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Published on June 6, 2019

Author: NRC_Inc


1. Scott Wasserman President, Bell Policy Center BOOMING, BUT NOT BETTER (YET):

2. Booming, but Not Better (Yet): A Look at Economic Mobility in Colorado Presented by: Scott Wasserman Barriers and Opportunities to Consider for Sustainable Growth in Colorado

3. Personal Experience But There’s So Much More in That Picture Stock Market? Unemployment? Growth & Productivity? Inequality Racial & Gender Equity Educational Attainment & Workforce Development Asset Building Family Economic Security Healthy Communities

4. Shifting Demographics Colorado is growing older

5. Shifting Demographics Colorado is growing more diverse

6. Lack of Investment in Communities & Coloradans Investment in public services is near an all-time low

7. General Fund revenue over time

8. Education is a prime example of public divestment

9. Growing Inequality The divide between Colorado’s top and bottom is widening

10. Colorado’s middle-income families are disappearing

11. Growth of low-wage jobs is part of the problem In 2004, 13% of Colorado workers were employed in jobs paying below 100% FPL. In 2016, the amount of Coloradans working in low-wage jobs was up to 22%.

12. Growth of low-wage jobs is part of the problem

13. The Bell’s look at Colorado’s middle class Two-Thirds Median Income: $68,800 Spending: $82,929 Deficit: $14,129 Median Income: $103,200 Spending: $115,450 Deficit: $12,250 Double Median Income: $206,400 Spending: $203,688 Surplus: $2,712

14. The Bell’s look at Colorado’s middle class From an aspirational perspective, substantially fewer families have incomes to support a middle class lifestyle in Colorado (Exercise is akin to a “self-sufficiency standard” for middle class aspirations) Our income-based definition finds nearly half of all Colorado families are in the middle class

15. Technology’s Effect on How We Work & Learn The future of work is here; our economy & learning systems must adapt

16. Social Insurance Systems in Need of Reform Health Care Paid Leave Lifelong Learning Retirement

17. The Issues for 2019 And Beyond Education • Full-day K • Preschool • Lower tuition • K-12 funding • Tax credits Economic Security • Paid family leave • Retirement security • Student debt Health Fiscal Policy • Public option • Reinsurance • Cost controls • Tax policy & TABOR • Gallagher • Transportation funding

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