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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Maurizio

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Slide1:  20 Business Plan Teams 4 Writing Samples 1 Bonus Points Prize Do you have what it takes? Battle it out for the Title! Business Plan Slide2:  What’s at Stake? Market Research Reports were out of 20 points each Some groups did not spend enough time proof-reading Today you all have a shot to redeem yourselves The group that takes home the Business Plan Popstar title will be awarded a 15% bonus on this assignment Slide3:  The Preliminary Round: Each group will be given one paragraph You have 20 minutes to edit the writing How concise and precise can you make it? How many words can you cut out without sacrificing meaning? We will select one group per topic to compete in the final round Slide4:  Topics: Exporting Escargot Delivering home-cooked meals Transporting Executives Wedding Planning Note: Writing samples were selected at random Slide5:  The Final Round: 4 groups will be selected for the finals Finalist groups will give 5 minute presentations They will clearly explain and justify their edits Our panel of judges will choose a winner Is the new version Clear, Concise and Correct? Did they sacrifice relevant information? Slide6:  The Judges: Geoff “The Nice Guy” Holmes Erhan “The Dean” Erkut Jason “I am not Japanese” Lau Peter “CCCP” Stephan Slide7:  Word Count: How low can you go? Business Plan Slide8:  Exporting Escargot (Part 1) Escargot Ltd. is a firm producing and exporting land snails to the Europe especially to France, Italy and Spain. All of the snail products are produced for only commercial uses in Turkey because Turkey mainly consists of Muslims and snails are not included in the eating habits of Muslims. Turkey has a rainy climate in the months March, June, May and also in September and October. Therefore, it is easy to find and collect in these months. Also, Escargot Ltd. is breeding their snails in special farms. Those snails are being processed with modern methods in our facility. We package snails after sterilizing, saucing, and freezing process. Our exports are also ready for cooking. This means importer firm don’t need to process it again. Business Plan Slide9:  Exporting Escargot (Part 2) There are various types of snails and their demand differs according to the countries. Besides, there are special diverse sauce demands coming from each country. Our companies one of the competitive advantage is it can sauce snails according to importer firm’s needs. By providing different sauces of snails, demand for our products will go up and profits will rise. Deciding our facility’s place is also important. The environment of this place should be moist in order to grow up snails because the most important condition to find or grow up them is weather conditions. If the weather is so cold, snails will die because they are not so durable to cold whether and snow. Besides this, they lay their eggs in May. Therefore they should take the moist that they lose during laying eggs back otherwise, they will be die so they should live in wet places. Moreover, although they like wet weather, they will not live longer when the weather is so wet. Since, they will be ill when they live in water for much time. Snails are founded on fields in March - April - May - Jun and also they are founded from wet places in September - October. If the region is rainy and it has vegetable gardens snails can be grown up everywhere. Business Plan Slide10:  Wedding Planning (Part 1) As far as we know, we have competitors that located generally at the same place like we will. We choose some of them as competitor for us because we almost do the same things but of course we have alternatives and promotions which may make our customers to choose us. Our competitors are Sak wedding organization, 777 wedding organization, Peri Masalı organization, SDS wedding organization and Golden days wedding organization. They all do the wedding organization and additionally some other kinds of organizations, but we will be different from them. Business Plan Slide11:  Wedding Planning (Part 2) There are lots of differences between us and competitors and we think that what we will do may make us unique. We will have a catalog that includes all our varieties and customers choose according to it. First of all, we have before wedding, while wedding and after wedding services. For example, if customer wishes a dinner with parents before the wedding, we could provide that kinds of organizations too and this will be included in “before wedding” services. “While wedding” services are various. We will be in touch with some hotels and places that we can organize shows for wedding such as performer and firework show, if the place at outdoors. We will bring photographer, video recorder and organize wedding cake and ornamentation. These are the services that we suggest for our clients same as our competitors. Except that, we will have services that make us unique; we will organize a menu according to customer’s choices, we will also serve transportation, wedding dress and honeymoon. Also we will arrange the weddings in different places depend on our consumer’s choices. All we will do is make our costumers dream to come true. Finally we will have “after wedding” organizations. We will have our customer’s special date’s data. For example when the couples have their wedding anniversary, we will contact them and offer them our services once again if they would like to plan something special for their anniversary. We will do this kind of organizations in anniversaries, birthdays and valentines days. We will also have a web page, which our competitors don’t have one. Business Plan Slide12:  VIP Transport There are few companies like our vip transportation because of being recent market for Turkey. One of the biggest companies is in Istanbul and its name is “Vale cars and parking services.” The other one is in Izmir , called “Vıpatur”. It serves to groups of people with modifying version of Mercedes Vitos to transfer customer from city to another city, also from the airport to city center and for tourists travel etc. Exactly, these companies are our direct competitors. Taxis are our indirect competitors. Actually, there are lots of taxis in airport but we only serve to our customers by reservation. We do not wait for any customer as a taxi driver in airport. Therefore, it