BPM & RPA, end-to-end automation with Bonita and UIPath

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Information about BPM & RPA, end-to-end automation with Bonita and UIPath

Published on November 21, 2019

Author: BonitaSoft

Source: slideshare.net

1. Bonita & UiPath BPM & RPA technologies complementarity Delphine Coille - Evangelist and Community Manager @ Bonitasoft

2. Standardise your business processes Automate your business processes Metric how your business is running Cut Costs Audits / Regulation Empower People Understand where to innovate BPM Empower innovation teams to drive digital business transformation Increased Throughput Accuracy Auditing Reduce Costs Scalable Give yourself time to innovate RPA Crunch numbers, shift data and replace or augment repetitive predictable human tasks BPM & RPA - Comparison

3. You already have BPM You already have RPA You have neither Add RPA to BPM Add BPM to RPA Leverage BPM and RPA Let bots handle repetitive and mundane tasks or scale human tasks Handle robotic exceptions using the human workforce via BPM. Manage interactions with humans in customer-facing applications End-to-end process orchestration/ process application Automate integrations not easily accessible via API Orchestrate manual approvals, business rules and integrations with systems Humans, robots and systems working together in a seamless process Gain efficiency and accuracy Visibility and exception handling End-to-end Digital Automation BPM & RPA - Complementarity

4. A real technology partnership Native and bi-directional integration with Bonita & UiPath

5. Manage customer facing processes and applications Support structured, unstructured and adaptive business processes execution. Coordinate work among people, systems and processes Ideal for digital automation of existing processes and to automate new processes. Create end-to-end customer experiences connecting user interfaces and processes. Integrate with existing information systems via APIs.

6. Mimics human actions Operates any application Reads and actions data in structured form Without making mistakes and without rest Quick to implement and powerful to scale Automate high-volume, repeatable tasks within existing processes Uses robots that mimic the way a person interacts with applications Automate single user tasks involving multiple applications Free up employees to focus on more creative and customer-oriented innovation Support robotic automation triggered by humans, or by other robots Integrate with back-end and legacy systems via user interfaces

7. Once upon a time… Miguel and Daniel! Official partnership starts May 2018 Miguel Valdés CEO and Co-founder of Bonitasoft Daniel Dines CEO and Founder of UiPath December 2018 Bonita 7.8 fully integrated with UIPath

8. 8 Première plateforme de RPA pour entreprises

9. Architecture and example From theory to reality

10. End-to-end digital customer experience Customer App Bank employee App Bank Project team UiPath Studio Bonita Studio Bonita UI Designer

11. Example of integration UiPath Robot UiPath Orchestrator UiPath Robot Bonita Engine Project team UiPath Studio Bonita Studio End User ... Jobs deployment Process-based application deployed externalsystems/sources

12. Native and bi-directional integration ● A native connector to launch UiPath workflows ● Callback API’s ● 3 activities in UIPath MarketPlace ○ Send a BPM Message ■ BonitaAPI call : SendMessage ○ Start a BPM ■ BonitaAPI call : CreateCase ○ Validate a manuel task ■ BonitaAPI call : executeUserTask

13. Callback from UIPath to Bonita Bonita Runtime REST API Connector execution SendMessage API 1. Job launch on asynchronous way 2. Call Back when the job is executed ● New "SendMessage" REST API to receive a BPM message from external systems: ○ Replicate the java method associated with BPM messages ○ Create a BPM Message ○ May contain data (business, process) ○ Use correlation

14. Demo Bonita & UiPath

15. End to end loan management use case A loan request is done by a customer and the banking agent is dealing with the request UIPath bots started from Bonita •Manually by the banking agent from a Bonita form •Automatically from a process connector

16. Overall context Mobile customer app Banking employee web app & They are based on...

17. Overall context An end-to-end loan management process built with &

18. Asynchronous calls between Bonita and UIPath 1 2

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