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Information about Boosting Fundraiser Turnout & Profits

Published on September 26, 2014

Author: VolunteerSpot



Boost turnout to your fundraiser (and ultimately raise more money) by streamlining volunteer efforts, employing strategic social media strategy, and encouraging school parents to use Bing in the Classroom!

Boosting Fundraiser Turnout & Profits #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot

Meet the Presenters #FallFUNdraising Karen Bantuveris Founder & CEO @VolunteerSpot @VSpotMom Emily Orrson Product Manager BING in the Classroom @Emily_Orrson

This Webinar is for you if… • You organize fundraising events for your group, school or nonprofit. • You want to improve participation and boost profits. • You want to involve others in supporting a cause you care about. #FallFUNdraising

Special Thanks to our Sponsor #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot Visit

Simple Steps. BIG Boost in Participation #FallFUNdraising

#FallFUNdraising FREE! Simply Plan: Auctions Carnivals Concessions Cook-offs Concerts Festivals Tournaments Races Book Fairs Walkathons and anything else you organize! VolunteerSpot for Fundraisers

Why Leaders Luv VolunteerSpot SAVE TIME BOOST Volunteer Turnout REDUCE Leader Burnout BUILD Loyalty & Donors #FallFUNdraising 99% of Organizers 95% of Volunteers would refer VolunteerSpot to a friend or colleague.

• Fundraising Overview • Product Fundraisers • Building Online Community • Real-World Fundraisers #FallFUNdraising Agenda

Fundraising Begins with Community #FallFUNdraising

Choosing Fundraisers $$$ $,$$$ $$,$$$ $,$$$,$$$ #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot

Rewards for Schools Bing in the Classroom  Search the web, earn free tech for schools  #FallFUNdraising

Find your School Bing in the Classroom  #FallFUNdraising

Product Fundraisers  From Neighborhood door-to-door to Facebook wall-to-wall  Can be in-addition to real-world fundraising events or stand-alone  Social channels amplify participation & profits  Include a ‘donate cash’ option  Create a communications timeline  Share results #FallFUNdraising

Choosing Products #FallFUNdraising  Who is Selling?  Who is Buying?  Calculate Profits  Company Support & Service  Match to Events & Seasons

Socialize your Sale #FallFUNdraising

Build your Community #FallFUNdraising

#FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot

Social Media Strengthens your Group It’s like having a conversation! #FallFUNdraising Listen Share Connect Inspire When we have calls-to-action, our community will be engaged.

Social Media Strengthens your Group #FallFUNdraising Listen Share Connect Inspire Action $$$

Build your Community • Website • Newsletters • Emails • Blogs • Public gatherings • Corporate and community partners #FallFUNdraising

#FallFUNdraising Show your Lions Pride! Help ‘em Find You

1. Upload photos & video and tag volunteers (NOT kids) 2. Create ‘Events’ pages for big activities 3. Fundraising & Membership Links & Status updates (#,%) 4. Call for Volunteers 5. Interesting articles community happenings 6. Questions/polls on related topics 7. Thanks to corporate sponsors 8. Appreciation to volunteers & participants #FallFUNdraising What to Post?

#FallFUNdraising What to Post…

Real World Fundraisers MORE TURNOUT MORE FUN MORE PROFIT #FallFUNdraising

Real World Fundraisers MORE TURNOUT MORE FUN MORE PROFIT #FallFUNdraising

Create a Social Media Plan #FallFUNdraising Identify… • Timeline of When to Post • Which Social Channels • What Messages • Who will share • How to measure

Create a Social Media Plan #FallFUNdraising Include… • Onsite & Online tie-ins • Social incentives • Fun polls & ‘ticklers’ • Members, bloggers, community/corp. partners • Check-ins • Photo sharing • Options to donate

When Where What 1 month before • Publish URLs & Twitter/Instagramhashtag on all materials (#EECarnival) • Carnival is around the corner – preorder tickets & skip the lines! <click here> • Post: Please sign up to help at carnival <click here> #FallFUNdraising 3 weeks before • Who should we put in the dunking booth? Vote! • Basket Bidding warm-up! Check out these awesomes. What do you want to bid on? 7-10 days before • Carnival next Sat. Thx 2 R sponsor @BigStore! 1 – 2 weeks before Personal buzz from community • Can’t wait for Carnival! Which cake should I bake for the cakewalk? <photos> • Definitely going to bid on this: <photo/link>. What’s your fav? Example: Fall Carnival Social Media Plan

Social Media Plan When Where What 2 – 3 days before Photos of prep work, updates on carnival booths, entertainment, prizes, etc. Acknowledge volunteers and sponsors #FallFUNdraising At Carnival POSTERS Hashtags# Check in • Join us Online! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest • Please tweet! #EECarnival • Tell us your favorite carnival booth on on Facebook and get a free raffle ticket! • Project a Twitter ‘backchannel’ screen: • Social ambassador badges “I f, Do U?” After Lots of Photos & Video Thanks to volunteers and sponsors RESULTS : $$ Raised, Impact to Group

#FallFUNdraising Pre-Event Buzz

#FallFUNdraising Day-Of Buzz

Onsite Socializing during Event Give ‘em a reason to socialize:  Tweet, facebook or Instagram their selfie with your mascot  Special raffle prizes for Facebook check-in or tweeting with event hashtag, i.e. #EastElemCarnival  Make a game of tweeting, Facebooking or Instagramming pics with the principal #FallFUNdraising

Recognize Volunteers & Participants #FallFUNdraising

#FallFUNdraising Thank Sponsors

A virtual bulletin board for pinning images and resources – a creative way to connect, share, and inspire your community to action! #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot

Pinterest for Fundraisers #FallFUNdraising • Highlight “hot” items • Show off games and booths • Show where the money will go • Showcase your theme • Photos of invitation • Include website link below pin Thanks to Sherry Truhlar of RedAppleAuctons for the great ideas!

Like the ideas, but don’t have time? Create a position for a volunteer leader: Social Communications Coordinator & a TEAM of Online Ambassadors #FallFUNdraising Get Help

Thank you for joining! Go today! Join us! @VolunteerSpot #FreeTech4PTA @VolunteerSpot

#FallFUNdraising FREE! Get Started Today

Pinning Fantastic Fall Resources Join Us: #FallFUNdraising

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