavnagar Branch for extending their Social Services in different parts of country 1. Following doctors of Bhavnagar IMA attended " Medical Camps " at North - East India ( Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland and Assam ) organised by Seva Bharti Purbanchal and National Medicos Organisation ( NMO ) :- Dr. C.B. Tripathi, Dr. Atul Trivedi, Dr. Bhargav Gajipara, Dr. Prashant Jadav, Dr. Rajan Desai and Dr. Narendra Paliwal. 18 undergraduate medical students from Govt. Medical College , Bhavnagar and 18 nursing students from govt. nursing college Bhavnagar were also in the team. 2. Dr. Narendra Paliwal and Dr. Bhargav Gajipara of IMA Bhavnagar also conducted medical camps at Uttarkashi from 22 April to 05 May 2013 with Dr. Pragna Kalarthi ( MD, Gynaecology from Bardoli), sponsored by Shri Murari Bapu. 3. Dr. Narendra Paliwal of IMA Bhavnagar conducted medical and rehabilitation camps at 20 villages of Guptakashi, Narayankoti from 01 August to 14 August 2013, 4.

17. “Know the Your IMA Bhavnagar Branch ” It’s our proud and privilege to release “History of IMA Bhavnagar” on 25th September. As a tribute to Senior members of IMA Bhavnagar branch, We will felicit our senior members on this occasion for their service to the profession and their generous contribution in establishment, growth and development of as India Medical association, Bhavnagar Branch Date: 25.09.2013

18. Cultural Activity NAVRATRI CELEBRATION

19. 31st Celebration Velentine day Celebration

20. Sportes week and Cultural week Annual Day Celebration It includes Informal games and Laughing Exress by Mr.Sukhdev Dhamelia

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