is not a significant problem. Nonetheless, our direct competitors are really big issue since we are new in this sector and they are big companies for years. However, our vans have internet and our drivers know English because of our target market which is foreign businessmen/women whereas their drivers do not know English and their vans do not have internet. It is an undeniable fact that Istanbul has traffic jam and you can wait for hours in the car. However, our customers do not complain this issue and they can search on the internet for their work and gain time. Business Plan Slide13:  Home-Made Cooking (Part 1) Annenizin Mutfağı is the first homemade food industry especially with providing quick delivery service around Bilkent. As a result, although we don’t have any direct competitors, we have many indirect competitors which have already wide range of customer potential. Therefore, our marketing strategy must be powerful to beat our indirect competitors. Our strategy depends on ‘4P’. These are production, place, prices and the promotion. They are pointed out at the following lines. Business Plan Slide14:  Home-Made Cooking (Part 2) According to our questionnaire, we realized that people are bored of fast foods and good looking for different tastes that they missed. A.M. offers a variety of homemade foods for their customers which include meats, vegetables, soups and desserts. Furthermore, we have special tastes which one can not find in any other restaurants and we claim that after tasting them, one will be addicted to our restaurant. Another factor that the customers give importance is the quality and hygiene of the foods. Sometimes people complain the unclean conditions of the restaurants and want to be sure of their cleanness. Because of the demand of customers, there will be a glass between kitchen and consumer’s area in order to proof our hygiene by showing the production process. In accordance of our costumers’ expectations, we will try to do our best not only in quality but also in hygiene. Annenizin Mutfağı is located in Ankuva for several reasons. Ankuva is so convenient for our target market. The place is where we located is so close to constitutions like Botaş, Tepe and Religious Affairs Ministry etc. and schools like Bilkent University and METU. As our target market wholly includes the students and workers, there is a great potential of people who are willing to order our products and to come to our restaurant. Many students who live in dormitories and home around the Bilkent area generally do not have enough time to make their own dishes. There is also the great potential of delivery service because workers generally do not want to move away from their business. Therefore, we will have a great demand of delivery. That’s why we depend more on delivery service. Our restaurant will be about a small place because we give more importance to delivery service. However, we open a restaurant because we also want to keep customers whose choices move away from their places. In addition, opening the restaurant will be a great introducing of ourselves for our reputation, especially as we settle down in Ankuva. The price is one of the main factors that affects the companies’ reputation. It is known that the prices of products in all business are thought by people as the quality of this product.Although the prices of our products will be a little bit lower than the other restaurants,it will be nearly the same with others. There always exists a chain in all businesses which helps the company to stand on without making any loss.This chain includes the produciton process and also the financing process by calculating the cost and the profit. Despite the rents and the other costs of a restaurant in Ankuva makes the prices of foods a bit higher, the customer potential in Ankuva is usually at a very high percentage.The reason for that is the people around Bilkent has a standard level of price about foods in their mind,so it does not affect anyoneelse’s spending on meals. The actual difference in our prices does not seem at our prices of foods,it seems on our profits by our difference between revenue and costs which will be much less than the others. It is why because the substances for homemade foods are cheaper than ones for the fastfoods.It genereally includes vegetables and it is known that vegetables are always at a very cheap price. The promotion is another factor that any business mustn’t miss, because all we know that many people make their choices depending on promotions. We guarantee that we will deliver our delicious foods in 20 minutes. Although Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut don’t guarantee below 30 minutes, we guarantee that we will deliver our delicious foods in 20 minutes. In normal weather conditions, we believe that we can reach our customers in 20 minutes because we will hire enough experienced labor for delivery with scooters and it is known that our foods will generally be ready for serve because they are homemade foods. In addition, if we can’t deliver in 20 minutes we will also guarantee to give 5 YTL free-tickets which are able to use just in our restaurant. These tickets will be advantageous for us because customers will make new orders and most probably these will be more than 5 YTL.What if they do not order more than 5 YTL is a critical point but the actual purpose of these tickets is to acquaint the costumer with our foods because we do not lose much thing with 5YTL Also we have promotion time intervals. We offer special 15% discount at 15:00pm-18:00pm in weekdays. The weekdays between 15:00pm-18:00pm are the most suitable hours to make a promotion, because it is the emptiest time of the day. By the help of these promotions in those times, we try to keep restaurant alive.So that’s the way we are going the make a big and guaranteed money. Business Plan Slide15:  And the Judges Verdicts Are: Business Plan 3 points for the top choice 2 points for the second choice 1 point for the third choice Slide16:  The Bonus Round: So… do you think the winners really deserved to win? Did your group deserve to make the final round instead? Could you have done a better job given the chance? Challenge the winners on any topic!! Submit your final paragraph by Friday at noon If we think it is better than the winning paragraph, you might bump them from holding the title as Business Plan Popstar

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