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Published on August 9, 2007

Author: Richie


Slide1:  SmartBots for Online Marketing and Customer Service Case Studies and Technology Slide2:  Enhance branding using avatars Tease customers to sign up and buy Reduce the load of your contact center by handling FAQs and eMails automatically Provide personal guidance over your site ALife’s Smart Bot Suite: The Benefits Slide3:  Answering frequently asked questions Monitoring chats and emails, take over if necessary Automated Human Specialized knowledge General knowledge Slide4:  Enhance branding through a character that appears over multiple channels Sell mobile phones via the www, applying new technology Recognize customer-specific requirements, as a basis for product recommendations Link Website users with the Call Center Case Study 1: MobilCom Business Requirements Slide5:  Bot questions the customer about preferences (3-5 criteria). After a few user responses, a recommended model of mobile telephone is presented. If the Bot cannot help, a notification can be sent sent to the Call Center together with the user dialogue. Case Study 1: MobilCom Goal-Orientation of the Bot Slide6:  Increased business by 20% Increased traffic on the website ~ double Customers receive personalized sales advice, and are not overwhelmed with unnecessary information Publicity for the MobilCom Website appeared in the media Case Study 1: MobilCom Results / Benefits Slide7:  Case Study 2: Pioneer Investments Business Requirements Attract customers towards employing the services of an investment professional Assist visitors at the Web site of a global asset management firm Slide8:  Case Study 2: Pioneer Investments Goal-Orientation of the Bot Bot 1: Respond to questions about investment management, provide definitions of financial terms, retrieve information about mutual funds, and walk users through a tutorial. Bot 2: Communicate the benefits of using the services of an investment professional, through a simulated interview that helps users overcome reservations and sets expectations. Bot 3: Accessible via a secure site for investment professionals, to answer questions about the characteristics of Pioneer’s mutual funds, provide selling points, sales tips and tools. Slide9:  Case Study 2: Pioneer Investments Results / Benefits Referrals to investment professionals increased by 15%. $215 million cash inflow of customer funds, during a bear market Since New York Times feature article on 8.April 2001, online Bot sessions increased by 600% in 2 days Slide10:  Develop a basis for enhancing the website to meet the online customer’s needs. Obtain user profiling data while maintaining strict customer confidentiality. Case Study 3: CSFB Business Requirements Slide11:  Case Study 3: CSFB Goal-Orientation of the Bot Provide an attractive, easy-to-use format for the online Customer Satisfaction Survey Accompany online users by providing ongoing commentary, thereby encouraging completion of the Survey Minimise the drop-out rate caused by the user’s lack of understanding, by providing the ability to ask the Bot for assistance Slide12:  Nearly 70% of all questionnaires initiated online were completed. Within 1 month, nearly 1000 questionnaires were completed (ca. 30 per day) 20 % of these users communicated with the Bot by asking questions (on average 4-5 questions) Positive feedback was received from users the Bot appearing on the website, by more than 2:1. Case Study 3: CSFB Results / Benefits Slide13:  Artificial Life’s SmartBot Technology SmartBots: Response Options:  SmartBots: Response Options Direct Response Knowledge Base contains fixed information about a specific knowledge domain, plus smalltalk Guidance about usage also assists the user Web Action Hard-coded into Knowledge Base Requires little technical effort In-house Databases Access existing databases, CRM systems or data warehouses Interact with any JDBC-compliant database Initiate Search Define sources of a specific knowledge domain (database, Internet/Intranet) and search strategy Search becomes an interactive process through relevance feedback with the SmartBot dialogue Slide15:  KnowledgeEditor Full support for team collaboration Built-in testing and debugging Intuitive graphical user interface Integrated database support Strong support for re-use (knowledge bases and pattern elements) Support for live update of knowledge bases Use advanced features of SmartEngine to manage discourse Slide16:  BOT: Which price range is of interest to you?… USER: Do you offer any travel packages? Dialogue Statistics enable you to monitor user preferences for your website Slide17:  The bot answers the customers’ most frequent questions Enhanced Branding using an animated character you can talk to Learn what your customers really want Live chat module enables take over by a live agent (Option) Messenger automates Email answering (Option) Smart Bot’s Benefits Slide18:  Modular: e.g. start with a bot, add Live Chat and Messenger Advanced authoring and reporting tools Technology proven in many projects with large companies Platform independent (100% Java) What makes Artificial Life, Inc. so unique ? Slide19:  artificial life

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